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  1. He always makes it look so damn easy. And that drives me insane. In a good way.
  2. Been listening to them for a long time too. Full on AC/DC vibe. Might have something to do with being from Australia.
  3. I saw Blackfoot a few times and they were outstanding. The first time they opened for Roxy Music. Probably the most opposite two bands could be. I still remember the stunned reaction from the crowd. The second time Rick broke into a extended solo and he was truly in the zone. After a bit the crowd just started clapping and yelling their appreciation at the solo and he was startled by it. Like he was woken from a deep sleep. He was lost in the moment.
  4. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s you had a pretty good selection of hard rock bands from western NY that had personnel that went on to bigger things. Tallas out of Buffalo. Elf and then the Rods from the Syracuse area and Black Sheep with Lou Graham out of Rochester. Pretty good chance of seeing any one of those bands at least once a month.
  5. I still blast that song when it comes on.
  6. When I first bought a guitar it was slim pickings finding a lefty. Then I thought will it matter if the guitar instructor is right handed because finding a left handed instructor is probably rarer than getting a left handed guitar so I bought a righty. I sign up for lessons an in comes my instructor. A lefty with a left handed guitar. Go figure.
  7. You forgot to put me on that list. A. Lefty that plays right.
  8. I saw them on a triple bill along with Clutch and Mastodon in Portland Maine a couple of years back. I worked security for a couple of venues in Portland and I was with him as he signed some merchandise after the show. He was surprised when I mentioned to him that he played guitar right handed but wrote with his left hand. He said nobody ever picks that up.
  9. First saw them as the opening act on a triple bill with Thin Lizzy and Blue Oyster Cult. Paid a whopping $6.50 for the ticket. A memorable concert to say the least.
  10. Pepper Keenan I believe. Meet him once. Very approachable.
  11. Very good song. It would have sounded good back in 76 too. I admire CT. 40 some years later they still are road dogs and put out new material on a fairly regular basis just because they want to and they don’t drift too far from their origins. Throw Deep Purple and Cooper into that category too.
  12. Huge Doll fan from the beginning. Just wore those first two albums out.
  13. My top dessert island or long jail sentence albums in no particular order. Montrose first one. Rush first one. Deep Purple Smoke on the Water. Alice Coopers Love it to Death and Killer. Blue Oyster Cult first one. ZZ Top Tres Hombres.
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