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  1. Too tight and you can get cracks if the neck and body woods react differently to humidity changes. I like it snug but not lift the body up snug, and I like machine bolts for keeping things firmly connected.
  2. In the TV version of this, jginsj finally gets the last Tele back in place, nervously ready to catch another one, finally breathes a sigh of relief, and the entire wall of guitars falls to the ground. [Cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme music]
  3. My short-lived power trio bar band used to play In The City, and it's still my go-to riff for testing amp and cab sims:
  4. Wow, hadn't opened this thread before, thinking it would go nowhere. Boy, was I wrong!
  5. I'm nobody, but if this were my tune I'd scoop the mids on the beats, add a little more low mid meat to the bass synth, and ride the fader on the guitar part (up when there's no vocal). I really like the song as-is, though.
  6. I agree the mix could use a tweak, but love the tune and video!
  7. Ack, sorry I missed this thread! What did you end up doing? I would have said that Mercury Lounge probably best fits the I Am A Rocketship vibe among the rooms in Manhattan. Medium-to-big rooms like the Cutting Room, Bowery Ballroom, Gramercy Theatre, Terminal 5, and Irving Plaza book cool acts, too. Otherwise the rooms for edgier small acts are basically all in Brooklyn these days, and even there the rents are squeezing them out. Somehow jazz is still doing well in Manhattan at the Blue Note, the Vanguard, Smalls, 55, and Dizzy's, and The Stone still books avant garde/experimental acts like Mary Halvorson, John Zorn and Nels Cline.
  8. Yep, since going digital 10 years ago I've had zero amp or pedal GAS. What a relief to finally be free of that endless cycle and to just focus on guitar GAS.
  9. lol, that's hilarious. If it weren't for the handshake agreement between Hamer and Gibson, that story right there would be Exhibit A in an infringement lawsuit.
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