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  1. Stike

    Triple Threat Color

    Hamer stopped using nitrocellulose around 1991, serial # says that one is from 2005.
  2. I ordered new inner and outer tie rods for my 240Z, still waiting for them to arrive.
  3. Jesus, that pic is from 2002/2003.
  4. Stike

    Satchel tells some truth

    I'd like to see an interview with Russ as Russ talking about the Satchel character.
  5. Sorry for the derail but that's easy. Just add some hot fat and some seasoned/floured chicken pieces, music to my ears anyway.😄 Also, Geoff is damn good.
  6. Stike

    Scepter -- Red paint color question

    Ah, a candy apple job but the translucent red is over a pearl instead of a metallic. In other words have fun touching that up. 😄
  7. Stike

    Scepter -- Red paint color question

    Not so much on this, I'm not a touch-up guy. As mentioned the red pigment has probably faded, and the nitrocellulose lacquer has yellowed so even if there was a color code available it wouldn't be accurate. An auto body supply shop might be able to scan it but the smallest amount they'd mix is a pint, maybe 8 ounces but even that will be surprisingly expensive.
  8. Stike

    SMH- Relic-ed OFR

    I'm not familiar with that, I'm sure it would elicit an eye roll or two though.
  9. Stike

    SMH- Relic-ed OFR

    How long until there's pitted, peeling chrome plate over an anodized color to go with those color over color heavy relic bodies that seem to be all the rage lately?
  10. Probably less than what a Dan Lawrence graphic job would cost.😄
  11. Piers Morgan is a giant turd. Sorry for the derail.
  12. Stike

    Music/Guitar Stores

    Me at Guitar Center.
  13. Stike

    Recommend a CD player for use in car?

    Just replace the old cassette deck. A new in dash unit with a CD player can be had for little money and places like Crutchfield sell harness adapters and provide pretty clear instructions for you to DIY fairly easily. I did the Discman with the cassette adapter probably 20 years ago, it gets old. Nowadays having a bunch of CDs in the car gets old. 😄
  14. RobB is the bizzaro Steve Haynie?😄
  15. Stike

    Now I know how you guys feel!

    App is called Shazam. I've found some cool music that I would have never known about without it.