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  1. It sounds like the switch was on its way out before you got it. I would just replace it with an identical one.
  2. Me, I wouldn't chance it either, but the fact that Mike said what he did is outstanding!
  3. I used to send out small containers of paint to customers who had chipped paint on speaker cabinets. I mixed up to 10 different custom colors. If they wanted me to do it, I just charged them a nominal fee.
  4. Thankfully, I'm content with playing bass through a Keeley GC-2 limiter. But I think I'd better check in and see if they pre-ordered this wacky module.
  5. Well the rest of it looks great. I'm going to guess that someone was pissed at their drummer and tried to bash the drum kit, only to land on some metal hardware. To this day, the G-string tuner on my '73 P-bass is slightly bent from me trying to bash in my drummers kick drum head. He deserved it, the smartass little f-head!
  6. I'm Really looking forward to seeing the Bass design that Mike's working on. Speaking of that Hamer DVD, there's a part of the video where Mike is creating the "German Carve" in a guitar. He's literally doing the initial carve with a small grinder and wheel. Then he hand carves it to the final shape and fine sands it. The video has Jol D. narrating what Mike's doing as you watch.
  7. Definitely rotated inward. It could be either the hole widened in an arc, (I doubt it though), or the screw stripped out the wood and someone decided to turn the tuner until he got to a spot to start a new screw hole. Yes to tooth picks and/or sawdust and carpenters glue mixture in the hole, then re-drill. Those screws are Pozi-Driv, not regular Philips.
  8. Well, it IS a foot pedal so.....🤷‍♂️
  9. I was looking at the EBMM site where they show how they finish guitar and bass bodies, and how they make the necks and fret them. I think that if I hadn't bought the Hamer DVD and years later watched what Mike does now, I never would have realized the level that guitar building could achieve. If you have the DVD, you can watch Mike doing the same work he does now. The German Carve. The Abalone inlay work done between the binding and the top. The heating and flowing of the Ivoroid around the edges of the necks and bodies. All the attention to detail including selec
  10. Sure it'll just pop back into place. All you have to do is.....
  11. I once tried to use Purpleheart in a bass design. Destroyed a few table-saw blades trying to cut it (This was in the mid 70's so I didn't have the high quality tools available today). Damn!!! just looked it up.....2520 ion the Janka scale!! No wonder!
  12. Poplar! That's the one I forgot. My '77 Inca Silver StingRay was Ash (found out when I got a chip in the paint) and heavy.
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