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  1. She just passed about 10 day ago. Talk about a interesting life.
  2. That interview with her was fantastic. Thanks for posting that gem.
  3. Non lucid and incoherent and likes to nude it up at the drop of a hat ?? I might have briefly dated her.
  4. Seems to me that brick and motor stores are barely surviving as it is selling to a diverse population the things they actually need. Selling musical equipment to a select group of the population using their discretionary funds in a time of large unemployment during a continuing and steepening pandemic seems to be a shaky business proposition. Certainly not a operation that I would use my own money to invest in.
  5. I will send them a email and tell them I’m all in for $350.
  6. I’m not sure how old you are but as someone who is in their 60’s the explanation is everything is fine and dandy until it isn’t. Very little middle ground. Something goes wrong now it involves doctors, testing, long term prescriptions, more testing and serious life changing habits. If you’re lucky. Otherwise it’s a ambulance ride to the ER with someone juicing up the paddles and someone else getting your IV ready asking who your next of kin is.
  7. Well I have a funeral to attend tomorrow. Does that count ? 😉
  8. I’m in my mid sixties and when I stop to think about it I believe I know more dead people than live ones.
  9. Thinner neck on most but that was never a problem for me. Bottom line is that they are a rock machine with tons of mojo. Especially the ones with the checkerboard headstock.
  10. That’s my buddy’s 4 digit and he still has it and it’s in about the same condition as in the photo. That San Dimas Charvel is his too and it’s his favorite player. The 4 digit sits in the case under the bed. He does talk about selling it every now and then.
  11. That was taken from my buddies house who lived on a farm. We actually got a phone call from a neighbor way down the road who said the noise was freaking out his cows. True story.
  12. Shame I never had the talent to match my taste.
  13. True that. A new wave punk feel with songs like Clones, Model Citizen and Aspirin Damage to the hard rock of Grim Facts and the true gem of the album, Pain.
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