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  1. He’s also played for three-plus hours the last few times I’ve seen him. Easily one of the best deals going in live entertainment.
  2. You're confusing rednecks with crack (meth) whores
  3. Ha, I did briefly live in Oildale (North end of Bakersfield) and there was no shortage of shit kickin' there.
  4. Fair enough...Hemet and Ramona are right up there too...I was thinking coastal SoCal.
  5. Not if you can snag it during a 50% off sale.
  6. I think this does more to blow up your silly "redneck" stereotypes than anything else. I'm living in Mississippi these days and can confirm there is ignorance, but certainly no more than anywhere else I've lived and for sure less than Southern California which is about as far from redneck as one can be.
  7. Just for fun I'm going to take a few more whacks at the scale length horse. Roundabouts 3:27:00 you say it's 24.5" but then promptly contradict yourself saying it's 628mm, otherwise known as standard Gibson scale, or 24.75".
  8. As with any chain, it's very store dependent. I've purchased a half dozen used guitars online from various GC stores and they've all shown up in as good or better than described condition.
  9. I wouldn't consider it a collection, but somehow I ended up with about a dozen shovels. Intended collections include magazines and newspapers with covers of significant events, lots of sports cards from years ago, a very small collection of guns and several knives, old photographs, shoes, watches, and darts. More my wife than me, but I maintain a unusually large collection of dogs. I don't collect camera gear any more than I collect guitars, but I have excess.
  10. Can the store credit be used to buy a gift card as a way to extend your deadline?
  11. I’d sure love to see a group shot...with a copy of today’s newspaper. 😶
  12. I got my amp 11 a couple weeks back and haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. I’ll make that a priority once home next week and hopefully won’t have to find some creative method to be in touch with Sean.
  13. For the majority of your specified time period there were no Hamer branded pickups, only Dimarzio PAFs. Late in ‘82 they started using the Hamer branded, Dimarzio wound “slammer” pickups.
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