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  1. A quick public service announcement I bought this 7 guitar stand and expected it to suck and it is AWESOME and only $20 less than $25 with shipping and tax. Larger than most supposed 7 guitar stands to the point that you could say 7 acoustic guitar stand, but I like the space to avoid the banging. So happy I bought a second one. If youre in the market take a look, recommended. https://www.ebay.com/itm/272349059533
  2. hikarateboy

    Sorry about that

    Who would have thought when this place started over 20 years ago, that so many true friendships would be formed between people all over the world as result of their love for Hamer Guitars. Amazing. The reason the HFC is different from every other board that came along after is the people, and the HFC has the best. Thanks guys, Glad you enjoy the community, its very much appreciated. Lets not forget to give credit to Chris Matthes and our tireless Mods that keep this place in line day in and day out. They are the real heros.
  3. hikarateboy

    Sorry about that

    While trying to force site over to secure https I ran into a conflict with my hosts config and it took WAY longer than I would have liked. Sorry about being down for so long but we are back and NOW fully secure!
  4. Hi Gang, I posted my '82 Prototype on Reverb but wanted to give the people a heads up here as I would prefer to sell to one of us. I'm willing to entertain offers from the faithful. ts a great guitar and it still featured on my facebook profile pic but I never play it these days so letting it go. Here's the info from Reverb: 1982 Prototype - Previously sunburst and refinished by Hamer in early 2000's. Personally wired by Jol Danzig after refin. Jol felt original humbucker was in bad shape and replaced with Hamer humbucker of same vintage, albeit black. Full disclosure. This is a refin with original serial number replaced by Hamer. The story I first saw the guitar in it natural sunburst state while hanging in Minneapolis music store. Went back to purchase week later and it was gone. Next time I saw it someone had added a 5 way switch above control cavity. 😪 To bring guitar back to original configuration, the top was routed over the control cavity and a mahogany plate was inserted, control holes were drilled to original spec, and refinished with serial number reapplied and wired by Hamer. See included pictures of guitar in Hamer paint booth during Oct 2000 HFC tour. ** There is a missing piece of the red hued transparent poly that popped off when putting guitar in rack. (pic included) there is no damage to the guitar. https://rvrb.io/1982-prototype-ymp1tu
  5. My understanding is the original shop that made them and was next store to Arlington Heights factory recently (within last few years) said they still have the drawings and could make them but I think the investment to do a run far exceeds one or two pieces but you never know. For someone really interested it might be worth a call.
  6. hikarateboy

    Frozen Jam: Saturday, Feb. 24

    The weather outside was frightful but didn't stop what is always a good time. The sheer amount of Shishkov presence what off the hook and I got to play two Double Cuts for my first time ever during the jam that evening. Probably a bad idea, the hook is in. Back at you Kiz, having known and talked to you for hours over the phone and online over the years I felt like I already knew you. Last night confirmed that I do. Was great to finally get some face time. You are an upstanding young man and I am proud to call you a friend. That said. These things happen often so any out of towners tempted to come in for one if the future I only have these words of advice, DO IT. You'll NEVER find a more accepting encouraging and gracious bunch of players. Take it from me, I'm not much of a jammer and no matter how bad I suck they always laugh with and not at me while continuing to encourage me to keep going. I guess I never thought about it and perhaps they are just sadists as well as masochists. HA! Bruce. My life is better and fuller because of what you started.
  7. hikarateboy


  8. hikarateboy

    Condolences to Ken's Family

    Absolutely love this. I am a big Zappa and Ken fan. I was just looking at this anchored post today wonder if it had been long enough and I should unpin it. apparently not.
  9. hikarateboy

    Show us your new Shishkov thread!

    I havent plugged it in yet but I can say this is the best guitar I have ever owned! The WHOLE guitar resonates even when just hitting a single string. It almost like its alive but it really isn't which is good because that would be freaky. The ebony board feels great and notice the truss rod cover. Nice touch. I am more than happy with non bound headstock. I didn't know if my conversation with mike about the neck profile translated but he nailed it. I wanted one similar to a vintage Hamer and I got it. I agree it may be wider like chris mentioned but it feels good. This short post will have to do for now as I need to spend some time with this.
  10. I was told by Mike that a post of mine from a recent thread was spot on and he asked that I pin it at the top to serve as a guideline for discussing ideas and future orders. I've edited it slightly to give context outside the thread. Please keep it in mind when posting. Hamer model names are a language we all understand so its quick and easy to use them when discussing an idea for a potential Shishkov order. I completely understand why people do it. Please remember when discussing that Mike is NOT making new Hamers, although one can understand the confusion when people see how much the Ultimate design was inspired by a Standard. It's important to note that while they share some similarities, they are different guitars. The biggest concerns comes from when someone says something like "how much will Mike charge to build a Watson". Mike is definitely not in business to build Hamer replicas but statements like that might lead someone to believe that he is. Will Mike build people guitars inspired by a Watson or one of their favorite models just as was done with the ultimates? The answer is yes, but these new models will also be different guitars just as the Ultimates are. Let's not forget that Mike has some ideas for things none of us has even seen yet so there maybe something on the horizons even better than that Talladega styled guitar you were thinking about. Lastly, There WILL NOT be another run of Ultimates available at a special price, but they can be ordered on an individual basis. Expect pricing to be reasonable but relative to a regular custom order from Mike. The initial run was a way of financing Mike's new venture (ala kickstarter) as well as thanking those that believed enough to put money down up front.
  11. hikarateboy

    This Place RULZ!!!!!!

    Know what that means. Time for another run. Can you get on a new design for this one
  12. hmmm, I suspect you are referring to one that will be come one of his signature models. He's only made a few of those for non rockstars. if I am on the right track, the answer to that will be an absolute yes! ;-)
  13. I want to chime in and say that "asking questions" is the purpose of this forum so all is good. I would say a question like "will Mike make me a Duotone?" will get the same answer as "will Mike make me a "Les Paul?". No. If you ask for a double cut acoustic electric guitar with a piezo and a couple humbuckers the answer would probably be different. Bottom line though is Mike is making Shishkov's, and while there may be some similarities between what people order and what Mike used to build they will still be Shishkov's and not direct Hamer copies or law suit specials. Then again who I am I to speak for Mike, although I'm pretty sure he would agree. He loves the stuff he built and helped design so will not be surprised if their influence appears very strongly in his work. The most exciting thing in all this I think will be the guitars that he and his customers come up with that no one including mike have ever seen before. Ionel, if there is one thing I am sure of, YOU are just the man for that Job. I can't wait to see what you two come up with.
  14. As Mike had been a Master Luthier at Hamer for years it only made sense that the HFC would support the next step in his journey after the decision to cease productions of Hamer Guitars was made. As anyone can expect starting a new business is a lot of work. Mike has gone from simply worrying about every aspect of building guitars to every aspect of creating an entire company. He and his wife Trish now have to cover every aspect of their own guitars company, Purchasing, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Janitorial and Customer Service. I havent even mentioned that Trish has a day job of her own. The big idea here is that not only is this board meant for discussion of Shishkov guitars between HFCers, but as place for Mike and Trish to communicate with those interested in Shishkov Guitars.
  15. hikarateboy

    Introducing Shishkov Guitars, USA

    One thing people are assuming here is that the price on a similarly spec'd custom ordered guitar from Mike is going to be so much more that its no longer attractive. I am pretty sure that Mike is committed to keeping the prices reasonable. The special order was just beyond reasonable. Keep the faith.