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  1. The finish seemed so opaque that I was wondering if it was a refin. Were there opaque ones (not including graphics)? I thought all showed the wood grain.
  2. He's actually a very cool guy, and he's the guy doing my custom build as we speak. I originally found out about him because he was selling this TLE, and then I found out he made custom guitars. He's promised that he'll make it right no matter what the outcome is with USPS. I'm just bummed because TLE's don't pop up all that often and they are my number one favorite guitar in the whole world...it's heartbreaking to see any of them suffer such tragedy, whether it's mine or anyone else's.
  3. Seller is being totally cool about it. He's actually in the business and says out of probably 250 guitars he's shipped, this is only the second incident, and both times with USPS. The strings were not at full tension, but there was some tension, they weren't flopping around but they weren't tight either. He's got a claim in with USPS, we shall see how it goes...
  4. Well, anyone who knows me knows I love TLE's. I found another one that was once a little beat up, but a luthier did a nice burst refin on it, and I was excited about scoring another TLE. I've never had excitement turn to disappointment so quckly. It arrived today, in a brand-new case, with no obvious damage to the box. Here is what I was greeted with... So, if any HFC'ers want to brighten my day, I'm back in the market for a TLE.... Such a bummer....
  5. I don't understand why Eclipses go for so little. Mine is exactly like that one, it was mint and inexpensive and I don't understand why so cheap. These are great guitars, every bit as good as any other Hamer I've ever owned.
  6. That's extreme badness right there.
  7. Just got my shipping notification. It's happening! THIS PLUS THIS
  8. Perfect timing, my project will be ready for the bridge in about a week!
  9. It depends...I use whatever works for the particular situation, old or new, tube or SS, name brand or no-name. For bedroom headphone practice, my fav is still this old Ibanez VA-3 (Virtual Amp). It just produces some cool tones, I've tried other modelers and boxes but I still seem to keep plugging into that thing at the end of the day. It's OLD... For the cover band, I use my old Yamaha DG80 and DG100. They were before their time in the modeling world, and I still think they are the best sounding, most convenient modeling amps for covering a wide range of songs and sounds. I tried tube amps (need too many pedals), other modeling amps (LIne6, modeling boxes into power boxes), going direct...but with a DG and a midi foot control I can cover just about every recorded tone imaginable, with effects. At home, by myself, when I get the chance to make some noise and really enjoy just nice tone, I use two H&K Tubemeister 5's in stereo. I put Bugle Boy tubes in the pre, NOS RCA's in the power, and a treble booster up front...that's when I'm, as Simon Cowell would say, "self indulgent"... So yeah, in two out of three situations, I guess I've "gone backwards"....
  10. 😂😂😂😂 So perhaps when the bridges ship, I'll take the saddles out of one and see how they fit on the block that's on my TLE. If it works I can order a set of saddles.
  11. Okay, I need some help here. I've ordered a couple of the new Mann Made sustainblock bridges, but if I'm not mistaken, his are the "wider" bridges, and according to this website everything after '81 was a "narrower" bridge. So, I have a TLE that has a later '80's ('86-'87) sustainblock bridge but it has graph tech saddles. I'd like to get back to the original saddles, so would these bridges that Newman60 is selling be considered the "narrower" bridges like on my TLE? I don't think a set of Mann saddles will work because they are a little bit wider. If these bridges that Newman60 is selling are NOT the "narrower" bridges, then I guess my options are (a) live with the graph tech saddles, (B) retrofit with a new Mann bridge, (C) try and find a set of the "narrower" saddles (not likely), or (D) buy a set of the Mann saddles and grind/machine them down and replate.
  12. I guess I can still use PayPal, I just won’t use bank account or PayPal credit. This is so alarming to me that I just called them to confirm. All the lady could tell me is “it depends”. Fuck that, it does not “depend”, the item I purchased via PayPal, to be sent to the address on my account, either arrives at my address or it doesn’t. I kept pressing the rep for a concrete confirmation, and she told me you can supply several types of documentation to support your claim, such as a letter from the carrier confirming nothing was shipped. WTF??? I’m pretty sure you can easily get confirmation that something WAS shipped, how do you get confirmation that something WASNT shipped? This is concerning AF.
  13. Awesome!! The bridge status on the order link changed to “25 in stock”...it’s gettin’ real!
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