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  1. The iPhone, iPad, and watch make up nearly 70% of their revenue. The bulk of the innovation seen in Mac OS unless something changes will be to make it more supportive of iOS features and functionality.
  2. Precisely the reason he couldn’t be welcomed back into the band. He knows where all the buttons are and each brother having to deal with the other is a big enough job without the guy who has a full accounting of all the bad blood spilled among them.
  3. Oh hell....there's an Amp 11 people here are going to be fighting over.
  4. It's not quite that simple, but this link describes how to do it from either Music or from the Disc Utility. I agree this is something that's been more difficult than it needs to be for far too long.
  5. You have Music now? Same same.
  6. Create a playlist in iTunes/Music, burn playlist to disc. Edited to add this link that provides basic directions.
  7. I think it's awesome, but I used to play a pretty mean air-guitar myself.
  8. Once Ed died, I went ‘F— it, this band is never going to happen again,’ at least the real band,” he said. “Chris and Rich may play — in fact, I’m quite certain they will play sooner than later as the Black Crowes — but it’s not going to be a band or the band. I’m not going to be there. It’s just going to be a f—ing joke. ~ Steve Gorman
  9. I don't understand this sentiment. Gorman is really the only long-standing member that isn't a part of this, but I don't think he was ever credited with writing a note of music or a single lyric. The rest of the band has been a revolving door feel for years. In my mind the Crowes have always been a Chris/Rich collaboration.
  10. Got caught up in the excitement after hearing them on Stern this morning. If they're still around, I'll be seeing them in June.
  11. I can't shake my piggy bank and type at the same time either.
  12. I haven't seen a shift in Reverb policy or how it's enforced since the purchase.
  13. Am I just being dense? This line appears to concede that this was an "item not as described". Similar to Hameritis, those cracks may be common but they're not desirable. Maybe the seller was less than honorable but everything seems to have unfolded separate from his intentions.
  14. LOVE the headstock! I'll be back to this thread to gush over my Seventy Sevens.
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