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    Hamer Duo-Tone P-90, 96 G&L Legacy, 82 Ibanez RS-335, 80 Guild D-40c, 70s Epi Concert camping acoustic, 72 Gretsch Roc-Jet
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    64 Tremolux, 72 S/F Champ, 84 Marshall 4212, Kalamazoo Model One (think AC4)
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    old Rat, old T-O CryBaby, Morley (Award) JD-10 and awesome Vox pedal from Steve (Phoenix)

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  1. Bonus shot ~ Ready for my Gretsch's return to normalcy.
  2. yep, just dammit. And thank you. A couple of finger-jointed industries give me prospects. Luckily I can manipulate the chit out of an excel file.
  3. Kill that thought. I just found out that my position was eliminated. What's the French word for fuck? Haven't been out of work for 40 yrs. Yet, here we are...
  4. Ask all questions in this thread if at all possible please. AMT F1 have a power supply ?
  5. BA - apologies for the delay. I'll take that Ibanez pedal, if it's still available. Ping me S
  6. Bill ~ can you shoot me a pix of the bottom of the TS9DX ? Did you use it primarily as a boost or distortion ?
  7. Concur. Just, wow. Small logo like this ? Is this what you wanted the reaper backplate file for ? Edit ~ NM. I followed the link.
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