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  1. Cheap because of binding separation. Still a good deal, IMO:
  2. Ack, that is so cheap. As Chris mentioned, if you flipped the case you'd be out the cost of a Squier. You can always add non-permanent side markers. Trying to resist....
  3. That one sold, but this broke-neck Orange Sparkle one hasn't, and it's <$1k, tempting: https://davesguitar.com/products/hamer/newport-01/
  4. Trem routing is usually asymmetrical to accommodate the collet or the part of the block that holds the trem arm.
  5. I’m late in reading about this. So sorry for your loss, Rocktuna. KTB was a fun contributor here, and it sounds like he was a great brother and friend.
  6. Does Josh do noiseless P-90s? The noiseless part is why I'm specifically looking at the Fantoms.
  7. Been toying with swapping in DiMarzio Fantoms in this one. Anyone with experience with those?
  8. Since you posted this in the FS section you now have to sell one. Rules are rules! That's a sick collection.
  9. 1983, I was an unhappy kid violinist at the time. We didn't have TV, so when my brother and I goofed off from practicing we would listen to top 40 radio. Every Breath You Take had me absolutely mesmerized, and I couldn't get that sound out of my head. (Still can't.) A few years later I would steal minutes at a time with my high school friends' guitars, and in college I finally bought my own, over my parents' objection. Funny to think of it now, but until I saw pictures of the band in high school I thought the singer was black.
  10. Technically my daughter's, but I paid for it, so there.
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