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  1. Great preamp tubes, black mica, the best! I own a set for my Fender 5e5A. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Polara or Steve, would you explain to me about chinese counterfits? Do you mean COUNTERFIT bookS have not been made in USA?
  3. Book received and read Steve. I got it a the third try (It was discontinued I was told). I enjoy it a lot, and liked the Improv story and Artist Ultimate. Highly recomended! PS: Just for next edition ask publisher correcting a mistmatch in one of first pages.
  4. Mine is is on the way finally! It took very long but I am willing to read it. It is a shame I am so far it cant be signed by the authors.
  5. I just contacted publisher and I was told it would be released late this month. They use his UK location to ship to Euro sales.
  6. Congrats Jay, and my best whishes to you. You got mail.
  7. Really impresive work Greg. Congratulations,you did it!
  8. You can get Scalar strings from Germany(the same strings) but they are about 10 euro a set....These are really good strings I can say.
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