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  1. Thought some here would enjoy shitting on this.
  2. I bought a guitar a couple years back that had Holmes pickups. That $2300 guitar became a $1750 guitar after selling those overpriced objects of TGP adoration and replacing them with the more reasonably priced objects of HFC adoration (Gravelin’s). Edited to add: I'm not sure how the OP guitar slipped by me, but @BadgerDave I'm standing by money in hand in the event you decide it's not for you.
  3. ^^ Video can't be viewed in the USA....thanks NFL.
  4. Dave's setup There have clearly been changes since this was written, but I'd imagine the basics remain the same.
  5. ...out of a group of notoriously cheap fucks.
  6. I have a great service experience from everyone I have contact with on my end. I'm on a first name basis with my UPS and FEDEX drivers and I can't recall a bad experience out of hundreds (thousands if we're counting more than guitars) that was their fault. I'd still feel I was getting a fair shake if I paid $20 more, so yeah, the price I pay is MORE than reasonable.
  7. For the record, there's a seller on Reverb - Musik-Butik - who sells Faber parts every day at prices lower than Faber's 20% sales. I've purchased two metric ABRM bridges from him and I don't see a single flaw so they appear to be 1st quality. Shipping is slow, but it's free economy from Germany.
  8. When you consider you're hiring someone to carry a box across the country and deliver it to a specific address for $50-$100, the cost is more than reasonable.
  9. This is a great suggestion and I have a policy with them as well, but when it comes to worry-free shipping and pain-free claims, I'll still pay Reverb's nominal protection fee and let them be my first line of defense should something go to shit in shipping.
  10. LPs for me. It's not that I don't get along with them, but that they sell faster than anything else when something else catches my eye.
  11. Reverb handles claims quickly and easily and their insurance combined with their shipping is probably close to half of what you'll find anywhere else. It's a no brainer. Reverb boxes? Nope. They fold them in half to ship. I throw away boxes when they fold.
  12. My black, bound, and boomered 4 digit will be listing soon. 3s, 5s, and 0s may feature prominently in the price, but I haven’t determined their order yet.
  13. Hell, I got a floyded four digit for less than $350 eightish years ago, but that was Craigslist. I also bought Brooks’ old beater Chap/Cent mutt here for $350 maybe six years ago.
  14. I don’t want to create work for you either, so if there’s no band or label website that’s selling it I’ll just use Amazon to keep things easy for all of us.
  15. That's about as good a review as one could ask for. Is there a preferred method to buy the CD (the one you net the most money)? I can grab it on Amazon but hate them getting the lions share.
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