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  1. Pretty unfortunate naming if you're Terry McInturff.
  2. A few more to add to the other one: See 0:00, 16:25, and 29:50: A little ridiculous, but for historical completeness:
  3. Break a leg! Curious to know what you think of the place. We were working on a date there before everything hit the fan.
  4. Sorry about the break-in, but man, that is a beauty!
  5. Well, a build usually only takes me ~3 months, but I don't start a new one until the previous one has a home. I only recently sold off my last build, so I have another one cooking in my head, a lot more experimental than my others (spruce body, different shape, stereo full-range pickup). Really more of a personal build since I don't expect anyone will want it, but don't tell my wife. Here are the threads about my stuff:
  6. If this is Ken I remember you from the old, old days of the HFC. Welcome back, and very nice work! I was also inspired to start making guitars about 8 years ago, but so far just averaging about one build per year.
  7. Some cool one-offs I recall from years past: BadgerDave's satin orange one: Conrad's red one: And the last one to leave the factory, in Gretsch Green:
  8. Hamer's burst naming got confusing towards the end, but officially the standard N90 color was Tobacco Burst, an amber-to-burnt sienna burst. Jazzburst historically tended to be an amber-to-black burst but drifted into Tobacco Burst territory towards the end.
  9. That’s a great price on the bari. I think it’s Joe’s, or was. @Studio Custom?
  10. Gryphon do take great photos, and at least back in 2009 were very willing to haggle. I had a great experience buying my old 2007 wraptail Special from them.
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