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  1. I remember reading an interview with him in the 80s where he said Al Jolsen was his favorite singer
  2. It's been a few years since I had to take my kids to any shows. At the time it was mostly post punk/pop punk/emo type stuff. I wasn't really wild about any of it but I was thankful it wasn't anything like Florida Georgia Line. If I was still chaperoning I'd rather go to Billie Eilish than FGL.
  3. I was mistaken. I meant why are people upset that Billy Eichner has never seen Van Wilder?
  4. Why are people so upset that Billy Idol has never heard of Van Heusen? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Also looks like an accidental double stamp?
  6. Those were nitrocellulose so most chemical strippers are pretty effective. If you're trying to preserve the headstock face I'd recommend keep the stripper away from that area all together and sand the finish off the back and sides of the headstock instead. Mask the fingerboard well.
  7. Biz Prof lives in NC, we have WaHo's a plenty here already.
  8. No, always and quite often the websites is made to look like the website of the venue where you're trying to get tickets to.
  9. Inflation aside back then there was no Ticketmaster and Live Nation. I've heard it's almost impossible to tour without having to deal with (pay) them. I'm sure touring now also has more overhead than it did 45-50 years ago.
  10. Surprised Jim didn't list it here? Guessing he thought no one would pay more than treefiddy?🤣
  11. I hope they get what they're asking because one of these days I'm going to list my 92 Sunburst for sale.😄
  12. Are you sure you didn't accidentally go to a ticket reselling site? They usually are the first few hits above the actual venue of a Google search. I looked at the Orpheum website and front row while imo is outrageous at $400something isn't $681.
  13. He's definitely got some wacky stuff, I've been to the place where he houses his collection, it's kinda wild. That Wedge might be the most um-ergonomic thing I've ever picked up.
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