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  1. A little info here. Sounds like they were made pre-Google, but searching now for anything with "chunky" and "amplifier" just gives you tools for the brotalz.
  2. Those fingers have prostate massage written all over them.
  3. Okay, I'll say it. The one who smelt it, dealt it. I wonder what the OP's Venmo is?
  4. Any sentence with "Hamer" and "must have" in it also needs "sustain block". 1. Sustain Block Special 2. Talladega 3. Sustain Block Artist That's it. I've only got three.
  5. I'm sticking with it not being legit, but it was a $200 Craigslist ad that led to my landing #0227 maybe ten years ago. But, as others have pointed out, my seller was in Prescott, AZ with limited local resources, not Austin. My seller did take it to a guitar store and got a HORRIBLE appraisal which is how he arrived at the $200 asking price.
  6. Fishing for offers, and whether they were or not their inbox is filling up with offers from guys here looking to still get a good deal while paying just a little bit more than the others.
  7. That has the look of a fishing expedition
  8. There are literally pictures of Ed (rip) on the page. Everything there appears to be lifted directly from the Ed Roman (rip) page. They didn't even bother changing the text. They're doing to Ed (rip) what Ed (rip) did to legit businesses. Ed (rip), what a twat.
  9. Here's a pretty cool pair that I really hadn't planned to sell but mama wants new kayaks and these don't float. Funny observation: I've sold 30ish guitars over the last twelve months which accounted for about half of my stash. The fewer I own, the fewer I feel like I need. I also finally got to a number that I could hang and view simultaneously. It looked ridiculous and helped me realize I owned a lot of guitars that just didn't really fit my style. Sadly, these do fit but I just don't need them so I'm saying au revoir to two of my three remaining Hamers. **EDITED TO ADD: I'll be on the road Sat, Sun, and Mon. I'll check for messages a couple times a day, but nothing ships "Til Tuesday. 2005 P90 Duotone Custom (ordered and formerly owned by @Camstone and sold last year here) Not one to leave well enough alone, I sent it to @Jeff R to have nickel parts replace the gold and to have a set of Fralin noiseless P90 pickups installed in place of the Lollar mini-hums. Initially the pickups had nickel covers but it took away too much from the aesthetic and when combined with the first fret marker it was just too hard to look at. They're cream now. I'm strictly play at home (hell, during the fourteen months I've owned it I guess we all were, eh?) so it's essentially in the same material condition as the day I received it aside from one oops along the edge of the rear cavity cover. Close up photos make it look 10x worse than it is, but I can provide if you like. It was professionally touched up and unless you're looking for it you probably wouldn't notice it. Condition is very good with some mild wear from play. There is a hint of scratchiness when switching from the middle position to the acoustic position when using the stereo jack. It's only there in the instant you swtich and since I was never bothered by it I never bothered with it. Ships in OHSC that shows a bit of wear but functions perfectly. $OLD net to me includes shipping in the lower 48. 2007 Talladega I also got this one here somewhere around 7 or 8 years back? Could use a fret polish but other than that condition is very good with only a few light blems here and there. Pickups are WB Gregwinds that are wired into a 5-way super-switch. Switching is 1) B 2) B+N inner coils 3) B+N 4) B+N outer coils 5) N. The single coil positions have a resistor inline so rather than the 500k pots seen by position 1, 3, & 5, they only see 250k. If I'm being honest it's an over complicated mess and I primarily use 1, 3, &5 for the traditional dual hum sounds. This is the last of my Talladegas and my favorite of the three I owned. It will ship in OHSC along with the original Duncan Double "D" pickups. $OLD net to me includes shipping in the lower 48.
  10. No way! If someone steals my identity here there's a chance I could become interesting.
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