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    '95 cruise 2tek cb, '96 cruise 2tek cr, '84 blitz cr, '89 chap max gold-boomers, Sterling LE HH4, 86 Cruise wht, 91 Chap granite, 00 USA Jackson jj
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    Trace Elliot rah250smx x 2, Eden d410xlt x 2, Eden d115t. SWR black beauty, SWR 12 pack x 2, Trace 410, Trace 210
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    furman pl-8 plus, sabine rack tuner, peavey ultraverb (never used), Sansamp d.i., Alesis midiverb 4, Monster Pro 2500

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  1. Sweet. Now build me a medium scale PJ with a downsized body. Please. Lol
  2. Scared off? Makes me wonder how many members messaged him with an offer. ? lol
  3. Not like you’re putting a dog in an outfit...
  4. I miss my Chap Max. Wish I got that kinda cash for it. Actually, I miss the boomers most!
  5. (#imkeepingitandnotsellingit) I’m sure people will keep their eye out. I miss my white Cruise bass I sold someone here...
  6. I thought the VFE white horse compressor was a lot of fun. But I don’t know anything. I play bass...
  7. Thank you very much. No stickers, just storage gunk. And age.
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