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  1. Good question. Since I've never seen it on anything other than a NPC, and since you don't see any other hardware made by Hamer in-house, I'm guessing it was OEMed for them by an outside shop.
  2. Nasty paper cut on 3rd finger means no playing, so picture time:
  3. I noticed that, too. Pretty drastic reduction.
  4. Ah, that reminds me of one significant shortcoming of the POD Go: no VDI (Variax) input.
  5. Nice of you to say so, Geoff. I'm definitely a digital convert, but I've been working the dark side for 10+ years and there is a learning curve. The POD Go looks killer. I'd certainly go that route if I were a straight-ahead guitarist and didn't need to process a vocal mic and other instruments. The Helix would feel a little like overkill in that situation given what the POD Go offers.
  6. I had the same mod done to my old one: My N90 I'm keeping stock other than swapping in a MojoAxe wraptail: Still haven't gotten around to snapping a pic of my new Newport Pro Custom, but I have a demo in mind for that one.
  7. Definitely cool, but seems a little clunky given what you can do with DSP these days (e.g. Variax, GK pickups, IRs, etc.).
  8. I'll be that guy: did you have it milled?
  9. Thanks! Variaxes are also the best gigging solution for acoustic sounds I’ve used.
  10. Good advice. Sorry this one didn't work out, Nathan, but these sorts of experiences are really valuable not just for getting better at guitar, but also for learning what works and doesn't work for you in terms of band work and communication styles.
  11. Crazy story behind this one: http://guitardiaries.dantzig.com/blog/big-apple-birthday-bash/
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