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    old Rat, old T-O CryBaby, Morley (Award) JD-10 and awesome Vox pedal from Steve (Phoenix)

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  1. =/ Going to get my Gretsch back to JeffR. I closed the case in disgust. I think it was killed by the label being up-sidedown. That, and the clown driver.
  2. Just stunning. Amazing craft and work.
  3. Redd and Cindy, whew.... He's the heater. Still hate myself for selling every Tokai Breesysound (3)I owned when I bought my first house. If you find one, grab it.
  4. I get it. I was probably the target demographic had I been in the market in '87-'88 My JCM-800, Vibrolux and JC-120 had my sonics covered. I would still like one but with the current market/mystique, I could get a Carr Mercury used with attenuator for a couple hundred more. Which, not oddly, sounds very appealing in this phase of my life.
  5. I cannot remember who said it here (Maybe Admiral B ) To paraphrase his point, why would you buy a Marshall 15 watt 6V6 when Fender already creamed it. If you want a Marshall sound get a Marshall.
  6. Tomorrow. Joe Vitale is so funky on this a Over And Over. I also really like Problems, though they seem antagonistic lyrically. So, the yin/yang of Joe. Rick Marotta channels Mr. Vitale....Problems was the song to hum when I faced something I didn't want to do like taxes, yard work, etc. Topical shit, nothing critical. That album falls off pretty quick and has fillers songs. Still, guilty pleasure.
  7. They're coming back to the US. Anyone going to mach schau in in 2020? I'm on the ticket site for the show at NorVa and have a couch available for any HFC'rs Steve
  8. So is that CT album the original song sequence ?
  9. I recapped a mid '60s Kalamazoo Model 1 in 2017. That was/is a simple single ended thing and hard to screw up. The bench work was fun because it wasn't too complicated once you find a good iron, space and patience.Thinking about tackling my Musicmaster Bass amp next. Also, don't inhale solder smoke.
  10. No Z3, but is my current hoochie mama
  11. Found my old Ibanez CS-9 this weekend The RW is fun but redundant. All good, original rubber feet and denim bag. Great stuff and has Velcro from expert applier RobB. Bring your own 9V Conus, please
  12. You might be a hoarder as I've seen you sell these for a dozen years. I'll take it. Will PM you tomorrow - check, cash, PP. Your call.
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