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  1. 👏👏👏 Well done sir. Well done .... If you don’t believe for one minute that one of those Westlake kids wouldn’t sell off some shit for a couple hundred bucks you are fooling yourself. Those little bastards don’t know and, they don’t care. I’ll keep my future efforts to myself.
  2. And for what it’s worth.... Austin is a total shit show these days. we are down to just a couple “ real” guitar shops now. yeah, we have 3 guitar centers.... the “ music scene“ is full of frat boys doing shots and homeless people talking shit to you. or worse yet, throwing shit at you. millions of people here now. I’ll take advantage of a deal when I find them.
  3. Naaaa. Rich kid on the “ good” side of town. it’s still all in play at this point. We will see. We will see...
  4. Dude wants 200 bucks!!! Had one like this in ..... 93-94ish???
  5. Someone knows where this thing is.... come on guys. hook a brother up!
  6. Thanks man. I appreciate all the help I can get.
  7. If that the original case, it has DLW Stenciled on the front probably in white spray paint. it might say DLW No. 5 or No 6… I can’t remember.
  8. This one was a direct ship from Chicago however.
  9. Yep. Went over there too. Compton is a CRAZY place. only place I’ve ever been that had graffiti on the palm trees.... it was surreal. And that was in 93?94? ish I went to NAMM that year. I stood in line with John Petrucci and Alex Skolnik to go see the hell a casters. good times!!
  10. Thanks! I got it figured out! thank you....
  11. This project was kinda “rage” like.
  12. I was on my 20’s.... was about to have my first kid.... blah blah blah.... I have a stamp on my hand in this pic. So I was less than 21 years old.
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