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FS Gibson Nighthawk

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fwiw, I own one of these Gibson Nighthawks and its a wonderful guitar. With a very unusual set of features for a Gibson.

- 25.5 scale.

- Bridge similar to a Strat Hardtail.

- Body shape similar to a Les Paul but slightly smaller, with a beer belly bevel.

- Mine is very lightweight.

- Slimmer neck than what you'll typically find on a LP.

- The pickups & switching arrangement lets you get a wide range of sounds. Lots of choices of single coil & humbucker. The Gibson Firebird style mini hum in the neck sounds very nice.

- Very versatile guitar.

- Like most things Gibson, any particular specimen may require a bit of adjusting to get it right. Mine needed a serious fret leveling, nut needed to be properly cut, and the truss rod needed to be tweeked regularly for a while before the neck seemed to settle down and stabilize. Once it was over that hump though it became a keeper. A very nice guitar.

Just thought I'd give this one a bump because a good Gibson Nighthawk at $600 will make someone very pleased.


PS - The usual disclaimer. I have no financial interest in the sale of this item. Likewise I accept no responsibility if this one turns out to be a real dog. ;-)

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I had similar impressions of one I owned for a little while. The one I had was a three-pickup model with push pulls to tap the neck mini and the bridge bucker.

Very versatile, very comfy to play. Great gig guitar.

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