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  1. Oh Yeah, I agree with you 1000%. I get Really pissed when I see that sort of thing. While everyone has the right to overspend on a legitimate product, no one has the right to switch and bate to scam them.
  2. Nobody should ever have to spend $28.00 on a guitar cavity capacitor. Polypropylene, Styrene, & Mylar type are some good choices for caps, just not Ceramic or Mica. And the uF. value is important, but not the operating temperature.
  3. I'm pretty sure that the least expensive Hamer of any model will be available here. And with the least amount of hidden cracks, breaks, scrapes or buzzes.
  4. Yes, it was previously for sale by a shop that went by the name: A. Bortion Custom Guitars
  5. It's in very nice condition but, Isn't that a lot for a non-USA model though?
  6. True^^^^^ And I think an import Standard would run around $699 - $899 maybe? But just in case you win the lottery, there's this...... https://www.williesguitars.com/product/1978-hamer-standard/
  7. To this day, it's the only bass that I could bring to a gig and be confident that it would be the only one I'd need, no matter what songs we played. One interesting thing was that if I rolled off the treble and bass controls to zero, it sounded a lot like a P-bass.
  8. I used to get upset about the wear marks on #0531 until one of my guitar players saw it and gave a thumbs up. I guess when a bass or guitar is 41 years old it's to be expected.
  9. Yes, Ben Orr, and Rick James had one also. I remember that Magazine Pic too. When I ordered mine, I tried out a few at King James Music in Belmore NY and didn't like the colors (White, Natural and Brown) they had. I told the sales guy I wanted something completely different. When it was in and I went to pick it up, he opens the case and, well yeah, it Was completely different.
  10. To this day, I still regret selling my '77 Inca Silver Stingray.
  11. I realize that the Hakko FX888D is a little less than double the Weller WLC100, but long term it can be cheaper going with the Hakko because of reliability. I used to burn through heater elements on standard Weller 40 watt irons at 2-3 per year and the tips even faster. Also, the Digital design and type of heater element gets up to temp way faster. It also conserves the tip and heater when idle for long periods. You can adjust the temperature range to suit the solder used and the part you are soldering which you can't do with the Weller.
  12. I would highly recommend the Hakko FX888D soldering station. I've been using mine with silver solder for years with nothing but perfectly shiny solder joints. I use mine 5 days a week and it has never quit on me. https://www.hakko.com/english/products/hakko_fx888d.html
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