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  1. I anticipated a neck discussion. The top and finish are really nice. Price seems reasonable. Hope some one here gets it and provides a report.
  2. 1973 Les Paul Deluxe with full size humbuckers bought new 2002 Hamer USA Studio Custom 1987 Martin HD 28 bought new 1982? Alvarez Yari DY-57 bought new 2003 Larrivee Koa Super Parlor bought new 2009 Taylor custom GS 12 string 198x Black Squire Strat Japanese 200x Ibanez Bass $150 Labor Day special nice!
  3. Hamer USA FM Special Cherry Sunburst Flame on Reverb. Looks nice. The knobs are not stock, perhaps coil split added? $895 + $60 shipping.
  4. I get a British flavor. Sort of Pink Floyd/Bowie influence, but something new.
  5. I resisted for a long time because I’m stubborn and cheap. But playing some songs where a tremolo and wah are needed. Then got a chorus and found a place to put my Red Moon Tchula. Next version I will add cable to the effects loop. Really like to hear reverb trails through chorus.
  6. Maybe it’s time for a return to rack effects. Or reasonably priced modeling effects boxes with programmable buttons. I now have a small pedal board. Any larger and I won’t be able to reach the mic or avoid tripping while trying to reach the switch buttons.
  7. What does the warranty state? I doubt you will have any issues with warpage and the like with the finish you are using. Perhaps staining and wear would be different if you use a hard sealer, but you would lose the feel and appearance you want. You don’t hard finish a rosewood fingerboard. It would be much easier to sand and refinish with a Danish oil finish than a hard finish.
  8. Here is one of my favorite overdrive “pedals”
  9. Noticed my amber tophats are showing some cracks. Where is a good source for replacements? Could consider black I suppose.
  10. My Les Paul, started life as a Deluxe with mini hums. Looks fairly well centered.
  11. Played a live gig last night with the acoustic band. It was outside and a fabulous fall evening. Several places put on a music festival with live music in the parking lots, food trucks. I went inside a few times to get a drink and use the bathroom, hardly anyone wearing masks. I just don’t get it.
  12. RS Guitarworks is starting to use Paulownia for a few solid bodies. From Asia, it is being plantation grown is the Eastern US. Grows fast, lightweight and strong. Says it looks and sounds like Swamp Ash but lighter, like pine. They posted on their FB page very recently with pics
  13. No one taped this gig as far as I know. We will be videotaping for one of our recorded songs on Oct 2 at DJ’s (steakhouse/bar with a nice deck) in Winchester, KY. The band is Robert Eskridge and Southern Daze. You can find the original songs on all the streaming services. Can find the first video on YouTube and our Facebook page (Buck Wild and Whiskey Crazy). Disclaimer - the recordings are nearly all Nashville studio players. I play acoustic lead on “She Took Everything But The Blame” and some backup vocals. Robert wrote all the songs and, of course, does the singing. We play most o
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