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  1. I have a Box of Awesome and a Babyface. They're ok. The Babyface trem is on my board for the moment but probably not for long. The BofA is too noisy and too treble focused, both on the OD11 side and, especially the Kalamazoo. That's probably going on the block at some point soon. Well made kit but, evidently, not for me.
  2. I'm a frequent visitor to Reverb's web market. I had something new, to me at least, start happening today. I usually have a few items in my watch list. I use it to keep track of average selling prices, or to be alerted when something I really want goes on sale. Today I started getting offers on items I have in my watch list from the sellers. Has everbody seen this or is it new?
  3. I've got the gas for a PRS Vela. Especially the thinline. No idea why. Interesting pickup combination. Odd scale, 25", with an offset-ish body. But. With all my March, April, and I'm betting at least half my May gigs cancelled, I can't seem to pull the trigger. We're not even rehearsing. They say the first step to recovery is recognizing you have a problem.
  4. While my heart goes out to those musicians who rely on gigs for their livelihood, my 3 cancelled gigs (so far) probably represent a savings of $90. My wife approves.
  5. Saw him a couple years ago at Red Rocks. He was doing his Three Kings tour. Great show. The music was amazing from JB, to the rhythm section, to the horns. Backing singers were awesome. Well worth the 2000 mile trip. I get the whole "technically perfect, soulless" thing but it isn't that at all IMHO. His reverence for what came before is very evident in his show. It was a bucket list experience and I see him whenever he's in range.
  6. I'll be in Dayton for a few days next month. Won't have a ton of free time but I always like to poke around local music and pawn shops looking for a deal. Anybody have a favorite in the area? I usually stop into Hauer but, since this is likely my last visit, I thought I'd ask you guys if you know any.
  7. That's not going backwards. More like a lateral evolution. You got dead ended on one branch so you bactracked the moved ahead down another branch. You're still going forward man!
  8. I've replaced my trusty SM 58s with Sennhieser E935s and couldn't be happier. Gorgeous sound, great off axis feedback rejection. Easy to find. $179 new but you can score them on Reverb in the $95 - $125 range pretty consistently.
  9. I've played a few. Seemed well put together. Fit and finish was nice. The ones I played were ES 335 clones and they ripped.
  10. Lord but that's beautiful. I wish I was a good enough player to warrant buying someting like that.
  11. Saw your post on FB and was blown away. So f'n cool.
  12. @rugby1970 they're really nice. I do tend to lean towards the Strat hoarder personality profile, but, these just feel amazing. I think it's the 14" radius on the fretboard. The necks feel wide and flat to me. Goldilocks zone on the thickness. Not too thick, not too thin. The only thing I don't care for are the stock pickups. They're OK. Just OK. I swapped mine for a Lollar dirty blonde set and have not considered changing them since. My green '94 has been my #1 for going on 5 years now.
  13. A 5E3 Tweed Deluxe clone I built. I run a little battery powered pedal board with a tuner, OD, and a reverb pedal in front of it. Great little setup.
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