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  1. Will add some $ for the right Standard, Vector, Cali or whatever:)
  2. Honestly, I quite like the amp. I would be happy keeping it, but I can get similar tones out of other amps that I currently have. Figured it would be nice to get something that stood out a bit more from the pack. I've been eyeing a Boogie Roadster as a possible replacement.
  3. Nah, mine was straight from Andrew. I had an order for the CHW, for a year or so, and then switched to the Plex because I preferred the sound from the clips I had heard. Glad I did.
  4. Got this Heritage 150 a few years back after it came, I sold my Gibson and bought this no more LP GAS
  5. I have a Makoplex, and its an awesome amp. The guys who have played it also have played Andrews CHW model, and did not like it, but loved my amp. Gainwise, I'd put it in the Soldano camp, but with a smoother. Its currently at Andrews shop getting the latest mods, and I honestly cant wait for it to come back:)
  6. Be patient, hold onto your cash, there's some guy that about every 2-3 months lists one on eBay..........for approx $3k!!!!!!! Uh huh. noonan I like the guitar and all, but if your serious on that asking price, those guys are on crack.
  7. Guys, help me convince him to sell it. I had the $ out ready to go until you guys came along
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