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    Hamer Duo-Tone P-90, 96 G&L Legacy, 82 Ibanez RS-335, 80 Guild D-40c, 70s Epi Concert camping acoustic, 72 Gretsch Roc-Jet
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    64 Tremolux, 72 S/F Champ, 84 Marshall 4212, Kalamazoo Model One (think AC4)
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    old Rat, old T-O CryBaby, Morley (Award) JD-10 and awesome Vox pedal from Steve (Phoenix)

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    My kids, music and car stuff

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  1. It looks awesome. Looking at the pix I imagine the gang playing, "I Don't need No Doctor". YMMV Miss you, Brooks.
  2. I had one. Trust me when I tell you that technology has closed that gap. Those are pretty but functionality 50 yrs later is a bitch.
  3. That's what you want an airplane tech to show up with to service your navs. Mine is a J-3 Cub
  4. Holy chit. That looks surgical/amazing. Considering I got mine in the bag phone era, I don't think I'm qualified.
  5. Cheers to CW. It's a bitch Somewhat related, dUg is 70. That's a mind scrambler.
  6. I have the exact same thing and was fortunate enough to find it a yard sale of a ham operator for cheap. I think it's running 750 degrees, depending on the tip. Hakko is the G-Wagon. Weller is the 4Runner. Hope that helps. Steve
  7. Ouch..... Put these in an open back cab or Vibrolux and stand back. They'll part your hair from 20 paces. In the best way.
  8. I'm not the target demo here, but how is this still available ? It's cyclical; I want a Virt, etc. Here it is. Nut up and go Fetch
  9. Bonus shot ~ Ready for my Gretsch's return to normalcy.
  10. yep, just dammit. And thank you. A couple of finger-jointed industries give me prospects. Luckily I can manipulate the chit out of an excel file.
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