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  1. $831 is also absurd... I don’t know how ticketmaster works. But I am curious and will ask Joe himself about this. To play devil’s advocate I wonder what say an Eric Clapton ticket costs or other such artists in a similar or same venue.
  2. Here are some simple numbers and facts for you to think about.... We have 28 people on the road, three trucks, four buses. Fuel and permits for said vehicles. Hotels for each person on many days, ( on back to back shows I sleep on the bus and shower backstage), flights to and from various states and countries. Work permits for international dates. Shipping gear all over the world with cargo companies so fans can see and hear the same show at the same level of quality. Full sound system and lighting rental. We rent all the venues ourselves, do all the advertising ourselves, and pay all the venue people ourselves. There is no advance money from a promotor or agents. There is also insurance so if we or a fan get injured things can be taken care of. There is no record company advance money. Everything is all in house, generated by 28 people working 200 plus days a year on the road. I haven’t even mentioned the office staff. That is another whole operation and expense. If you want to pay $10 then go down to the Dew Drop Inn and see the Johnny Fingers Blues Band dressed like they just got out of work playing their Squier Strat through a Peavey Classic amp. This is just to give you all some perspective on what goes on out here. I personally understand that some pricing may be out of reach for some people. This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, including the OP. This isn’t some magic rock star fantasy land you read about. it is so easy to sit behind a computer and rule the world with conjecture and vitriol. And if I ever sell my Hamers they will not be $350...
  3. I work with Joe, we do not charge $681 for a ticket. That is absurd.
  4. The bottom photo is his Mandocello. The top two pics are him playing what he calls the Mandar. Shorter scale more like a Mandola. Both need neck resets from sitting for years.
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