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  1. A $150 MannMade sustain block is roughly $100 better than a $250 Hamer sustain block. They're the same specs.
  2. That’s why I like the teardrop cases I posted above for strats/teles. Who’s going to steal a viola?
  3. My Bakersfield came new in a standard TKL Tele case with no Larrivee branding. I bought a couple of these for some partscasters last year. They're relatively inexpensive yet sturdy. No stock right now though. Here's one of mine with my Bakersfield in it.
  4. LP Custom is one of a very small handful of guitars that should have one. You can tell because it doesn't look stupid.
  5. I just bought Ernie's Xotic Wah and it's great. Very easy and useful adjustments. I've also had a couple iterations of the Teese RMC and found them more satisfying to use/hear than Vox or Dunlop.
  6. Either version is worth the same 11 points in Scrabble
  7. I've built simple lantern style boxes using square (L and W) pieces of wood at the top and bottom with a dowel (H) in each corner and hung them from a standard swag-lamp hook and chain. Like this but way more simplistic.
  8. I've got a raw frankie-style body but it sounds like you're floyd opposed? eta: Oh, I also have a Squire strat. Full guitar in decent shape.
  9. You're not alone. I first read something about the Tiny Terror when looking for a low-watt option maybe a dozen years ago.
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