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  1. If we raise the money in exactly one year from today, send Josh his dosh, he overnights the Klon to the first person on the list, each person tests the Klon and overnights the thing to the next person, and FedEx never screws up delivery, the last person will get the Klon in 999,999 days - which will be, uh, December 13, 4758 - fortunately a Saturday, so if the last person gets weekends off, s/he'll have the whole day to play. I'm in.
  2. I remember the NYD debut record cover, but don't recall listening to the Dolls. I was too much into prog rock and fusion, and too dismissive of punk. But I really liked Lou Reed. Odd kid.
  3. Be-Bop Deluxe : Inventive themes and stories played out through theatrical musical scenes using composition, musicianship and production values that eclipsed most other art-school-sprung prog rockers. Still iconic. And Bill Nelson is a hellofa melodic guitarist. Marshal Crenshaw : His debut 1982 album laid bare plaintive schoolboy heartache expressed in upbeat catchy hooks hung on the strings of a reverb'd Strat, basic percussion, and bass. He strongly influenced New Wave with both his songwriting and that trio's sparse, open instrumentation. Although Holly influenced Crenshaw, this wasn'
  4. Huh. When I go to lovepedal.com and click on any of the pedal images, I get a page headed by a "404 Page Not Found" graphic and underneath that the usual images, description, demo videos, and Add to Cart button. If their Add to Cart buttons still lead to a PayPal checkout page, is Lovepedal truly kaput?
  5. I almost bought a Hello Kitty guitar years ago when Target sold them. Wish I had.
  6. Yeah, I'm a long-time keeper of a Mesa amp zoo. Love them all, but would like to add an EL34/6L6 to the mix again.
  7. It's not the first song I'd choose to play, but given a vocalist with empathy and heart, I'd give it a go. "Simple Man" is a common IV-I-II melody, and its lyrics seem simplistic. But the mother's admonition to her son to be "simple" is born from the tenets of all the worlds great moral philosophies: Be clear-eyed about the world, follow your heart, follow your nature to be just, to be good, to be kind, to be loving. Don't be cynical, scheming, calculating, or develop any of the other complex personality traits that lead you to have impaired humanity and cause harm to others. The mother's
  8. Oh boy. I wonder if MB has been squeezed by the contemporary focus on modeling and use of clean-amp-platform+pedals. Given Gibson has no amp line, I can understand it wanting to acquire a respected amp maker. Would not be surprised to see an MB modeling amp, or hybrid tube power/modeling front-end amp. And a lot of pedals. Time to get that Electra-Dyne.
  9. An '81? In the 500's? With significant finish repairs? And a refret? Aerosmith's in my head: "Dream on! Dream on! Dream on! Ah-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ah!"
  10. MacArthur Park. I just visited YouTube to remind myself if the Anthony Newley or Richard Harris version was the most awful. Couldn't find the Newley version, which likely means it's the worst.
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