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  1. Where's that GIF of you, me and Poe at ElDuave's gathering many moons ago?
  2. No one needs to see that meme ever again. As overly complicated as the electronics in those things were (Bluetooth, USB, programmable effects, rechargable battery, robot tuners) it seems like a breakdown/need for repair was more of a when not if situation which would probably be a financial burden for some.
  3. Damn, I was just looking for an excuse to post that Stuart from Mad TV gif. 😄
  4. A little different than most of the other singles posted.
  5. I have a Ton Anderson noiseless P90 in one of my guitars, sounds fine to me but I don't have anything close to Eric Johnson ears so my opinion might not be valid.
  6. No, the shitty relic job over paisley bugs me more. I fucking hate those finish over finish heavy relics but that one is hot fucking garbage.
  7. Those look more like marblizer than the holoflash that Kramer did.
  8. I just remembered the Liberty graphic was on his Barrera, i think his Scarab was red/black tiger. The ol brain ain't what it used to be. This was the early 90s so the tung oil treatment might not have ever happened.
  9. I guy I used to know had one with a Statue Of Liberty/Fireworks graphic. Haven't seen him in probably 25 years though, no idea what he did with it.
  10. There will be dipshits who were 16-22 and love bro country now that will be going to see all those acts at rib fests, state fairs, and local downtown live events in 30 years.
  11. Bro country and all its variants are revolting to my ears but those guys are fucking egregious.
  12. Florida Georgia Line makes me want to kick puppies.
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