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  1. Just got a Box of Awesome. Its an OD11 and a Kalamazoo in one enclosure. It is the pedal that finally got me to pull the Saucy Box off my board. I'm having a ball with it.
  2. I'm going to miss his clever takes on events of the day. He made me laugh often.
  3. As usual HHB cuts through the mix and lays down a thick dose of truth. Much appreciated compadre....
  4. I stand corrected. Granite would likely be a step down. Granite, is a composite igneous rock comprised mainly of basalt, feldspar and quartz if I recall my high school geology class correctly. I would not expect it to resonate very well as the wave would be passing through random dissimilar materials. Also, it isn’t particularly dense or particularly hard. Two qualities that I think would aid in resonance and would have to both be present in a good block. Lead is dense but soft. Aluminum hard but not dense. I don’t think either would work well in this application. So, I think it comes down to brass or steel being the most common effective choices. Tungsten would be cool to try.
  5. Anybody replaced a term block? Did it make a difference for you? I’m considering a Callaham steel block for my American standard strat. I figure pretty much anything is going to be a step up from the tapered pot metal block that’s in there now.
  6. @Dutchman no lessons from me. I'm a terrible teacher. No patience for it.
  7. A while back I went on my town Facebook page and offered to give a guitar to someone in my community to, hopefully, share some of the wonderful opportunities and experiences I've had. I picked one of the stories and got to deliver on my offer today. And yeah, it feels good.
  8. @cmatthes thanks for the explanation. It makes sense. Its still sad and wasteful but, at least now that you 'splained it to me I get why they do that.
  9. What a waste. I know the aren't particularly good guitars but they ARE, or at least were, servicable instruments. There are a lot of young people who can't afford even a cheap guitar. How about donating these to a program that teaches music? There are a couple programs in my area that give lessons to kids and vets living in homeless shelters or who attend classes at the Y or community centers. Get the young'uns interested in playing so us old guys have someone to sell ours to wgen we finally hang it up.
  10. I wound keeping the stock Wilkinson on mine. Once I got it dialed in and properly tweaked it worked great. I liked it so much I put a VSVG into a MiM Strat. They're solid units, heavy blocks and they're all steel.
  11. Living that dream currently. Then they get on me about being grumpy before shows. I love these guys like brothers which is why I'm venting here and not clubbing them like baby seals.
  12. Well if he was hurt, or something I'd understand.
  13. I HATE bandmates that arrive late for a gig uninjured. Drummers who forget their f'n cymbals at the practice space and don't realize it until they're setting up an hour and a half AFTER they unloaded their kit into the holding area in the pub. Bandmates that ask at every gig for the last six months "do we have any tape?" but never think to actually toss a roll into their car to bring with them. Bandmates that have been playing the same songs for three years and STILL have no idea what key the song is in or the arrangement. Wow. This is cathartic.. Thanks!
  14. Geddy Lee Jack Bruce Chris Squire Lee Sklar Carol Kay
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