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  1. Really too cool. No connection. https://reverb.com/item/19805055-hamer-usa-eclipse-12-string-1990s-black-gloss
  2. That reverse headstock condemns it for all eternity. No fixing that. It's sex with Fertile Myrtle without a condom in the heat of the moment. It's drunkenly hitting on a woman at the company Christmas party who you later find out is the boss's daughter. Or his wife. It's Richard SImmons's gym outfits. It's unfortunate, it's done, and it should not be celebrated.
  3. Funny thing is, given current pitch tracking and synthesis tech, this is entirely do-able.
  4. I didn't know Dion, but give my condolences to all of you who did. He was evidently a brother in the HFC, and is sorely mourned and missed.
  5. In that spirit Rich_S might want to find a big Squire label. I was going to write "Teisco", but those of thievin' age prolly wouldn't know what that was.
  6. These grotesques. And reverse headstocks - especially reverse hockey stick headstocks - are design abominations.
  7. Rule#1 in Paradoxx: Thou shalt have a white guitar. Or two. Or three.
  8. Wait. If it's supposed to be a male member, why does it have a female jack? Oh. Oh! Never mind.
  9. Brad (The Guitarologist) on YouTube did a Shitpost Friday posting that in part covered people trying to sell stupid guitar stuff for stupid prices. The prize entry was someone selling a small piece of what looked like masking tape peeled off of, if I remember correctly, a 1960's Fender pickup. I don't recall the price, but remember it was enough to make me saucer-eyed. There really should be a social media channel dedicated to sharing these gems.
  10. To emphasize that toes are some really nice guitars on offer, even if they aren't arch tops, and that either one will sound great through effects boxes such as phalangers. Great marketing, in fact. Quite a feet.
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