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  1. Seems like the toasters are quite rare versus the high gains. I trust your recommnedation and that is what I am going to look for but I'd hate to have to swap out pickups immediately. I like the look of the 360 better but listened to the dirty knobs a bit recently and Mike Campbell. So a 330 is still in the running. I think I could be happy with either.
  2. If you guys do this definately give us the files and we will add a player for it to the site just like the ones kiz posted above.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I think I am convinced I need to give it a shot. Whats the worst that can happen? I dont like it and have to sell it. Never had that happen. Still as toss up between 330 or 360. I expect the 360 would be more comfortable but will likely be which I find for the right price. The market is crazy these days. I realized there were pickup options, havent thought about it now I need to go down that rabbit hole. Any concerns around years? Not interested in vintage for vintage sake but one to avoid and periods that have a bad rep
  4. Which did you prefer? Any real difference between the two sound wise?
  5. I pretty much have all the Hamer bases covered along with the Strat and tele things and I think I am close to having all I really need. I know no one will believe but feeling pretty happy with the collection. Maybe I need a V, and a... The one thing that I've never had is a Rick, I've only played a handful of times mostly unamplified and I know that the necks are skinny and weird but a good chunk of my favorite music has them all over it. Interested in a 6 string not a 12. Talk me into or out of it.
  6. not sure I can help with that as I have no way to test with out devices running those version but I will look to see if there is a support case around it.
  7. I'll look thru settings but if anything like finding how to enable to user specific theme switching it may not be readily apparent. Will let you know what I see.
  8. I had to set it to default to give you the option to change it to light.
  9. So, documentation around this board, as much as I love it, is not awesome. I created a tester id and I think I found the answer. Im gonna have to post on their support boards as it was very obtuse solution. you should now all see themes drop down at bottom and be able to select which works for you. Let me know if your mileage varies.
  10. At the very bottom of the screen do you not see the theme drop down like image below?
  11. I've also added Rechts custom emoticons for everyone's use:
  12. In this case it was change to get up with the latest code base and to avoid vulnerabilities. I added and set a dark theme to default. For anyone who prefers the light theme scroll to the bottom and select default in the Theme drop down.
  13. I just took the defaults when I ran the upgrade. You like this or no?
  14. Hey All, I've just updated the board software and there are supposedly a number of changes and new features. Let me know if you notice any issues or new hotness.
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