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  1. I messaged Greg on Facebook, he is a true craftsman!
  2. Amp 11 shipped and will arrive Thursday
  3. The wait will seems longer than expected and the arrival will be better than expected, congrats and enjoy!
  4. Awesome, nice job, I’d come see you if I live in the area
  5. Very cool, congrats! Keep the pictures coming
  6. I picked up this bass, would have posted earlier but I had to have my nephew who lives in the Warren, MI area pick it up and bring it to me in the Pittsburgh area over July 4th. The bass arrived with a significant bow in the neck, corroded frets, an output jack that wasn’t working and old strings. While I normally set up my own guitars and basses I decided to have this one set up professionally. Got the bass back today. Neck relief and action are both a little higher than I’d ideally like but given how bowed the neck was I’ll let it settle for a month or so and tweak it from here myself. Now I need to figure out how to play this thing 😂
  7. I’m all apple these days but I would check to see that all of your drivers are up to date if you haven’t
  8. FWIW the Vintage Guitar Price Guide has a price range of $1,800 - $2,300 for one in Excellent Condition. Ultimately the market will determine the price.
  9. Bubs I have a contact in Nashville that is a steel string player, also reconditions them and is a dam good amp builder (Fender circuits mostly). He is a great guy, if you would like to connect with him PM me.
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