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  1. Excellent! I saw Doc many years ago at House of Blues in DC. He played with such ease and grace. The music is in good hands.
  2. I have a 12” in my Boogie Express 5:25+ it sounds great. Good for a bright amp, gives you a lot of range with tone controls and EQ. Great clean or dirty.
  3. Get a 404 Error Page Not Found message. Can see this message with some pictures on the pedal pages.
  4. Greatness in simplicity. And iron and glass.
  5. If your mattress has a zip off cover, I think so. Call Tempurpedic customer support is the best thing. Or PM me and we can exchange phone numbers. My work is with electro mechanical products, mostly adjustable bases. Need more info to see what might work for you.
  6. That is a mattress protector, goes over the normal cover. I’m not familiar with these so can’t say how breathable they are but think would be good. i was speaking to the covers that come on the mattress from the factory. There is a zip off top cover standard (not waterproof) that is breathable. The cover it zips onto is designed to work well as a system. if you have a Tempurpedic from the past 8 years, they have this improved construction.
  7. I haven’t used it in years (obviously) and will use it as a lead boost for my acoustic into a LoudBox Mini. Hoping it sounds OK. Lyric pickup (a mic) in a Martin. I will also try it on electric again. For the Boogie MKIIA, it my help to get a couple more flavors of clean and dirty by running the first volume a little lower. Else, my try in the loop as a solo boost - it is not a normal level loop so I may need something to buffer it. Have a Glab SA-1, a C-lator and also found my TFX4 can drive the power amp section really well. Simpler is preferred. May use a 9V battery plug to the Powerall to keep from changing out batteries.
  8. The covers on the more recent Tempur matts have better air circulation and won't feel warm. I had one 25 years ago that sometimes felt warm, found out there was a TPU coating on the underside of the cover. It is water-proof but also can trap body heat. It didn't bother me. My few years old Contour is great. If you keep your room cool in the winter, the viscoelastic foam will cool down and also feel a little firmer until you are in it for a minute or two. Whatever anyone chooses, try it out and don't save $ at the expense if comfort and health. A night on a bad motel mattress makes you glad to get home.
  9. Yes, all gone. I put a piece of cardboard to keep the PCB traces away from the switches and pots. Any suggestion for an alternate material? I was thinking the pink antistatic plastic maybe.
  10. I pulled this out tonight to change the battery and use with my acoustic guitar. The 9V battery clip was damaged from the old batter, so another clip is on order. I new this was a new boost when I bought it years ago, seems one of the first ones out? Serial Number is 33-000010 and the instructions/manual are 8.5x11 copy machine preliminary. I doubt this is valuable, hoping that it still works. The caps are tantalum and ceramic, so may still be OK. If not, just a few components to replace.
  11. Slight fracture on both sides of neck? Hameritis, fingerboard delamination, neck joint issue?
  12. Disclaimer, I work for the company. Suggest Tempurpedic. Current lineup is Adapt, ProAdapt and LuxeAdapt in order of increasing price. I prefer firm, you should lay on one for 5 minutes to get an idea of how it conforms as you warm it up. Stearns & Foster Estate is very nice. if you get a Split System, you can different feels for each side but check that the mattress height is the same.
  13. As I understand it, Hamer applied clear first, then used color/toner on top of clear, then additional clear. No stain went into the wood. The tops had to be good enough to look good without being painted.
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