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  1. Another Jol “I did it first” story. He’s tireless.
  2. When this thread started I noticed Precision offers a Fender scale LP kit. I've had some pretty major wood for a long scale LP since the custom shop did a short run back around 2014 but the prices they're going for on the used market are just more than I'd like to pay. I'm going through a full reimagining of my gear needs and have a LOT to get rid of before I reach a point of entertaining a project (if I ever do), but it's for sure at the top of my list.
  3. In my experience, adhesive spray does nothing without the mess. My whole world gets tacky when using that shit.
  4. Sounds like this is only a supply-chain issue. Once he's able to source more parts everything will be back to normal. Now we can all go back to waiting for August when we'll learn the secret behind the Lovepedal saga.
  5. Just as a bit of elaboration....I'm referring to all the "stats" stuff along the right margin as seen below. I just did a quick look around and it seems it's not there for any thread having two pages or less, but is on every thread with three or more pages. On the IPB Buddy app it's just a pull down beneath the first post on each page which I find less obtrusive. I can't be the only one that prefers content on my short and wide computer screen to be short and wide instead of tall and thin?
  6. Is there a way to disable the sidebar at the user level?
  7. Tell that to the 14yo me who was so excited to see The Alice Cooper Show LIVE and all I got was flushed with fashion.
  8. Schaller provides very detailed drawings of each available model on their site. Measure yours, find the match, place your order.
  9. SG's are my favorite rabbit hole. I was late to the party but after buying my first maybe ten years ago eight others showed up. It's Gibson's top-selling guitar for a reason.
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