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  1. To me he’s the definition of under appreciated. His talent far exceeded his popularity. He’s definitely appreciated in music circles and guitar forums, but unknown by the majority of listeners. And when your music is well known but you are not, that sort of confirms it.
  2. Mike played with Iron Butterfly later on. And Cactus, Ramatam, some solo stuff and a few years with Alice Cooper. If you have that Blues Image album with Ride Captain Ride, you know the album version has about a extra minute at the end with a extended guitar solo that is great. It always gets cut from the radio version and just torques me out. He also sang lead on that song. Very under appreciated talent.
  3. I think Queensryche is a better band. The singer is excellent and doesn’t bring any drama with him.
  4. Mike Pinera. Played with a lot of bands. Andrew Duck McDonald. Later years of Blue Cheer. Very heavy stuff.
  5. I had Iggy Pop’s Instinct album and Steve played guitar on it. Really good album with great rock rhythm guitar.
  6. Judging by that one song it seems like they lost some of their aggression and attitude.
  7. Does look better in some pictures these days. I just can’t get the images out of my head when he did the talk show tour of Strummin with the Devil. Came off as a old guy trying to make money off past glories in the cheesiest manner possible.
  8. After watching that video it’s lucky for Dave that he’s well off financially. Otherwise he’d be medicated in a state facility.
  9. Well after seeing the picture of Jim Dandy and the video, I’m out the door headed to the gym. Fear is a good a motivator as anything.
  10. DLR did not age well. Nor did Eddie. I’m not taking just looks either although DLR is on his way to resembling Jim Dandy. If you look up a recent photo of him just brace yourself.
  11. This question has me stumped. This century seems short on guitar hero’s compared to the previous century. But rock is not at the forefront anymore. I’m aware of good bands with good players but the star tag might not apply. The hero’s seem to be holdovers from the previous century. So I’ll default to Nita Strauss. Makes the guitar mags, shows up at non music events like WWF matches, does the radio blog quest frequently and slings a mean guitar for Alice.
  12. They wouldn’t be playing rock. They would be turned into some flavor of the month boy band incorporating dance moves into their music.
  13. Checkerboard era Specials are my favorite. Attitude with the balls to back it up.
  14. I understand the BCR and the Sweet comparisons but for the record, Sweet could kick their ass all day long.
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