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  1. Anyone familiar with this guitar? The price seemed more than a typical Special, though maybe that’s to be expected for the white finish, checkerboard, and this guitar’s history? Also, it’s not “all original”. But I’m drawn to it.
  2. Thanks, VECTOR. I’m really interested in this one, but haven’t the foggiest idea how to proceed. Looks like it has aftermarket tuners; wonder if the rest is original and in good playing condition.
  3. Thanks, Chris. Were their also some DiMarzio’s that were “specially wound” for Sunburst production?
  4. Hey Folks, My ‘79 Sunburst has a Super Distortion installed in the bridge position. I like the sound of that pickup but I’d like to try a DiMarzio of the type more usually installed in 1979 (or if that’s not possible, during the first run of Sunbursts). Do any HFCers know where I might find one? Also, did the bridge and neck pickups of that era typically differ in output or other characteristics? Thanks for your responses.
  5. Darn. Caught me snoozing on this one! Did our HFCer chinocapuchino purchase it?
  6. Just stumbled across this…no affiliation: https://reverb.com/item/63086118-1982-hamer-special-checkerboard-logo-rebecca-as-seen-in-the-hamer-book
  7. That one looked really nice, thanks for posting it. Appears to have sold for over $3K. I watched closely, but decided to hold off until a similar one emerges for sale from within the HFC.
  8. Beautiful, Will. Thanks very much for sharing. I picked up a really nice somewhat modified ‘79, so now I’m looking for an all original for my next one.
  9. Hamerhead, I adore everything about this guitar including it’s playability, the beastly bridge pickup, and small details like the buffed/feathered edges of the dings. From the photo you shared, it really has a different visual vibe, post-pick guard removal. Did you and Mukrat make any other other notable changes to get it where you wanted it? I’ve often wondered if the processes of refinishing the top revealed that it had a figured maple veneer beneath the black lacquer.
  10. Oh - I’m not selling one. Just picked up a black ‘79 that I love, but still trying to scratch the itch for a transparent one or a true burst from the same year. I’ve compiled a bunch of listings to get a sense of what one of these should cost, but of course that’s asking not selling price, so not the best measure. Also, most listings are from the teens, so there’s that, too.
  11. Thanks. Haven’t seen any at the higher end so that’s helpful.
  12. Wondering what the experts would say a typical price range is for an early Sunburst in good condition, dot fretboard (unbound), all original. I suppose the finish might influence price if it’s uncommon or rare, so let’s say transparent with a nice figured top. Thanks for your thoughts.
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