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  1. I'm hoping this works out. But I have all the Boogies I need. Fillmore 25 head, 550 Express + and a V-Twin. I'm good......
  2. Those Blue Hippos are great. As a chorus or a vibe it works great. Lush, swirly and deep. It sounds to me, and it's been a long time so take it for what it's worth, a lot like my old Boss CH2 analog chorus.
  3. Get yourself an attenuator instead. An Ironman II can handle up to 100W and shave off 30+ db without affecting the tone or feel. Well, you won't feel your innards vibrating, but other than that... Get the sound of your amp wide open and get bedroom level volume.
  4. The Mrs and I have had two Amazon orders lost in the past month. Hers in transit from Dallas. Mine in a USPS facility in Denver. Load seems to be outpacing transport capacity everwhere.
  5. Not much. Pedaltrain Novo 18 with a Voodoo Labs Pedalpower 2 underneath. Loop switch I picked up from a member here. Covers a ton of tones and does everything I need with either of my bands.
  6. Your not wrong but thats where the internal switches come in. They let you boost, highs, mids, or set it to unity gain at zero.
  7. Xotic EP boost. Got some nice features. Internal switches let you tailor the tone. One knob operation. Have a go and see.
  8. Great to hear there's music starting to happen again. Nice set list too. I'd have been there all night. Heck, I'm so starved for live music I'd go see anything live. My band has been on the sidelines since Feb. 2. We had 23 bookings wiped out this year and now we're heading back into lockdown. I'm starting to worry that if this doesn't stop soon most of the places we play will be gone. Two have already closed for good and another is really struggling. I pray they can hold on.
  9. DOD FX65 Chorus. Its a chorus with a delay knob and can do so much more than just chorus-y stuff. Boss DD2 delay is rock solid too.
  10. Aural Sects. So stupid it hurts to remember.
  11. I tend to lean on my Catalinbread Formula 5. Way Huge Saucy Box would make my shortlist too. But I tend to use lower gain pedals then stack them to get the grind level I'm after.
  12. Haven't had a gig since Feb 2. We had 9 dates cancelled between the end of April and mid July. No place is currently booking bands around here.
  13. If you really want to get the most out of the pickguard mod grab one of these amazing pedals.....
  14. @JustKid. So I went hunting for the sound you found and struck out. I couldn't replicate the buzz in your vid. I did find a different bit of weirdness. I was goofing around with some mid gain rock tones. I swapped in the SLO 100 and got an epic classic rock tone but there was a pulsy, rumble sort of thing after the note faded. Very low frequency. Not related to any of the effects and I couldn't replicate it with any other amp models. Looks like theres ghosts in these things....
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