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  1. Cool... a certain HFC friend of ours was/is connected with a certain member of the Hellecasters. Cooler still, I just got a '95 JJ G&L this week but it has NOT made me a better player.
  2. Farewell ~ One of the few bands that could stretch it out and I appreciated. It's like T.Monk...either you get it or you don't. my $0.02
  3. RIP, Ginger. Loved the Trio album. Wait for the 2:00 mark when Bill Fris\sell turns into Jimmy Page. F*cking powerful song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE9CknPJeIc Edit: cannot embed and PLAY LOUD
  4. Well, shit. Sad ending, indeed. Thanks for the ear candy, Kim
  5. Thanks for sharing that article. If he'd just produced and promoted the Bad Brains, that'd be amazing by itself. Still chasing that elusive 'Gimme something to grab for' solo. I *think* Daryl from BB played base on a lot of album.
  6. One of my fav lines from an HFC'er (JWhit) was that is the best side 3 ever. Kinda funny or backhanded but also really holds water.
  7. What's the French word for F*ck. It is gorgeous.
  8. We talking 'bout DD or banhammers ?
  9. I got a banhammer for asking/talking about Norlin era LPs. So, there's that...
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