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  1. Absolutely...and once I contacted him w/ both an option for a direct sale outside of reverb w/ no taxes OR I would split the $60 in taxes w/ him...the dude goes silent for 3 days and holds my reverb listing hostage. REVERB sucks, you've got to weave through so many BS lowball offers...I hate it, but unfortunately these days it seems like the only place I can get gear to sell. I've been on HFC, TGP, Heritage Owners Club all for a long time, but none of the forums seem to be good to move gear at this point. It's Reverb and FB marketplace that seem to be the most viable options...and wow, what a bunch of freaks you get from FB marketplace.... I digress, lol. Would love somebody on the HFC to get this Kauer at an awesome deal!
  2. HFC price lowered to $800 shipped. That's my rock bottom, or I keep it price.
  3. Please see my reverb links for pricing and pics. HFC pricing is 3% less than reverb.Pearl Drivehttps://reverb.com/item/32265133-ocean-efx-pearl-drive-dumble-2000-s-whiteLovepedal Believehttps://reverb.com/item/32264667-lovepedal-believeLovepedal Pickle Vibehttps://reverb.com/item/32265038-lovepedal-pickle-vibe-tremolo-vibratoMalekko Ekko 616 Analog Delayhttps://reverb.com/item/32264906-malekko-ekko-616-analog-delayPigtronix EP2https://reverb.com/item/32264393-pigtronix-envelope-phaser-ep2Jetter Red Shifthttps://reverb.com/item/32264586-jetter-red-shift-dumble-marshall
  4. Bump. This one sold on reverb the same day I listed it last week...but the buyer backed out due to reverb's sales tax. Gotta love that.
  5. Yamaha did a nice job w/ these...Cool story - about year ago I was offered a hand picked NAMM Gibson ES335 as a trade for a Brown Note amp I was selling locally. The guy offering it was Danny Hoefer who was a guitarist for Tower of Power (lives in Sarasota now). Super nice guy...he went to work for Gibson at some point and had hand picked this 335 for himself to buy after NAMM. Anyway, I got to play his 335 beside my SA2000 and I didn't do the trade deal b/c the SA2000 smoked it to me. Danny came back the next day and bought the amp though.
  6. I'd love to keep it personally...it's a good one and the Tubbies rock. I've just got way too much gear in a tiny office / studio, lol.
  7. Please see my reverb ad for details. This is a great vintage 335 type in players condition at a fair price. HFC price is $900 shipped. https://reverb.com/item/32059077-yamaha-sa-2000-335
  8. I would ship at buyers expense...but I don't want to pack it or anything. Would want to take it to fedex and pay them to pack and ship.
  9. HFC price is $650. Great sounding 1975 Pro Reverb with zero issues. Cosmetics are good for an amp of it's age, but not perfect. The cab is sturdy. This is a gigging workhorse ready to go. This ones got a major upgrade with $450 worth of Tone Tubby speakers. It’s got the “H-Bomb” speaker configuration consisting of one red alnico and one green ceramic. If you know these speakers...you’ll understand how awesome they are and the value it adds to the amp.Price is firm. The tubes are Groove Tubes and we’re replaced in the last year or so...they are good to go. No shipping on this one. I live in the Tampa area...but cover the whole state of Florida and a good bit of Georgia as well for work. I'm willing to meet up in person for a sale in Florida or Georgia...no shipping.
  10. HFC price is $110 shipped / paypalSee reverb ad for info please. https://reverb.com/item/18587180-skreddy-screw-driver
  11. See my reverb ad for pics and details please. Killer short scale Kauer up for grabs here folks. I love it and bought it to try to make into a guitar for slide...it would be great for that or anything else.Problem is I suck at slide, LOL!I'll be moving this one and a couple others as it's time to downsize a bit.HFC price is $850 shipped.https://reverb.com/item/32041809-kauer-daylighter-jr-short-scale-2012
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