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  1. Well said and agree 100%. Please convey my condolences when you talk to Sue.
  2. hikarateboy


    I was told Bloozguy (Ray Egan) passed away September 2nd. I suspect it was due to the cancer he had been fighting for the last couple years. He was a long time HFCer and regular at the 4321 jams. If you ever attended one, you likely met him. He was also a lover and trader of fine guitars, often showing up at the jams with his latest catch which he would graciously allow others to enjoy as well. Glad to have met you and spend time with you Ray. your friend Ted Martin
  3. its mainly for sign up acknowledgements, system messages, etc.
  4. Trying to clean some stuff up and ensure that the server is trusted as an email sender so making some changes. This may cause emails from the system to fail but will hopefully resolve as caching from ISPs expires. let me know if you see any issues past the next 4-8 hours.
  5. Have gotten some additional feedback and I'm calling this fixed... thank god.
  6. Please let me know if you have better luck now. WP plugin on site for music non profit I chair was hogging resources and blocking so I disabled and emptied cache. Fingers crossed
  7. yeah the plot thickens apparently invision is blaming the fact that the host is running lightspeed versus apache. Bottom line ticket in to host with details. Fingers crossed it will be soon. This has definitely not been straight forward and frankly has kinda sucked.
  8. hang in there. It might be a bumpy ride here as all the suggested fixes have had no effect so spit balling a bit here.
  9. Some members are still being plagued by error 6 on upload. So far I haven't had much luck getting an answer out of invision so working with host to see if there are new rules effecting environment and prohibiting uploads. Ticket is open and will keep you posted.
  10. Updated. Please test. There have been quite a few issue in the last few releases and I am hoping that this addresses at least a few of them. The release notes are quite long: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ Fingers crossed. your friend Ted
  11. There is a new maintenance update available I'm going to see if that fixes it. Will update when complete.
  12. Sorry just got back from visiting folks in Tucson but I am working on it with IPB support but so far all of there suggestions have not worked. One of the difficulties is that its not behaving the same for all That said I did just update the way files are stored so please try again to see if that helps.
  13. So I just finished watching The Dirt. Being in high school at the time I bought Shout at the Devil. I knew nothing of the music but the image seemed in my wheel house as a metal kid. I enjoyed them but they didnt really last as a fav for me. I just watched and have to say its probably one of the worst bio pics ever but they did get one thing right, Mick with a tiger striped Blitz. Not going to even mention the Epiphone Les Paul custom circa 82?, oops I guess I just did. Bottom line I felt it was real hack job. Online is really pushing for content and apparently anything with a budget gets picked up. Maybe I am being to harsh. thoughts from you guys?
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