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  1. An 8 ohm speaker in series with another 8 ohm speaker will give you the 16 ohm impedance you need.
  2. The main thing about the bass would be Not to have it sound like, or look like a Fender or MM or others as much as you possibly can. I already have that. Most of us already have that. Something that can cut through a mix, something that is balanced like a StingRay bass (smaller headstock/lighter tuners) something that can sound great regardless of the type of song that’s being played.
  3. For Wood: I love Ash for the midrange harmonics. I also like Mahogany, and Mahogany with a Maple cap. Pickups I’ve used and liked: Dimarzio P / Gibson EB3 baby hum-bucker combination. I like MM StingRay style, and I really like anything Bartolini. Tuners: Schaller Bridge: anything solid that keeps the-strings down , like a string through design. Frets: I like low height and thin. Fretboard: I like all. Electronics: Passive or Active
  4. Yes. i was at BCR ordering my Standard bass when they came in. All beautiful guitars.
  5. Whatever you think of Keef, and however he is entombed, he Urn’d it
  6. It used to shock me when someone I listened to died. Now I’m surprised that they’re still alive. That said, it would get to me a lot more if I heard that a musician friend of mine, especially one I was in a band with, had died. I think That’s going to be much harder to take.
  7. Looks like it’s @ Goodman’s which also look like Celestine’s of the era. Yes Goodman’s definitely made guitar speakers back then and HiFi speakers too. The cone on that speaker looks like a Fane or Celestion though.
  8. I’ve only had two basses and one guitar with rosewood boards and I don’t care what type they were. i just liked them.
  9. Here's a closeup of the smallest intelligent light we installed. Cleaning these are time consuming even though they are very simple compared to the Maverick Spots and the Hybrid Spots. Each lens is part of the the deep honeycomb gridwork and attached by about 70 screws, so cleaning involves getting an alcohol wipe down there. The Hybrid and Maverick lights are extremely complex but easier to clean the 12+ lenses inside. After disassembling these and looking at their complexity, I see why even the simple ones are over $6k each.
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