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  1. Special in name only, completely different guitar. $1400 should get a great Special in great condition. That’s an unknown Special in fair condition.
  2. The V2 knob looks like it’s closer to V1 than it is to the tone knob. Is that a standard Standard “feature”? I’ve never measured it but I’ve thought that about one of Standards before too.
  3. cynic

    Shipping To A USPS PO Box

    If sent signature required the buyer will have to sign before picking the guitar up at the counter, which in my experience also requires photo ID.
  4. cynic

    1979 Hamer Sunburst Price Check

    If I were in the market for a Sunburst lacking it's most significant feature.....nevermind.
  5. cynic

    Hamer vs Gibson QC

    My biggest beef with Gibson USA over the last twenty years or so hasn't been quality control as much as their choice to use poor quality materials. The horrible color of the plastics (especially the neck binding), less than stellar wood selection, cheap import hardware, sticky/plastic feeling finishes, and non-locking strap buttons. The main QC issues I've seen are a non-adherence to published specs and general set-up issues. I did own a Hamer I felt was pretty turdish, but it was the lone exception among many.
  6. Creating rules simply for the sake of having rules is silly. Rules create work. Rules require consequences. There are multiple posts here each day that would likely violate any reasonable list of rules. I appreciate the latitude given here that allows us to express real feelings without fear of reprimand in the form of some rehash of lessons we were taught as children.
  7. cynic

    Sitting In

    Nah...I just did a quick bit of sleuthing and thought I'd bust your balls a little
  8. cynic

    Sitting In

    HA!! Was that you at The Library??? That was HILARIOUS!!
  9. Real talk, she looks and sounds as good now as she did in 1969.
  10. There is a pinned "guidelines" thread (sometimes called a sticky, in case that's the term used in your admin tenure) in each of the forums that stipulate what should or shouldn't be posted
  11. "What it is" never changes, the reaction to it depends on the woman (or man).
  12. Agreed, and good on him for recognizing it for what it is.
  13. cynic

    Hamer-like pots

    Searching for “Hamer pot” on Reverb will get you there. Let Big Sammy take care of you.
  14. Looks to me like a case of a seller taking unflattering photos of a highly figured top.
  15. There sure are a lot of members here who stand while playing guitar.