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  1. IF the guitar has a nitro finish AND you've cleaned off wax and oils thoroughly using naptha (aka white gas, aka Ronson lighter fluid, aka Coleman fuel), you can use a very fine artist's brush to flow lacquer thinner into the clearcoat finish craze lines and impact points to heal them. Won't be perfect but will mechanically rejoin the adjacent finish sections and reduce the appearance of spider and bullseye checking. If the nitro color coat layer is checked and you've ruled out a refinish, I think the best you can expect is to stabilize the clearcoat.
  2. I have a problem with Warm Audio mooching so much of the trade dress of a pedal that's still in production. Copy circuit ideas and improve it - sure, or even clone the circuit outright. But don't ape the original right down to its use of a top plate, its control layout and captions, its knob style, its typography, and its yinyang graphic.
  3. I suspect the plate is there to hold all the headstock pieces together, and not for tone. "Know nothing about old guitars," he says. Neither did the previous owner(s).
  4. I recall a great MIJ Fender Strat that I wish I still had. I also recall my first electric, a 1960s MIJ clone of a Vox Phantom, that very nearly caused me to give up guitar. Interesting knob alignment on that Greco. Those white control cavity covers, and the honking-big round switch cover instead of a trianglish one - daring aesthetics, that.
  5. "My mechanic had an interesting comment about a BMW convertible he was restoring. He said he thought he could get top dollar for it today because of the nostalgia factor, but the value will decline as those with an emotional attachment to that model age out/die. Wonder if this goes for guitars? (Sorry, can’t remember Year/model of BMW)" No. If you consider the number of post-Boomer car nuts who go gaga over restored Gremlins and Pacers and Novas and Pintos (gag!), let alone 'Cudas and Cameros and GTOs and BMWs and Mercedes and all other autos from the 80's and 70's and 60's and 50's and earlier, you'll conclude that, as has always been true throughout human history, scarcity fuels desirability which fuels scarcity which fuels desirability which fuels....
  6. Well, it IS blue. And blue DOES sound better. So there IS that blue premium.
  7. Beautiful, but I imagine it requires a modified playing style. And continuous tuning.
  8. I have so many Lovepedals that I should really just marry them all. I've been cheating on them with so many - Origin Effects and Oddfellow and G-Lab and Mr. Black and Keeley and Fulltone and MXR and - well, you get the idea. And now I've committed to more Lovepedals. You're the Devil, @JGale. So am I.
  9. And before I click the button and order way more pedals than I need, how does the Fuzzmaster compare to the OC42? Edit: Never mind. I ordered both, and will keep the one I like best.
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