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  1. I know about them, and what's weird is that I have no idea why. One of those random scraps of knowledge that I know I've never needed for anything, but there it is. Must be something that I just absorbed growing up in logging country. I'd never heard the Rolling Rock connection though.
  2. Yeah, that happened before I took ownership, so I don't know exactly what happened, but you're actually looking at foam, not the guitar. I'm not personally a fan of plastic cases like this for that reason, but they're still miles better than a gig bag.
  3. Trying to thin the herd a little bit. This is a Greco Arthur Smith signature 12 string... 1960's I think. I just don't really need multiple electric 12 strings in my life and the Rickenbacker wins. The neck is pretty beefy... not super deep, but a wide U shape. It's a bit of a bat for my tastes. Individual on-off switches for each pickup. Some reading I did back when I bought it said the neck was Lemonwood and the back and sides were described as rosewood. I don't know if that's an actual rosewood variety, some cousin, or what... it make me think of Dennis Leary's bit about wood paneling. It's got its nicks and scratches and one pretty good gouge in the back of the neck. I need to get a better shot of that... it looked okay on the phone, but came out blurry as hell. The case is an SKB 335 case and it isn't quite a perfect fit, but it is snug and secure. Case has a hole on the bottom side. I'm thinking tree fiddy with the case, plus shipping costs. I'm NW of Portland if you'd like to meet somewhere in between to check it out. Questions? Thoughts? Speculation on my recreational chemical intake?
  4. That Monaco is damned sexy in translucent black. There's a fine line with trans black between complimenting the wood and obscuring it, but this is definitely on the right side of it.
  5. I feel like I could use some hair of the dog this morning, but your pic doesn't seem to be helping I feel about Mensa like Groucho Marx supposedly felt about the Friars club: I don't want to belong to any organization that would have me as a member.
  6. I'm in for one of each color. Both XXL Tall (just xxl is fine if tall isn't available). You're awesome for doing this.
  7. I like my Mirage (natural maple) and I have thought more than once about buying a Mirage 1 (not the one in this thread...). That said, I can't imagine it would be good if it were enlarged. Just seems like that asymmetrical body style would just start looking lopsided. And left handed would just make it worse.
  8. The old reverb listings were from another shop (Mahar's Vintage Guitars). I understand Thunder Road got them at the Tacoma Guitar show... might have swapped some inventory or something, just to keep fresh things in the store. Good tactic... wrong price.
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