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    Former (all USA): Cali, Diablo, Daytona, Studio FM. Current: Blitz, Centaura, (Korean) Standard
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    Currently: Genz Benz Black Pearl, DV Mark Little 40
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    Creamware/Sonic Core Scope

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  1. Just arrived (mix of white and black). These shirts are *nice*.
  2. DV Mark Little 40 might be something to look at. It takes a pair 6L6 or EL34, and self-biases for either type & auto-matches the bias so you don't need a matched pair of tubes. The original, discontinued version of this is small enough to fit in a rack & surprisingly light. The mk 2 version has a few extra controls for the built-in overdrive.
  3. Family is much more important! Hope all is well (or turns out that way).
  4. Gives us who don't yet do Venmo time to sign up. Thanks again, this has blossomed into a little more than the minimum order, haha!
  5. Just wanted to say thanks again for doing this!
  6. If I can help a HFC member out somehow, that's near me (I'm in Centennial). Just send a PM. Edit: no affiliation.
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