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    2002 Studio Custom, ‘73 Les Paul Deluxe with full size HB, Japan Squier Strat
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    Mesa Boogie MKIIA in custom Black Limbs cab, Mesa Express 5:25+, Marshall JMP 1976 50W with 4x12
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  1. Just attend a bunch of Bluegrass jams. Once you know the standards (and the chords in addition to the shspes), whip off the capo and see what happens
  2. Valve Reamer ordered. Waited too late for a Black Zen II
  3. Yes, the Express 5:25+ Is a little heavy. But not compared to my MKIIA.
  4. Mesa Boogie Express+ 5:25. Changed the speaker to a Tone Tubby 40/40. Winterland also works well.
  5. I don't remember the year. It had just arrived at Bob was commenting on the smell if the lacquer as well as everything about it.
  6. Never owned one but would like to. First one I saw was at Willcutt’s. Cherry red, spruce top, harp tailpiece - beautiful.
  7. What setup advice for playing both slide and regular on one guitar? Raise the action a bit, any numbers? Seems easier on my Les Paul than Studio Custom. Yet to check the action measurement, the feel fairly close.
  8. Talk to Josh. I got Shlabotnik/Ult set with UA5 magnets, no covers for my Studio Custom. Very pleased.
  9. Saw this on FB the Lexington, KY. Wood looks nice. I did a search and it should have come with robotic tuners but does not look like it did. A few odd thing like brass nut/zero fret. Price is now $720. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2430437383900098/
  10. Not a problem to get to the ‘Ville. Heck, I’ll gig it for you!
  11. Let me know if you play it out. I’m near Lexington.
  12. Great acquisition. If you want to play a Hamer instead of collect, a little wear and tear makes it even more affordable and with fewer worries.
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