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  1. Here are the pics of the plug job, Like i said it was done locally by a guy who i would never trust with any of my guitars but the original owner took to him.Of course the fine cracks are finish checking. Some filing and sanding would make it look much better. it does not effect its play what so- ever. Sorry to have these up here late but family emergency's have that tendency to take over.
  2. Jim, It did at one time have the bolt holes though the back of the neck. The original owner took to a shop that talked him into having the holes plugged, doweled for additional strength. Even though it doesn't effect playability of the guitar and the neck is not weak either i would not have done that because of the look.
  3. Dave, thank you is it an awesome guitar for its age and heavy use . Like you said may remove this add and repost it.
  4. So surprised someone one like you would chime in with your 2 pennies want change Mr. De-motivation, indifference, lethargy,, buddy boy
  5. What i think you are asking is if the head-stock was ever broken, no never was, those are floyd nut plugs to secure the nut from the top instead of from behind which creates a weak area on thinner necks.
  6. Did you ever think i may not be able to take better photograph? if you are not interested then move along. if no one is interested then I will keep it and remove the post
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