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  2. sounds interesting sledhead44....thanks!! I do like to use both pups at the same time in the middle position, and then the bridge for soloing.... In fact, I just lowered the neck pup a few turns and it amazingly improved the sound 100%!! It's not as boomy or muddy now.... I'll keep testing it though with the marshall and decide.... thanks again!!
  3. Hi Toadroller! I'm not sure if it's maple-bodied or not...it does weigh quite a bit though......
  4. Thank you Murkat! I will try this combination, I'm listening to them on the seymour duncan page: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/tone-wizard/tonewizard.php?Instrument=Guitar&Type=Les+Paul+or+similar&Music=Hard+Rock+Metal&BodyWood=Ash+or+Alder&Fretboard=Rosewood&BridgeType=Standard
  5. Dear friends, I just recently purchased a Hamer Standard (MIK) from the 90's (the red one in my avatar) and I don't seem to really adapt to the pups it originally came with. The pups it carries now (Duncan Designed), the neck pup is too bassy! I have to turn it down to 1 and the bridge pup to 10. I really want to get the volume of both pups without such a boomy and rough bass tone. We play 70's , 80's Hard Rock and I play the Hamer thru a JCM 2000 DSL 100 Marshall head.... I was wondering what recomendations I can get for seymour duncans to put in this baby.... any advice will be greatly appreciated!!
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