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  1. 182 thousand members now....and their gear sux.
  2. all the realtors in Conn lost their shit when they bought a house for 200k
  3. phoenix


    sneau? cedar top had the same growth rings as improv #1 from center seam, 164. korina back, Jimmy Page PUs that Seymour used in the 80's
  4. yeah, there was just a huge scandal for selling bags with moon dust that could have wiped out our planet with million-year-old pathogens, but its in a rock-n-roll bar now where it is safe. so move along...
  5. that's terrible. you missed the culture there by 2 centuries. can you build sailing ships?
  6. woo worldwide dominion... http://theampshop.com/
  7. hey, get him to make something for you with Larry W's wood sources.
  8. cant delete your account, even if you ask their help. tried that earlier this year. I got a warning for spamming because I recommended an amp shop. the sole proprietor is 80. He hand makes everything because vintage stuff is too much for most people. Thought he would be a good resource for the boutique boys...nope.
  9. most of the famulous builders I send money two say it takes 497 weekd to build. Is that the less in amerikas?
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