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  1. Yep, I've since found that out....seem this guitar was taken to some sort of Heritage even and signed at that time.
  2. Great playing and sounding 2015 Heritage H-150 Goldtop w/ Upgrades! No trades as I'm trying to sell quickly for a vintage piece. $1800 NET TO ME...you cover shipping and payment fees or I can take PP gift or Venmo. Plenty of pics in the Imgur link below. I can't seem to attach pics here on the HFC for some reason. https://imgur.com/gallery/NakJZTb Upgrades: -Sheptone Blue Sky pickups...absolutely killer in every way. The Blue Sky PAFs go for the tone of Dickey Betts, who also played a Goldtop LP. Slightly more output than a typical PAF but very close. -Upgraded Caps / Pots were done when the Sheptone's were installed -The guitar was also wired for a master volume and a mid-range roll off (on the second volume control). The control where your volume for your neck pickup would normally be is the midrange roll off. The control where the volume on your bridge pickup would normally be is the master volume. Your two tone controls are the same as any typical Les Paul type guitar. The mid range roll off really opens up a ton of tonal options and is a great feature on a LP type guitar. -Gibson Les Paul Pick Guard Added. I love Heritage guitars, but don't like their pick guards very much. This pickguard is a Genuine Gibson LP guard that I had my tech install. -Schaller Style Strap Locks Installed. The above upgrades cost around $675 all in...so this isn't your typical H-150. Couple things to note: There's a couple finish issues / natural relicing which I like personally. There's a spot under the pick guard that was / is clearly worn through the finish where the prior owner rested his pinky on the body...you can't see it w/the pick guard, but it's under there. I think I can dig up a pic w/ out the pick guard for any interested party. There's also some finish receding on the lower bout as well. Otherwise the guitar is in overall very good shape...frets are good to go and they're nice and meaty big boy frets. -There's also a few signatures on the back of the guitar...see pics. I don't know anything about these signatures, but I'm hoping you guys on the Heritage forum may be able to tell me about that. I make the assumption that these will come off, but I don't know really. I buy guitars to play them so this kind of thing doesn't bother me. Neck is a ‘59 profile measuring .86 at the first fret and .99 at the 12th. Weight is 9.3 lbs. OHSC in great condition. Shipping from Saint Petersburg, FL - Any Florida folks are welcome to get in on a local deal. Otherwise, I'll ship fully insured and have shipping boxes ready to go. Thanks for looking. Jake
  3. Do it! I know you've have or probably have had some Mel's in the past...this one is a good one! I love them, but just have a lucky opportunity on a vintage piece.
  4. These are getting more rare. I've owned a bunch of Gerard's guitars and they're always damn good...this is likely the best out of the 7 or 8 I've owned. RIP Gerard. Melancon Custom Artist T Custom in Faded Blue Jean Finish! I'm already kicking myself for listing this...but GAS is a powerful condition to deal with. It's mint / nearly unplayed condition. Here's specs. I'm trying to move it fast to make a move on a vintage piece...$2300 net to me. I'll take paypal or venmo. Fees are OK if you cover them...shipping in CONUS is fine on you're dime. I'm in the Tampa, FL area. Here's pics and a video of this actual guitar from when it was sold new. Custom Artist T #1757 Faded Blue Jean Mahogany / Quilted Maple Body with Tone Chambers and Scraped Binding Mapleck / Madagascar Rosewood Fingerboard Satin Finish on Neck....it's super light and feels like a natural finish almost Abalone Dots Matching Headstock Veneer & Color +.030" Oversized Medium Taper Neck 12" Fingerboard Radius 1.6875" Nut Width Stainless Steel Medium Fret Wire Freshly Setup w/ D'adarrio 9.5 to 44's Chrome Hardware Melancon Two-Post Vintage Tremolo...it's decked, but still goes down Melancon PAFN in Neck Melancon PAFB in Bridge Master Volume Master Tone 3 Way Mini Toggle - (up) Parallel / (mid) Split /(down) Series G&G OHSC which is also in excellent condition.
