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  1. Well, my horror story has ended. It took 10 days (I got it yesterday) for the MO to come back to me in a plastic bag, with a generic apology printed on it, from the USPS. The envelope and the MO were torn down the middle and about 25% of both were missing. Sheesh! At least now Ron and I can quit worrying. I just wonder how they are going to respond on Monday when I bring it in for an immediate replacement. Being that it is not lost (well, at least most of it isn't) they should give me a replacement immediately, right? Thanks again for your help, guys.
  2. Thanks for the info, seeker. That was very helpful and hopeful.
  3. Was that the USPS? Because UPS should have been much less and quicker.
  4. Anybody know how to nominate someone for sainthood? Seriously though, Ron, I didn't expect you to do that at all, but thanks a million anyway. You have too good a heart. The only thing is that now I am going to feel bad until you get your money in your pocket. I am also sorry that my posting made you feel worse, for that was not my intention at all. I just wanted to vent my anger with the USPS, as well as hear some stories in order to calm me down and let me know that I am not alone in my frustration. Kinda like a support group for guys who got screwed by the USPS We'll definitely work it out if the MO has vanished. You got Paypal? I will gladly pay the 3% upcharge just for the peace of mind. C'mon guys, keep the stories a comin'. Let the healing begin!
  5. Hey belgian, I thought you just picked up a centaura off of eBay? You like it so much that you're getting another? Is your hair any longer? Any new tattooes?
  6. Ron, So I guess that means nothing in the mail again today? Well, maybe it's stuck in the seat of the delivery truck and they'll clean it out this weekend and find it (crosses fingers).
  7. Wow, saxon. That story does NOT make me feel better. So your saying that it most likely was an inside job? The thought of some scumbag like that working for the USPS just sickens and angers me
  8. +1 on West Side Story. I got the original vinyl somewhere in storage. My Grandmother gave it to me years ago. You're right, that is some great music.
  9. I sent a money order to a fellow HFC'r through the US Postal Service on Wed., April 27th (9 days ago) and he still didn't get it. I live in MI and he lives in PA. That's only two states away, folks. I could have sent it Pony Express and it would have gotten there quicker. So then I call the USPS to find out what to do if the MO gets lost and the guy tells me that if it is lost, I probably won't get my money back! WTF!?! I was just reading on their Web site about how safe and protected you are when you use the USPS MO. What kind of BS is that? No wonder shootings always seem to happen at the post office. Tell me your USPS horror stories, please. I need some soothing. Anybody ever have to file for a lost MO?
  10. And that's the very reason that I no longer shave in the shower. It's bad enough that I still sometimes soap my hair and shampoo my body
  11. Serial, I used to live in Winston, too. When were you there? I was there during 1994-95. I used to live in The Arbors apartments on the west side of town (intersection of Country Club and Peace Haven). Man, I used to wake up to smell of roast pig every morning from that BBQ joint around the corner. Damn, I miss real BBQ! That's a real nice part of the country there. I really miss it. Especially now that it's snowing here today. Sheesh, it was sunny and 80 just 2 days ago, WTF!!!
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