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  1. Great article, quite a story. The sound, even on my iPad, was phenomenal. Let’s start discussing. Since it was re-topped in the 50’s is the Brazilian responsible for the great tone?
  2. Played this one recently, had not been out of the case for a while
  3. Just looking for an excuse not to buy it. I always wanted one. If $850 were the new $350 I would get it. Fat chance. Asking price is more than I paid for my Studio Custom, my point of reference is also a factor. I recall a new Korina Jr. for $1600 at Willcutt’s some years ago. Almost bought that one.
  4. Searched in the forum multiple times and a Google search. About 3 for HFC from Google but brief mention. Checked spelling. Maybe I need to try mis-spelling it.
  5. I searched for this subject but did not find it on the Forum. Pardon me if it has been discussed before. When taking photos of my Studio Custom, the figure looks deep at some angles and washed out at other angles. While I basically understand this, it really hit me when I was looking at my guitar/me when passing by a mirror. Yes, I was clothed. As I moved the guitar around I could really see the chatoyancy, how the figure changed with lighting and angle. For discussion - do you prefer figure with chatoyance or figure that is static? Goes to the debate of staining the wood first or floating color over some clear layers. having a changeable luster or color with an undulating narrow band of white light
  6. Installed and checked it out. Josh’s pickups seem alive. Good contrast to the Pearly Gates in the bridge and just as loud. This one was wound to 7.8K with a slight offset between the coils. My PG bridge is 8.1K, believe an A2 magnet. Did have a bridge Seth Lover in the neck. I have been having trouble hearing the neck pickup at gigs, this one should help from what I hear in the house. Josh listened to my comments and turned them into wire and magnet.
  7. What I'm doing tonight. Custom wind, 7.8K A2 for the neck position on my Les Paul. Have an A4 magnet to swap if I get curious.
  8. Had been emailing Josh for a couple of days about a neck pickup for my Les Paul. Replied to "go" today at 9 am, the pickup is damn near done this evening! Shipping out Monday. Getting a complement to my bridge Pearly Gates, one of the first ones. Thanks, Josh.
  9. A great deal. I picked up a set of Ultimates for my Studio Custom last year.
  10. If I had the cash I would have snagged it. One of the nicest looking guitars I have seen.
  11. My impressions of Red Moon Tchula. First, I don’t really use distortion pedals, I prefer Boogie preamp distortion. However, the Tchula is quite different. Basic operation is left side is mild overdrive, responsive to the guitar volume control and picking attack. No settings, just on or off. The right side is another of the same, stacked on top. The knob gives you more saturation, not so much more output. Still responsive to volume knob and picking. Somewhere around noon is where you really start hearing a difference. Fairly transparent as far as changing the basic tone, but has what I would call a slight shift to upper mid-range. Lows still come through. Sort of juicy distortion and very fun to play. Very interactive with my MKIIA. Tone and response changes with Vol 1, pull-shift (mid-boost) and treble. With an early switching amp, I now have 3 to 5 tones. If just using clean, 3. If using distortion channel there are 6 but gets to be too much gain unless you dial back the distortion channel gain. One pedal = multiple distortion tones. Depending on the amp input level, the Red Moon doesn’t really give an overall volume boost. You can use old-school guitar knob control, a boost pedal (up front or in a loop) or a volume pedal.if you want to slam your amp front end hard, you need something else. I’m looking forward to getting it out to a gig and seeing how the added tones work. I may be able to have a cleaner clean and still have a good high gain with added options between them.
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