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    '95 cruise 2tek cb, '96 cruise 2tek cr, '84 blitz cr, '89 chap max gold-boomers, Sterling LE HH4, 86 Cruise wht, 91 Chap granite, 00 USA Jackson jj
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    Trace Elliot rah250smx x 2, Eden d410xlt x 2, Eden d115t. SWR black beauty, SWR 12 pack x 2, Trace 410, Trace 210
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    furman pl-8 plus, sabine rack tuner, peavey ultraverb (never used), Sansamp d.i., Alesis midiverb 4, Monster Pro 2500

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  1. Sammy and The Circle are coming to my little town next month. Playing at our restored theater. 600 seats.
  2. Dang, he makes some Fantastic Basses! Congratulations times a thousand! I wish I coulda bought the Cruise!
  3. I think the body is downsized a little.
  4. I was in a hurry and told her I’d put it on the FB page. Figured someone would take it from there and help.
  5. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Hamer/Vintage-1989-California-Holoeye-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar.gc
  6. I think that was an Artist. The guy was honest and called MF about it. They argued. He kept guitar. 😂
  7. Wow, I’ve never seen an import Imact. At least with the same body shape.
  8. Refin? That’s hot no matter what! Damn, what can I sell?.....
  9. Yeah, I think it’s real. Was wondering about the Spector bridge and control layout. They’ve done some wacky stuff. The inlays are probably Spector decals.
  10. https://reverb.com/item/36585764-hamer-5-string-explorer-mid-90-s-cherry-burst
  11. I heard UPS/Ft. Wayne worked on better logistical formats And lowered prices for Sweetwater, on a new contract. Sweetwater went with FedEx at the last second. Maybe a BS rumor. Also heard USPS quit scanning/tracking to save time. Maybe a BS rumor. My whole post seems to be rumored BS. 😂
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