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  1. Yep it's mine, we bought a house across the country and are contemplating whether to keep both or ditch Cali and retire to Florida. When we think about the items that MUST move with us, it gets difficult to justify moving over 20 guitars when we are losing 400 square feet of home space and I really just noodle a little bit each day when I have free time. I can't even justify hanging on to 3 TLE's (I may draw the line on those though) and I have several Tele's that are dear to me, but even some of those will have to go. Moving and downsizing sucks.
  2. I've got a green USA one that is literally mint that I would sell for less than that.....
  3. "The fingerboard may be cracked"...WTF? A picture of the suspicion would be nice.
  4. Godammit what is wrong with this board? I quoted MCChris’ “Fackyo Melecaster” and it deleted that part. And then when I try to edit everything comes up blank. Must be the Coronavirus.
  5. Ummmmm, why is this name coincidentally similar to the Fackoff Caretaker I finally got back from Kizanski? 😂 And why has not one of these previous lists included a TLE that I could liberate from its (soon to be) previous owner? 😂 2 Hamer TLE’s 1 Hamer TLE that USPS destroyed and I’m still crying about 1 Hamer Eclipse 1 Hamer Daytona 1 Fackoff Caretaker 1 American Special Telecaster 1 American Performer Telecaster 2 Baja Telecasters 1 FSR Telecaster with Mid-boost (same neck as a Baja) 1 Warmoth Parts Tele A whole gaggle of Ibanez Lonestars (an odd addiction)
  6. That's freakin' blasphemy right there! TLE's are beautiful, that thing is just fugly. Sincerely, Your Friendly TLE Collector
  7. Got mine too Chris, thanks! I swear I can now play faster, strum harder, and leap tall buildings in a single bound.....
  8. Well now yer just rubbing it in!! Very cool score!...
  9. Hey, whaddya know, I have one of those sitting in my music room. It's tobacco burst and the wood that I can see looks like, ummm, "door" wood...
  10. Is Sen another name for basswood? Because I'm pretty sure all the Destroyers, V's, etc were basswood bodies...at least they were advertised that way....
  11. I've been through everything and that includes all the different Hamers. I've settled on short scale, skinny necks, and sustain blocks. So please all you PRS converts, if you're not gonna play your skinny neck sustain blocked 24.75" Hamers don't let them go to waste, PM me cuz I got GAS!
  12. I'll probably raise flames for saying this, but... Yes without Trevor Rabin. Only liked them when Trevor was with them...but at least there are a lot of good movie soundtracks now!
  13. I agree. I missed it by a half day at most. I've never sold a Hamer for more than I bought it for, at least not before offering it within this forum for the price I paid...
  14. What should an '81 Vector with normal wear (typical dings and scratches) go for?
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