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  1. Damn, beat me to it. 😄
  2. Not in all cases but most, a good setup is a big part of the equation imo.
  3. The Warmoth looks to me like an accurate Seafom Green (originally a 1956 Buick color) and they are probably buying base coat from a manufacturer using that code, probably TCP Global. That Gracy's is close but I think it needs the pigment formula tweaked if you want it to match, ambered clear isn't going to push it in that direction. Warmoth's topcoat is water clear and stays that way.
  4. Stike


    Just a couple miles away from my shop.
  5. No tickets purchased here but our youngest graduated high school yesterday. He's been working two jobs since the schools closed back in March, we barely see him.
  6. Also, Slash is the baddest. Don't believe me? Listen to this guy.
  7. I really like the two Snakepit records, different singers on each one but I like both of those guys. Eric Dover was on the first one and a guy named Rod Jackson on the second.
  8. I want to put that song title for the died date on my tombstone. Yeah it's a bad joke but it's the best joke you're gonna see in a graveyard.
  9. Everything seems cheap in comparison to what we've spent on concrete and lumber this far, I meant I'm not buying jack shit for awhile after this project. ? I am happy with the stuff I already have though.
  10. Currently building a house. The checks we've been writing the past couple of months have been GAS curing.
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