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  1. Not the same, the one I posted didn’t have the “Special” logo.
  2. If I were in acquisition mode this would be a no-brainer: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/FM-SPECIAL-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  3. Awesome tones! My old Verbmaster was a beast and cleaned up beautifully when dimed.
  4. Anyone could have guessed that Joe Bonamassa was on TGP, but interesting that he finally just outed himself as “Nerdville Guy”:
  5. So good! Quite an accomplishment getting all those pieces together.
  6. Yes. Opinions differ. If you don’t want to dig into the FRFR (stage monitor) and far-field impulse response rabbit hole then your best bet is to run through a clean (solid state is fine) power amp into a cab. I love the sound I get running into FRFR, which also gives me a more accurate sense of what my audience is hearing through the PA, but many can’t get it to work for them and resort to real cabs. Yes. Yes. I had a killer board with D*A*M, Skreddy, Hartman, Retro-Sonic, Barber, Voodoo Lab, etc. and don’t miss it.
  7. I'm betting it was the Neil Young content, lol. I've had good dealings with Big Mike. I suspect that anyone moderating a forum of 181k members will eventually throw up their hands and default to "Fuck it, ban." I've gotten some great info from TGP over the years. There are still contributors like David Torn, Pete Thorn, Johnny A, Steve Kimock, Aram Bajakian, John Suhr, Terry McInturff, Ron Thorn, Walter Wright, Cliff Chase, Christoph Kemper, and the Line 6 guys, but yeah, it isn't what it once was. No more Elliot Easton, James Wilsey, Dave Kilminster, James Valentine, Tomo Fujita, David Collins, ....
  8. It won't let me choose more than 1 option. For my Radiohead tribute I usually stick to the same amp and cab model (Helix Litigator into a Mesa 1x12), but with wildly different FX paths and settings for each song. So I use at least 1 patch per song. I also route my backing vox, keys and violin through the Helix, all of which have totally different signal paths. All of that goes into my Atomic CLR (FRFR). This is what my side of the stage typically looks like:
  9. Much respect, Kevin. You accomplished what most of us only dream of. Here's to even more fulfilling pursuits in your future.
  10. WTF, that is an absolutely ludicrously low price on a Thorn. Holy cow, wish I saw this earlier.
  11. burningyen

    Eric Otten

    So sorry to hear it, Sue. Peace to you and your family. RIP, Eric.
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