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    Hamer Duo-Tone P-90, 96 G&L Legacy, 82 Ibanez RS-335, 80 Guild D-40c, 70s Epi Concert camping acoustic, 72 Gretsch Roc-Jet
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    64 Tremolux, 72 S/F Champ, 84 Marshall 4212, Kalamazoo Model One (think AC4)
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    old Rat, old T-O CryBaby, Morley (Award) JD-10 and awesome Vox pedal from Steve (Phoenix)

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  1. Nicely done. Enjoy https://www.loudersound.com/news/watch-rushs-new-animated-video-for-the-spirit-of-radio?fbclid=IwAR1KpNRsLdWTjP2sNEjiQTYXSN996Rldzq-2RiNlGzyhhT77YN18f6HP3Wc&utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  2. Wrote, Sang, Composed and was a memorable player. I'm okay with this. Remember riding my Free-Spirit 10-speed to get BoRap and an Icee that day. Oh, and built his own guitar and wired it for amazing tones. Despite the the '70s excess, management and punk that denounced them, I'm still okay with this.
  3. Same here. Saw them at ECU w/ Cheap Trick. He was another heater. Great show.
  4. I *think you're right. When I saw that boomer, I thought 512.
  5. I own six (6) Prince albums and a couple of cassettes, probably nonfunctional. Add in 2-3 12" EPs. Was called faggot at college to listening to that 'chit' and Police, Clash, Minutemen, Tubes, whatever. Serves me right to go textile and ag school. If I hear Seven Bridges Road again, I'll commit homicide. Anyway, the daughter thinks the cassettes are fabulous and covets them. Point is, I own one MJ album. Prince could swing harder than you and I. To compare the two is silly. Again, YMMV. I'd cut you for one of his Hohners as fast as I could eat a kit-kat. So, how are we on P-90 Duo-tones ?
  6. Structurally sound Guild preferred. Simon and Patrick, open peg head Ovation. What you got ? Must have have hard case. With thanks, Steve /Edit spelling
  7. Secret weapon: Louis Johnson. He was the heater. Sprinkle in some Lukather and a huge budget. YMMV
  8. Just, wow. That is the heater. I remember the original post.
  9. JackC has the goods .Buy with confidence. I'll be in CLT this week. Hope to connect, monsieur.
  10. =/ Going to get my Gretsch back to JeffR. I closed the case in disgust. I think it was killed by the label being up-sidedown. That, and the clown driver.
  11. Just stunning. Amazing craft and work.
  12. Redd and Cindy, whew.... He's the heater. Still hate myself for selling every Tokai Breesysound (3)I owned when I bought my first house. If you find one, grab it.
  13. I get it. I was probably the target demographic had I been in the market in '87-'88 My JCM-800, Vibrolux and JC-120 had my sonics covered. I would still like one but with the current market/mystique, I could get a Carr Mercury used with attenuator for a couple hundred more. Which, not oddly, sounds very appealing in this phase of my life.
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