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  1. If you wish to avoid the post-sale phone call from your Sweetwater 'personal representative' it's also currently available on Amazon at the same price.
  2. Seriously? I really don't know. I have limited experience with effects but like those demo tones. I was afraid my question would display my ignorance.
  3. Any thoughts on how it would do playing an Impact through an SVT-4Pro w' Ampeg stacks? I'm tempted.
  4. An 8 string V bass bound with boomers would excite me quite a lot.
  5. Even I wouldn't buy that...and I GAS for high priced Hamers.
  6. It's a beauty and the finish checking adds character. That top is incredible.
  7. https://reverb.com/item/37031942-1991-hamer-usa-impact-bass-iridescent Someone buy this - I don't need another.
  8. Her husband was a big fat man who held court in front while Linda was in the back of the shop doing all of the work. Yes, she's a neat lady, for sure.
  9. Linda is an area legend and is still working in her late 70's (with a bad heart). I've taken several guitars to her and she has incredible talent. She reminds me of a great watch repair tech - a dying breed.
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