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  1. @Jeff R's epoxy recommendation worked out well. And now another injury: a falling object crashed into the side of the guitar, about 4 inches below the upper waist. Some Urelac cracked off, some was crushed (including the wood underneath), other finish chips separated from the wood but are hanging on. The damage is a bit over 1 cm sq. My thought is to: Use thin CA to rebond what chips I can to the rest of the finish and to the wood. Clean off the crushed chips, wet the dented wood, and use my component-testing heat gun (very small nozzle) to lessen the dent. Either of: Tint the wood and drop-fill with clear epoxy. Tint the epoxy and drop-fill. Sound like a good general plan? Since the original finish was tinted, I'm leaning towards tinting the epoxy. That will also let me mix up some test samples on scrap mahogany to work out the closest color match, something I can't do if I tint the wood itself.
  2. I've happily used plain leather 3"+ wide straps for years.
  3. From a 2007 NYT review of a Rush show: "Lest anyone think Rush lacks a sense of humor — of a sort — the refrigerator-sized cabinets behind Mr. Lee weren’t amplifiers for his bass. They were glass-fronted rotisserie ovens filled with rotating chickens, and every so often a man in a toque came out to baste them. What it meant was something for die-hard Rush fans to ponder." Love it.
  4. In at least one other of her videos she's brunette, and in another metal one she's black-haired. Vargasova has a very surgical talent.
  5. A really brilliant artist would have those built of plexi to spark the dialog of humanity's struggle with honesty. Isn't the point to entertain people and, if you can, prod them into thinking?
  6. Happy to see Mark Michael Anthony. Would love these guys to revive songs like "I Got The Fire", "Bad Motor Scooter" and "Rock Candy" from Hagar's Montrose days. Those are good, simple, fun, rocking' tunes.
  7. From a utility POV, it's five: Newport w/ humbuckers Monaco Elite with P90s T-51 Daytona Studio or Studio Pro w/ humbuckers From a way-fun POV: Standard Studio or Studio Pro or Monaco Elite w/ P90s Mirage I Korina Vector I'd also love to play an Improv just to experience it.
  8. Mesa Subway Rocket Reverb. Bought it, what, 15 years ago for a song from a guy who thought the speaker and/or output tubes were bad (cleaning the EL84 sockets and re-seating the tubes fixed that). My other amps cover what it can do pretty well, I rarely play it now, and I want to hate it so I can sell it. But I won't. Some years ago I asked The Tube Depot or some similar outfit for recommended output tubes for the Rocket (even though it didn't really need them.) The guy who replied gave a couple of suggestions, but then added that it didn't really matter since "it was just a Subway Rocket." Clueless.
  9. I've accumulated: Ibanez CS-9 Stereo Chorus, with Speed and Width controls Mooer Ensemble King, with Level, Depth and Rate controls Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus, with Rate, Depth and Tone controls, and a Direct/Stereo switch Red Witch Empress Chorus with stereo out and Mix, Depth, Voice (delay time) and Velocity controls, as well as brighter/darker and chorus/vibrato switches Mr. Black Vintage Ensemble, mono out, with Intensity, Depth and Rate controls The Arion's tone control gives it versatility moving between lushness and lightness. The Empress is unique in this bunch, having rotary control of time, although that comes with the cost of increased noise as time is increased, which contributes to my love/hate relationship with it. The Empress does have a Mix control, something I find useful on the Ensemble King and Vintage Ensemble as well. The CS-9 is a good-sounding chorus with sparkle and basic controls, the Vintage Ensemble is designed to replicate the CE-1 sound, the Ensemble King covers CE-3 territory, and each has its place. Listening to demos of the JHS Emperor Chorus (which reportedly is based on the Arion circuit) and reviewing its features like tap tempo and expression pedal control, it looks to me the best current one-and-done chorus. Do any of you have that beast?
  10. I predict this will prove to be less a journey of leaving behind an addiction and more a quest to get your body into balance. You may very well have been self-medicating, and doing so for out-of-range body chemistry reasons. Seek ye, learn and know, Parzival!
  11. The synchronistic analogy in that is delicious, Ting - pulling an unwanted burden from a back. Keep on pulling, brother.
  12. The Recording Amps introduced at PRS Experience 2010 were hand-voiced by Doug and Paul, according to Doug using a mix of cheap and expensive parts to get the tones they wanted. Really yummy sounds.
  13. https://reverb.com/item/18533810-3-monkeys-sock-monkey-recent-sonic-blue-1x12 Not mine, and nobody I know.
  14. Dang. I just decided to get the Black Mamba. Losers weepers... I'll go for the Eternity, @Jakeboy
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