  5. VAHLBRUCH KALUNA W/ POWER SUPPLY AND BOX $295. Such a good OD, I've bounced back and forth b/t it and a couple Kingsley pedals for the last several months. Letting it go to a good home. Comes w/ box. MAD PROFESSOR DEEP BLUE DELAY $115. PCB version, killer analog sounding digital delay. Comes w/ box. FISHMAN AURA SPECTRUM $230 in very good condition with no issues. Used in my home project studio and at just a few gigs. No power supply.
  6. Ham Rex, shot you a message back. Jakeboy...just saw your message, sorry man - been tied up w/ my kids on this holiday weekend. Hit me back old pal.
  7. You guys know the deal...too many pedals. No pedal trades - I'll always entertain guitar trades plus or minus cash. Everything is in good working condition w/ no issues. None are dead mint cosmetically, most have a paint nick or two here and there...The Vahlbruch however is mint / near mint. See pics for condition of each. I'm good w/ paypal or venmo for payment. I can ship Tuesday after the holiday. I probably don't have the box for most, see noted below. If I find the box for the ones not noted...I'll send it. All prices are shipped / paypal'd. Venmo is cool too. VAHLBRUCH KALUNA W/ POWER SUPPLY AND BOX $315. Such a good OD, I've bounced back and forth b/t it and a couple Kingsley pedals for the last several months. Letting it go to a good home. Comes w/ box. WREN & CUFF YOUR FACE HOT GERNAMIUM 60'S FUZZ - (FACTORY BIAS KNOB MOD) $140. The best germanium fuzz pedal I’ve ever played. Comes with factory bias knob on the outside that is amazing for tone shaping...Without this knob you would have to make adjustments by taking the back off and using a skewer driver. Also you cannot use a daisy chain must be powered by isolated power source or adaptor. Such a voodoo labs ISO ect. Also I will include the positive to negative tip adaptor. MAD PROFESSOR DEEP BLUE DELAY $120. PCB version, killer analog sounding digital delay. Comes w/ box. EMPRESS TREMOLO $115. Great trem w/ a lot of cool features. CHELLEE PONYBOY $80. Best klone for the dough. OCEAN EFX TREMOLISCIOUS $65. Cool underrated trem, by Ocean EFX...too bad they don't make pedals anymore b/c they did a fantastic job. Think I've got a clip I can put up of this one. QUICKSILVER BLACKBOX $95. It's ugly, but it sounds GREAT!! I bought this at a good deal and willing to pass it on. I'll put up a clip of it Pics below.
  8. bump, sorry got caught up w/ some family stuff over the last few days. Replying to PM's now. i've got a ton of trade offers that are interesting. Still interested in trades though selling is slightly preferred.
  9. Beautiful 2018 Gretsch Jet (Duo Jet) Players Edition G6128T-PE that is near / mint / excellent nearly unplayed condition. I would say it's truly mint but I reserve that for new guitars ha. Black guitars are really tough to photograph for me and I only have an iphone for pics...these pics don't do the guitar justice. It's stock other than a Briggs Biggs Fix - which is a great addition to any guitar w/ a Bigsby. See link below. BricksBiggsFix | Tuning Stabilizers and Guitar Accessories Tuning Stabilizers and Guitar Accessories bricksbiggsfix.com It's a great guitar in every way...I'm selling simply b/c it doesn't get played enough as it really covers the same ground as my Duesenberg. Anyway, I'm offering it at a fair price of $1800 shipped or $1700 local Tampa area. These guitars are $2900 new and this one is literally like new. Comes w/ all case candy and weighs in at under 8 lbs. I am open to some trades...nothing specific. I like boutique stuff. I'd really like a 335 type: Heritage, Ibanez, Yamaha, etc. Also open to Les Paul types, boutique tele's, not really looking for a strat as I have a great one....but I'd be open to a strat w/ humbuckers. Open to stuff w/ P90's as well. I'm easy to deal with and have done a ton of online trading and can give refs if needed. I can add cash to a trade as well. https://imgur.com/a/JRs8v3s#3GGjNUL
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