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  1. I actually do, usually. In this case though I think it's more a result of Dunning-Kruger than any real swagger.
  2. This is from their "International Shipping Guide" Take advantage of Reverb's discounted labels. If you are a seller based in the U.S. and shipping internationally, you can purchase a discounted Reverb shipping label via USPS, UPS or DHL. Labels are subject to availability based on the buyer's location. Maximum declared value of $2,500 USD. Reverb shipping labels are fast, easy to use, and offer the same great shipping protection as domestic labels.
  3. I ship packages several times a year to the Netherlands and to Sweden. The last fifteen months have been the worst (by a wide margin) in terms of travel time and tracking accuracy. One even made a U-turn in Amsterdam and came back to me. USPS had no idea. The whole system is wonky right now. I wouldn't ship anything of value overseas. Even CONUS USPS packages are taking some roundabout routes and doing a lot of back and forth between the same cities lately. I had a box shipped from San Diego to Southern Mississippi that made stops in Atlanta, Nashville, Atlanta, Nashville, and Atla
  4. What year is the Sunburst? If it's '81 or later it may have the narrow string spacing and the Mann saddles won't fit. **edited to add: Neither will the earlier Hamer saddles, for that matter.
  5. He had me at Mockingbird
  6. I believe Josh was toying with the idea but in the end came to the same conclusion as @tbonesullivan
  7. Fat stacks of dolla dolla bills y'all... But seriously, my most expensive is my Yaron Burst but it just looks like any other Les Paul.
  8. Really good price for a Cali Custom....apparently someone felt it was worth the risk.
  9. https://www.metalsucks.net/2017/10/22/jared-dines-got-scammed-on-that-17-string-guitar/
  10. Lots of great shows but Maiden in ‘83 stands out. Precision, precision, precision.
  11. Off the top of my head I don't know the answer to this, but different models and years had different pickup routing (swimming pool, HSH, SSS, etc).
  12. Other than the Satch models above, this is about as Easter as I can get. Pinkish guitar on a sonic blue amp.
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