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  1. lol, that's hilarious. If it weren't for the handshake agreement between Hamer and Gibson, that story right there would be Exhibit A in an infringement lawsuit.
  2. In high school I left my 1827 Pressenda violin, worth more than the average house, in the overhead rack of a Greyhound bus when I got off in MA. It ended up in PA, where the driver found it and we were able to track it down. You know how when you do something so stupid your parents can’t even get mad, they’re so traumatized? Yeah.
  3. Since it seems you all don't live on TGP, Ian Anderson is also the name of a luthier, not the same Ian Anderson from Tull.
  4. Cool, almost a Police-y take on that Miles tune!
  5. Wish I could make it. Break a leg, Geoff!
  6. I shoulda upped my $600 bid on the WEM Starfinder 4x12 replica. $2000+UK shipping new, went for $700.
  7. Yep, and ironically, the black one is the only one I’ve seen him play in person (in a Steely Dan soundcheck). I hope they went to good homes.
  8. Yikes, I'm watching with my 9-yr-old daughter, had to change screens, lol.
  9. I pre-bid $600 on the WEM Starfinder replica. Someone outbid me $100, and that was that, lol.
  10. One thing's for sure, nowhere near the multiples of estimated value like there were for the Gilmour auction.
  11. https://www.mylespaul.com/threads/so-i-built-myself-a-gold-top.304995/
  12. Looks like they're not presenting the actual items live and hammering very quickly.
  13. Yikes, hope you feel better soon, Jamie.
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