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  1. I am always amazed at the sheer speed of his drumming. Rare instance of a combination of speed and class coming together. Still my favorite drummer is Sandy Nelson. His drumming is more rock based. He could grab onto a grove and hold it all the way to the end. Give a listen to his Drums- For Drummers Only. 13 minutes of greatness. The other amazing thing is that both Rich and Nelson used small drum sets. Maybe a 5 piece as compared to some of the massive sets I have seen at concerts.
  2. Well I’ll give Dave creed for at least keeping his shirt on in these videos.
  3. But I think he’s going to do a major run as opening act for Kiss. Can’t believe that Gene or Paul would be happy if they saw these videos. Maybe Dave can clean things up by then but his voice seems really shot and those dance moves are right out of some weekend nursing home class. I hate to rag on the guy as I am fully aware and appreciate the VH impact on rock music. No need to tarnish the reputation. It’s like watching Willie Mays flopping around the outfield with the Mets after he left Frisco or Joe Namath last days in football with the Rams.
  4. Kilroy tour sucked. Saving grace for me was the Joe Perry Project was the opening act. I lasted about 3 songs of Styx and left.
  5. Yeah, like somewhere out of city limits.
  6. Yup. Seriously bad. That’s the kind of video that drives a stake into your career. Can’t imagine it helping ticket sales either.
  7. I’ve heard drunks on karaoke nights do that song better.
  8. Just watched a 8 minute YouTube video of Dance the Night Away from DLR on his opening show from yesterday. Sweet Jesus. That Angel video is a masterpiece compared to Roth. If that one song is a representation of his whole show he’s in big trouble. If Kiss saw it I’d bet they are rethinking that opening slot thing.
  9. Had the misfortune of seeing them twice. They were a opening act for who I actually wanted to see. And I have to respectfully disagree that their music was good for any time period. Much better off seeing Starz or Sweet around that time period.
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