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  1. burningyen

    Newport Pups

    I *love* tinkering (it's what sent me down the slippery slope to building), but TBH I don't think switching from Phat Cats to Filtertron-type PUs will be all *that* big a change. I had Phat Cats in my old Newport and Classics in a MIM 60s Strat I hacked up, so not an apples-to-apples experience, but there are definitely some similarities in the voicing of those PUs. Classics might have a bit more top and bottom end to them, if I had to guess. They do look cool, though, so whatever makes you happy. Lollar makes a HB-sized Filtertron-type PU, FWIW.
  2. Yep, @Nathan of Brainfertilizer Fame and I put them in his B-Way. Funny, but my opinion is the opposite of hamerhead's and sixesandsevens's. IMHO the P-90 settings sound fantastic and very familiar if you're used to the P-90s Hamer used. The HB settings also sound great, very fat and warm. The rail settings were my least favorite but still useful when you need a Swiss Army knife-type of guitar. It's important to note that we installed them reversed (i.e. rails-out). They way I look at it the rails are gravy on their own but essential for the HB tones. Here's a clip I recorded where I run through the settings:
  3. burningyen

    I'm trying out a Fractal AX8

    Pro tip, and this applies to all modelers: do NOT expect patches dialed in via headphones or at low volume to work at live band volume. That's a recipe for misery. You have to tweak live presets at live volume. Google Fletcher-Munson if you want to know why, or just trust me on this.
  4. That is my favorite look on a Les Paul. Very nice!
  5. Nah, that wasn't me. I did once have a tobacco burst Newport Pro that came with Seths that I swapped out for Harmonic Design Z-90s. Great guitar, although I do prefer the feel of my Newport 90.
  6. burningyen

    Bigsby B5 Shim as seen on Hamer Monaco 3

    Hamer used its own custom-machined shim. I doubt you'll find them anywhere unless some former employees inherited them. ETA: Some background on the shims: http://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamerblog/bljan09.htm
  7. burningyen

    Tech 21 Trademark 10

    The PE60 is great for what it is and should do the trick for what you're looking for. I'd add a Mitchell donut if it were me, but I'm a weird digital+wedge guy and can't be trusted.
  8. burningyen

    Questions on Prototype/Phantom tones

    The one time I tried out a Prototype I was surprised at how much like a (fat) Tele it sounded, even on the HB setting. The physical guitar itself has that sound.
  9. burningyen

    PSA: Hamer Improv #21

    I really hope that Special stays in the HFC family.