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  1. I saw the Raleigh stop later on that tour. It wasn't bad but it just wasn't doing anything for me. Add to that two guys I went to high school with almost 20 years earlier just happened to be in the seats in front of me and they were having a total "WOOOOOO!!!!!" fest. I also saw VH in Raleigh on the FUCK tour. That one was Sammy's birthday and they were all pretty hammered, set was short too. Another bad one was ZZ Top in the early 00s, the tempo was noticably slow and everything was just dragging.
  2. In 90/91 I was kind of obsessed with Extreme's Pornografitti album. I bought the follow up the day it came out and hated it.
  3. My father in law used to have a copy of "Kill It And Grill It" on the bookshelf in his office/guest room. Not sure why as he does not hunt and doesn't really cook. I'm a somewhat avid home cook so I thumbed through it, it's written exactly as he talks. Kind of tiring to read 😄 and no that was not political commentary. The recipes didn't look that great either.
  4. There's a bid of $900 on a Lead 12? 🤣
  5. I think in most cases if people don't find a guitar visually appealing it's unlikely they'll pick it up and try it out never knowing how it plays/sounds. A few of us did comment on the shape of the body and headstock which I think would still result in a hard pass even without the jewels and abalone. I'm not sure those are even for sale. They seem more like an ad. "Look what I built with tools you can buy from me."
  6. Wasn't there a Rivera modded Fender at the last Hamer Open House jam a million years ago? I seem to recall Paults playing through something that sounded ungodly good, granted that guy probably always sounds great no matter what he's playing through.
  7. Totally. The body is PRS-ish but if I may quote the movie Fargo it's "funny lookin'".
  8. Am I really going to be the first one to say that headstock is fugly? 😄
  9. Y'all really need to listen to the song I posted earlier in this thread. 🤣
  10. Another I feel old post here as I got married in 95. It's early and I'm slightly hungover but I'm going to attempt basic math here. You were born in 79 making you 16 in 95. Anyone born in 95 wouldn't have been legal to date until 2013 when you were 34? Yeah I can't imagine trying to pick music or tv shows or movies in that situation. 🤣
  11. I was not surprised that he said he listens to mostly country music now and I'm just going to assume it's the hair metal 2.0 horseshit like Florida Georgia Line and whatnot. Also, I'm a fairly dim bulb. I still don't get the BK reference in the OP?
  12. Look, if she didn't smash it Delta airlines would have.
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