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  1. Kinda wish I left the mini humbuckers in my LP Deluxe. They are quite good.
  2. Dig the credit to RS Guitarworks. Where I take my guitars for TLC.
  3. Makes you think you are holding a giant slug, or having intense sex.
  4. Anyone use the Nordland ODR-C? If you have the extra bucks to spare, you get the old and the new.
  5. Thanks for the info. I may have to give it or one of the others a try.
  6. Got to play my Studio Custom on a couple of sets last night. They keep getting better the more you play them. Looking for your reports if it cranked.
  7. Anyone use a Nobles ODR1? Thoughts?
  8. Got to play my Superblock US out this weekend. Didn’t really know what to expect after jamming at the house. I was pleasantly surprised! The band is drums, bass, two guitars. I could have used more stage volume and had more Gain and Master to dial up, but had the FOH levels set and could hear from the main speakers. I used the Line Out to the board so also could have sent some to my monitor mix. The sound was great, took my pedals well. Black Magic Zen Drive and Valve Reamer. Just got a TC Spark boost which I placed at the end of the effects chain. I chose the 57 mode and drove a 1x12 with a Tone Tubby 40. Lots of fun to hear the guitar cranking out front when engaged. The other guitar player spent some years on the road playing and as a tech, was skeptical of the DI sounding good. I had the e906 ready to go but there was no need. The DI sounded fantastic. Can see not using a speaker, but I like to have one. As far as tone, definitely like a Fender. I find thIs device has lots of treble. I had the treble almost fully CCW to get a sound I liked and it was no where near dull. The Gain was about 12 noon, no breakup from the preamp stage. At home, Master was also noon, not sure how much the Limiter was working even though I had it about 2 o’clock. My perception from home jams is the SB can get some interesting clipping when driven hard. Something to play with next time out. And by the way, played the Studio Custom some last night and today at church.
  9. Got this response from Pat Quilter, can get the SBUS full output with the Sarno Revtwo ways. Very interesting device. You can probably get more gain out of the FX Return if you put a dummy plug in FX Send, which fully disconnects the internal preamp and raises FX Return impedance. You can test this with a cable, leaving the other end unplugged, before buying an unwired dummy plug. If that doesn’t do the trick, the “57” voice is basically flat, needing only a slight treble cut. Use maximum Master to get the full 25W before clipping.
  10. While I like to shop locally, can’t always find what I’m looking for. I bought a Voodoo Labs pedal board with power supply and case in August. Everything packed nicely, free shipping, delivered in a few days. The handle wrap around is coming unstitched, Sweetwater is sending a replacement right away, no charge and provided return shipping. Just bought a Quilter Superblock US Saturday from Amazon, delivered on Sunday - just stuck a label on the pretty box. Seems all is OK so far. If there are problems, I will deal directly with Quilter I suppose. Except for super fast delivery I didn’t really need, the price was the same as everywhere else. Perhaps I should have stuck with Sweetwater? Only saw one used one searching the web, would cost more than new after shipping.
  11. Thanks. I sent an email to Brad Sarno, he said I can take the out from the Revelation to the FX return of the Quilter, no problem. Brad also said he is close to releasing a new preamp. Similar to the SMS but with a spring reverb. I can’t say enough about how good the Revelation preamp sounds. Completely clean and takes pedals well for dirt.
  12. I'm looking for a lightweight power amp for my Sarno Revelation preamp. If I take the output into the FX of a Quilter Super Block, Interblock or other Quilter, will the levels match up? I would get a cab sim out if I wanted to go direct in addition to a light weight amp to drive a 1x12 cab. Or a complete system on its own. Another brand would be OK as well.
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