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  1. Congrats! Great attitude can make a world of difference. Instead of why, choose why not, good luck
  2. That’s what it looks like to me as well, if the values are correct it should work fine but looks terrible.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Crazy times, be healthy
  4. I like the look, very nice. I noticed the “most recent” post is now on Page 1, was that intended?
  5. PaGator


    WOW! that looks awesome, congratulations
  6. Wow, great work and thanks again for sharing!
  7. PaGator


    Very cool, very unique, congratulations! Is the bridge adjustment from the back of the guitar or are the posts just mounted all the way through? Enjoy
  8. Incredible work! The spoke wheel truss rod adjustment makes a lot of sense
  9. SD diagrams are good. Remember not all pickup manufacturers use the same wire color codes
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