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  1. most of the famulous builders I send money two say it takes 497 weekd to build. Is that the less in amerikas?
  2. yeah. I'm with the band. Mike said I was spammin.I mentioned my amp tech. gee, a vietnam vet electrician in Asheville NC with 35 years clean and a recovery counselor, also makes handwired amps. law have mercy, someone is bombing atlanta... http://theampshop.com/
  3. like an epic guitar wasnt enough.... super cool finding a match. the best actually
  4. phoenix


    bubble quilt=gud all fools must be denied
  5. and the number is incorrect now, therefore less evil.
  6. african white mahogany is what Jol Danzig, spirit animal, used to call it. not sure how close a species or variantit is.
  7. good luck sucking up to Gene. you wont even find his batcave...(look for a waterfall)
  8. but you haven't posted any guitar photos yet. pffft
  9. it's a players rewired refin with a blocked trem. neck dated 1-56 

  10. so cool the guitar is a good one. Maybe he turned the glory into the royal. confusing that his site makes no mention of the old models.

    I'm a little embarrassed(very haughty) that I said how many vintage amps I have had. I never would have except to help John at the amp shop out. He is my  aa sponsor, and believe me, lots of people in counseling are power vampires and evangelicals.

    very pumped for the sat Pink Floyd show! thanks and all best wishes.  

  11. Bill was immune to sarcasm or board hatred. He simply couldn't see it from his elevated state of being cool. Dude was awesome. thankful he came to my house.
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