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  1. Good music can still be found but it seems I have to look a lot harder for it. As for the music of the late 60’s through the early 70’s, well there’s a damn good reason why they call it Classic Rock.
  2. The guy is seriously having a bad year. That seems to be the way things tend to go once you hit your sixties and beyond. Everything is fine until it isn’t.
  3. Well Metal has morphed too. I was around in the 60’s and 70’s and bands like Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer, Deep Purple were referred on occasion as metal but more often as hard or heavy rock.
  4. I’ll second that about some really good rock coming out of Scandinavia. And not just death metal. The Carburetors and Chrome Division are very good
  5. A buddy had a Carvin bass and swears by them. Same with his Carvin bass amps.
  6. I think Phil Cambell’s latest Old Lions still Roar is very good. He uses a bunch of guest vocalists. Worth a listen.
  7. I’m not sure exactly when they started playing Hamer guitars but I know for a fact that when they toured promoting their first album I saw them in a small venue opening for the Scorpions. They all had Hamers that night. But that was because a local guitar store, The House of Guitars in Rochester Ny, loaned them their equipment for the show because their equipment truck broke down and didn’t make it for the show. Maybe before that they played Hamers or maybe I got to see them using Hamers for the first time ? That would be cool. The only other time I saw Hamers that early in person was with the band Crack the Sky. They frequently were a opening act for a lot of bands at that time.
  8. If remember right, Alice did a commercial for Marriott or Holiday Inn a few years back that was very tongue in cheek. Along the lines of use to trash hotel rooms to doing commercials for them.
  9. I expect a lot more bands will be looking to do commercials. It’s not like any of them will be hitting the road anytime soon. A gig is a gig.
  10. Really enjoyed that. Gibbons makes guitar playing look so damn easy. Just a real cool laidback dude with a guitar.
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