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  1. Xmas bump Great gift for the wife here. Get her going on those I IV V chords and ditch that silly looper pedal. Long shot: Anyone with a Vibrolux 6G11A or Tremolux 6G9A who is looking for a great sounding sunburst please reach out.
  2. Yes AOH, someone else here owned this one at some point. From the threads I found, this one did have a refret and the bridge pickup is a period correct replacement. I've had it for 5 yrs and the only thing I've had done is have the nut replaced with a bone nut. I'd consider the neck to be in the same camp as a Fender modern "C" carve, very comfortable and easy to play.
  3. Fairly rare Sunburst in natural with crowns. One piece neck, so early 79. Probably the most resonant and acoustically loud guitar I've ever played. Guitar is for sale at a small shop local to me. I'm happy to answer any questions or you can call the shop directly. Please don't contact me with any offers, they will be handling any transactions and shipping. $2500 Thanks https://www.gbase.com/gear/hamer-sunburst-1979-amber
  4. Thanks Cynic, tons of good info in that thread!
  5. A2's with about 8.5k is generally what sounds nice in most humbucking guitars IMO. I''m really not much for hot pickups, unless your trying to get a vintage non master Marshall cooking early on, then they have their purpose. The bridge pickup is indeed non original but is supposedly "period correct" (it does have square mounting ears which I assume would be correct for 79). I haven't actually measured the resistance of mine, just found that every dimarzio from the late 70's on the web was around 13k. What should a stock Dimarzio that was wound for Hamer read? and what type of magnets did they use? Had a Pearly Gates in a Strat once and it seemed to fit that guitar well
  6. Has anyone swapped out the stock Dimarzio pickups in their late 70's/early 80's sunburst. If so, what did you go with and did you prefer it over the stock Dimarzios? The Dimarzios seem to be on the hot side, I find myself rolling back the volume to about 7.5 - 8. and it sounds great. 13.7k seems pretty hot to me! I understand DC resistance doesn't necessarily correspond to output but in most instances I've found it to be a good indicator.
  7. I finally found the time to fix this. Soldered a nut to the back and it works like a charm! the other ear had some play in it and I had 99 more nuts so that got one too. Thanks for the advice, lots of good ideas here! The only problem now is (continuing with the nut theme), when I took the strings off to fix the pickup the nut fell out of the neck...😕…. Can I just glue it back in with wood glue? superglue? use string tension to hold it in place as it sets? clamp it? Its a bone nut that was installed about five years ago. It seems to fit back in place without any issue.
  8. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to try soldering a nut to the underside. I had thought about filling the hole with some weld and tapping it again but was concerned about too much heat. I'd rather not drill/enlarge or make any extra holes if I don't have to.
  9. Has anyone dealt with a stripped hole on the ear of a pickup that the height adjusting screw threads into? This is a 79 (I think) Dimarzio humbucker. Looks like the screw is maybe a 4-40 thread possibly? Thanks
  10. I've owned a 50W Emplexador since 2003. I'd recommend this amp to anyone who's looking for that vintage Marshall tone with a master volume that works. It replaced my 72 50W Marshall that I'd been using since 92' and has done wonders for my hearing!
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