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  1. Hi Fellas! I'm in need of a case for my newly acquired 1983 Blitz bass. Thanks in advance!
  2. I GOT Lucky!!!!! I carefully used a Q tip and 3m rubbing compound and removed the overspray, saving the serial number!!!!!!!
  3. I Picked up a early 1980's Hamer Blitz bass today for DIRT Cheap...Its in bad shape...a lot of overspray. It was originally Black and it has Black overspray on the back.... The Idiot previous Owner sprayed over the serial number. I've managed to polish the overspray off with 3m Rubbing Compound and have revealed the serial number but I'm afraid of going further and permanent;y removing the serial number. Were the Inked Yellow Serial Numbers over or Under the clear coat????
  4. Did you think about my offer?

  5. Had a Nice transaction with Mike Hickey, the guy who sold me the case. I can't say enough nice things about him. Great guy to deal with, Very honest, no BULL $H!T. Great on time delivery!!!!!! Thanks Mike. God Bless!!!!
  6. Well...I DID finally hear back...Just like you said...the dude needed to recoup after a massive tour...cool... Case will be arriving shortly... Very cool guy to deal with....
  7. I had a line on a case from some cat here on the forum...He said he was out of town on a tour for a few weeks and would be returning August 24...Yesterday...Still waiting to hear....A simple text would be nice....
  8. Does anybody happen to have a Hamer Bass case laying around for my Standard 8 string bass???? I THINK a Blitz would work. Thanks
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