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  1. Sanding starting tomorrow (1/1/21). I bought 2 grades of sand paper 120 & 220 also 000 steel wool. Ordered Tru Oil for finish. It played so well, I didn't want to mess with the bridge or electronics (this is my first refinish). I'll post pics after sanding and before I start finishing. This is truly a labor of love. Happy New Year, Rock On!
  2. It is so far. The yellow paint used on this is really bad. It needs to be removed.
  3. It looks like it originally had a natural finish. Then, it looks like the body was refinished "professionally" to yellow. After that someone went over the whole thing with a spray can. It originally had a pick guard. There are little white dots where the screw holes were. This is my first refinish.
  4. Just beginning the project, but here are some pics. I'm thinking a natural finish once the yellow paint is removed. Are you happy now, Rodi ?
  5. I recently started removing the "regurgitated dandelion" paint from this bass. The wood underneath is gorgeous. This bass plays fantastically. Soon it will looks as good as it sounds.
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