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    Two Hamer Steve Stevens, two Hamer explorers, 1 Hamer Chaparral
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    Fender Vibro King, Hi Watt 50w head w/ 2x12 cab, 1965 Fender Princeton, 65 amps London, Black Cat Panther, various other Fender amps
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  1. Oh, my bad. $1400 for the Panther and $1300 for the London. $500 for the 65 Amps 2x12 Cab
  2. Crap, the sound doesn't work on the youtube above, here's another one. Me in the left speaker, John Shanks on the right. (he overdubbed some stuff to sweeten the mix for the DVD release)
  3. Here's what the London sounds like....I had more fun in this band than any other.....Keyboard player, drummer, and I tried to have as much fun as humanly possible out on the road.
  4. Anyone out there interested in a Bad Cat Panther head or 65 Amp London head? If so I will put up some pics and prices. I also have the 2x12 cab for the London, and they're not standard black, they're green!
  5. Kenny is a friend of mine, what an incredible player.
  6. Hey guys, I know about Reverb and Ebay, but does anyone know of any other sites ( music stores, etc) where I can look for Hamers? My buddy really wants to find a Steve Stevens 1 or 2. Just wondering if anybody has a hidden gem of a music store that sees Hamers come through for sale....Thanks y'all
  7. Thanks man, it's been a good run so far. Covid has sure put a dent in it though...
  8. Daddy O is my dad. He's painted mostly cars his whole life but he's retired now and needed a project. My Hamer had been sitting in my closet for the last 20 years in disrepair. I never really thought I needed it since I was playing for mostly country music artists. I ended up working for Peter Cetera for the last 5 years and now Big and Rich, and Cetera's gig made me realize I was missing that 80's hot rod of a guitar in my arsenal. The Floyd was shot, I pilfered the pickups for other guitars, etc. Ever since I put it back together it's pretty much the only guitar I play. Got tired of fig
  9. It's painted to look like a wood finish, those are knot holes.
  10. Lol. finally figured out how to post a higher res photo. Newbie...
  11. What do Y'all think? So glad to have this guitar back in form. It rocks!
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