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  1. Enjoy it! Sounds like a great gang. Maybe you can keep things going with these guys, just without gigging? Maybe getting together for jams and/or in-person or remote recording?
  2. I've heard good things about these. Interesting that snap-in back plate.
  3. I dunno, a Mirage with a Newport outline might be kinda cool.
  4. Ridiculous grooves, just found out about these guys a couple weeks ago and can’t stop listening.
  5. Ugh, that sucks. Fingers crossed it just got misrouted.
  6. Amazing how 9 years after Hamer got shut down we're still discovering new one-offs. Shame this one is a lefty, though.
  7. This brought a smile to my face. Very nice, and those little runs were awesome.
  8. Is that maybe the only spot where he's safe from being eaten by the bullfrog?
  9. I used to lust after their 1x15" combos. Never did get to try one.
  10. Already gone. Surprised the ad didn't name drop Gilmour. These are beasts.
  11. Huh, your site works on my phone but is blocked on my work PC.
  12. 1) Awesome to see one of the Miller guitars actually getting gig use. 2) Very nice tapping. 3) Love the ending!
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