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  1. Survival! I made it through a two month work furlough - with prostate cancer surgery, HVAC replacement and new retaining wall in that time span. Musically, I built a small pedal board and got my Les Paul re-fretted. Played out a few times when the weather was good and did a FB live to help out our local pub that has been a huge local/regional music supporter (Slainte Irish Pub, Guinness and Green Spot).
  2. I agree. Only do any work to keep it playable and play it.
  3. Not seeing how this benefits the Boogie brand. Can't blame Randall for cashing in after all the years. Hope he can stay involved as he wishes and enjoy post-middle age.
  4. I only have 8 ohms speakers or would work out a trade. Mesa V30, Tone Tubby DD (red, early/prototype version). Maybe another one or so. Speakers are fun and simple, huge impact to tone.
  5. Fret discussion just a few threads ago. Believe it may indicate what was used earlier than mid 90’s, or someone can reply. Noting you are in Germany in case what is available there is different than the US.
  6. I have something similar though not as much on my 2002 Studio Custom. Seems like the glue around the joint didn’t get completely cleaned off or some other prep or finish imperfection - Hameritis.
  7. I think they left the old multi-section can capacitor in place and tacked new ones on top. Hard to see. Maybe the terminals of the old one were broken off. not the nicest way to do it but works if the values are correct and the old cap is not in the circuit. Seems there should be a replacement multi-section can. Maybe it costs a lot more than individual caps. Desoldering the mounting tabs from the chassis would be a pain.
  8. Since I only have one, I will keep it. If not this, either a Korina Special Jr or a 4 digit Sunburst.
  9. Happy Birthday, Mike! I most likely won’t get one of your builds but enjoy seeing the fantastic workmanship and aesthetics in the pics. Would be great to actually see and play one - any owners near Central KY have one? How much just to touch?
  10. My band is part of a streaming event on AXIS Radio tonight. Not sure what time we go live but have the Studio Custom out. https://fb.me/e/3FDFadCC1
  11. I anticipated a neck discussion. The top and finish are really nice. Price seems reasonable. Hope some one here gets it and provides a report.
  12. 1973 Les Paul Deluxe with full size humbuckers bought new 2002 Hamer USA Studio Custom 1987 Martin HD 28 bought new 1982? Alvarez Yari DY-57 bought new 2003 Larrivee Koa Super Parlor bought new 2009 Taylor custom GS 12 string 198x Black Squire Strat Japanese 200x Ibanez Bass $150 Labor Day special nice!
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