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  1. As mentioned earlier, the easy solution would be to create a wooden shim. If you go to the trouble of having something machined you may as well make a new base plate using thicker stock to keep it all one piece.
  2. I used to own an EVH Wolfgang with a neck that even after tightening the truss as far as it would turn had too much bow. The solution (I didn't do it) was to relax the truss and clamp the neck...kinda "resetting" it's memory? It worked, but I always expected it to eventually go wonky again.
  3. You can buy them here, but you'll pay more for shipping than you will for the picks. I'd reach out to Caparison on Reverb and ask them to list the POM No.23's you want. Last time around they went for $2 each though.
  4. This is from a sold listing on Reverb.
  5. I haven’t used a TIVO box for maybe 15 years but when I did their menu/gui became my bar. Nothing I’ve used since (DirecTV, Cox, U-Verse) comes close.
  6. Crap. I just realized sound comes out of the speaker in the screen notch on iPhone when playing this. It's no longer "cool as hell".
  7. That’s exactly what Hamer did initially when facing the same issue.
  8. I doubt I’m a customer but when the sound in the demo panned right to the side of my horizontally positioned phone that has no speaker it was cool as hell.
  9. The seller posted it here in September.
  10. No confusion here as this is exactly what I was alluding to. From Reverb's perspective, payments made using paypal are essentially using a 3rd party in that they don't do shit but "monitor." Same idea when the seller doesn't buy the shipping label/insurance through Reverb.
  11. It sounds like between you and the seller both choosing third parties for payment and shipping, you've inadvertently removed Reverb from the process. They have no control over Paypal payments and assuming it wasn't shipped using Reverb's shipping services they have no more recourse than you in dealing with UPS. Rather than email, I would give Reverb a call. It's a shit situation for sure, but one I'm sure we'll all learn something from. Does Reverb have something like eBay where you can request the sellers contact information? I would also print out anything you have that associates the purchase and tracking information and have a face to face with the folks at the UPS depot. They may not be able to tell you everything, but if they can see there was just a small discrepancy in the address they may be willing/able to help a little more? This provides no help in this case, but I almost always drop off and pick up at the depot which has allowed me to develop a casual rapport with the guy that works the counter. It's not always convenient but in my experience Mississippians will break all the rules for familiar faces.
  12. I have a Musikraft neck with the 57 V 86 96 profile that I believe is pretty close. It's not here at present but I should have it back within a couple weeks and I can do an in hand comparison then.
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