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  1. For what it's worth, the Eminence Legend 10" in a Subway Rocket Reverb is the spellcaster that keeps me from selling that little amp. Very nice voice.
  2. Was that when Danny Weiss took up guitar duties circa '74?
  3. This image makes me laugh because it keys into a Gordon Ramsey cooing episode I saw. Ramsey's mission was to help a British ex-pat family in France adopt French food shopping and cooking lifestyles. The lady of the house opened her larder cabinet to show Ramsey row upon row of canned pork and beans. Ramsey took her straightaway shopping at a fresh market.
  4. Those metal fret masks are the bomb. What @JGravelin said about the poly repair, with added note that once it's thoroughly dried, you can level and blend by wet sanding with fine to really-fine grits using a small backing block. Stew-Mac has videos covering finish repairs.
  5. FWIW, it's a Switchcraft 3-way for a Rickenbacker - longer threaded shaft, longer knob, such as the one here. Same style as used in my Studio. Consider @Dave Scepter's advice. My '93 Studio's switch was noisy; a squirt of Deoxit on each contact pair, and drawing a strip of bond paper through the closed contacts, fixed it.
  6. If you want to preserve tone, you gotta use hot hide glue. None of that cold-hide-glue-in-a-squeeze-bottle stuff. Get yourself a tin of glue flakes, a glue pot, a bottle of water, and a flux brush, and then do it up right. Seriously, the advice on silicone cement is good. Or ask Dr. Z what he uses.
  7. I will take your guitars off your hands for actual shipping costs. You're welcome.
  8. Another string breaks. Rest in peace, KTB. Peace be with you and family, Rocktuna.
  9. Not top hit satirical songs, but top-drawer musical satire. The gist of the parody arrives at the end. My absolute favorite as a kid, and still my favorite: Leopold!
  10. Fullest stack I've enjoyed so far is: My musical life has kept itself to 1x12s and 2x12 that were (are) still loud as all hell.
  11. And that's a photo worthy of an album cover or liner. Congrats on getting your gits Gravelinized.
  12. No true duplicates in the Menehune Hut. Some duplicate guitar body shapes, but all different neck carves and pickups. More so with amps - no duplicates, and each chosen for uniqueness in tones it can deliver. I do have a duplicate stompbox, either an Ibanez AD-9 or a CS-9 from the 80s - I can't recall which right now - but its mate needs repair.
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