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  1. They wouldn’t be playing rock. They would be turned into some flavor of the month boy band incorporating dance moves into their music.
  2. Checkerboard era Specials are my favorite. Attitude with the balls to back it up.
  3. I understand the BCR and the Sweet comparisons but for the record, Sweet could kick their ass all day long.
  4. I had Hot Tuna’s Yellow Fever album back in the day. Very electric and a fantastic release that I still love to hear.
  5. As someone who was active on the concert scene at that time, I seriously doubt that too many headlining bands were afraid of them. I on the other hand when hearing about a band I wanted to see was very afraid that Angel might be the opening act. Them or Gentile Giant. Totally different type of band that was a big opening act for a lot of bands back in the day. They had a following but not my thing.
  6. Saw them a couple of times as a opening act for bands I wanted to see. A painful 45 minutes both times.
  7. The only thing I miss about vinyl is the large cover art. Sometimes they even came with posters inside, which went up on my bedroom walls to the chagrin of my parents. Couldn’t do that with cd’s and it won’t be happening with digital downloads. But I certainly don’t miss getting up every 15 minutes or so to flip the damn record over. Or trying to skip a song I didn’t like by moving the needle. These days it’s Spotify or Pandora with my thousand plus song favorites and radio stations all with a keyboard stroke. And I’m ok with that.
  8. For me, they had the most mojo of any era.
  9. Just so you know Kevin, you should stick around. Your insight into all things Guitars and music would be much appreciated and respected. I absolutely suck at playing and have zero experience or knowledge of the music business but that hasn’t stopped me from running my mouth on the subject. Heck, some times HFC members even give me a thumbs up on my comments. 😀
  10. Hyundai best bang for the buck. Last forever. I played one MIK Hamer and really liked it.
  11. Use your name in the bands name. The Rugby1970 group. They will get the message.
  12. Been a huge fan since the beginning. And I did see Alice 30 years ago. And I saw him 44 years ago to. And the weirdest thing is he’s still as good as ever. Full speed ahead, take no prisoners and play it loud and play it like you mean it. There is absolutely no nostalgia to his show. The guy could make a living just by walking down to his mailbox to pick up his royalty checks but instead does anywhere from 75 to 90 shows a year, every year with his own band and another dozen or so shows with the Vampires on multiple continents. Pretty good for a guy who was on everybody’s dead pool list in the late 70’s and early 80’s. His band is top shelf. Roxie has been there for the most part 18 years or so. Garric has about 15 years and the drummer has about 8 years in. A well oiled machine.
  13. Great guitars. They had a beautiful finish on every guitar they made. When a spotlight hit those with the sparkle finish it looked like a disco ball. The Roxie SS was my favorite. They were expensive and I’m sure money had to do with why they went out of business.
  14. I might add I’m accustomed to indoor plumbing over port a potties and prefer a ceiling over me to avoid sunburning my increasingly balding head but once the sunsets I’m prone to chills.
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