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  1. I know these are/were a favorite here. I saw this on Elderly website at I think a good price $400 https://www.elderly.com/collections/category_amps/products/genz-benz-black-pearl-30-112 I was gonna go for it, but they don't ship Good luck
  2. The Grosh is still available as is this Hamer Korina Newport Excellent condition, = np breaks dings dents etc. Nice orig hsc as well. Currently sports a set of Schecter Pasadena Plus pickups, volume for each pup, master tone, -push/push for coil splitting and a relocated pup selector. I was told the work was done at BCR. Seller is from PA, work looks immaculate, and the Pups have a BCR music sticker on the box, so I assume it to be true. Asking $1600 shipped for this guitar as well Wanna spend less $$. I also have a Reverend USA guitar available as well. Excellent condition. Volume tone and Bass Contour knob. hum cancel on the 2&4 position rev hsc asking $1000 Shipped . Will try to post more pics of these soon
  3. Got this one in on a trade, and while its a great guitar it's just not the neck for me. Spoiled by a big hunk o Shishkov that has become my neck profile standard. It has master-grade, tone-tapped woods and ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish. Extremely well balanced. Alder body finished in metallic copper with aged satin lacquer finish, oil-finished maple neck with Indian rosewood fretboard, roundback neck (.875" X .975"), 1 5/8" nut, 6150 medium frets, aged vintage dots, 10" radius, Gotoh 6-screw vintage tremolo, Kluson locking vintage tuners, aged white pickguard, Lindy Fralin P90 pickups with 3-ply covers, 3-way switch with center position hum-canceling, and amber speed knobs. This has a few clear coat dings, as well as a finish check line (see arrow in pic of back) that goes the length of the bass horn but no serious issues. Overall it looks great The white on the bass horn in the 3rd pic is only a reflection. New Electrajets priced above $3K not a bad deal @ $1600 shipped. Contact gciprut@yahoo.com
  4. How close are they? Both mahogany, pups similar?? Firebird body is thinner and larger, as well as wings attached to a plank/neck thru. Pups, original fb or mini hum? Eclipse smaller body 1 piece, set in neck, used- a good deal less expensive than a firebird. Mini hum pups. Do "real" firebird pups get you closer to the Firebird sound? Or If you want firebird sound, buy a bird, even with all it's idiosyncrasies?
  5. What size did Hamer use?? Thank you!
  6. These are not getting much play, and have downsized my space, as well as looking to go unplugged on a vintage Gibson or Martin acoustic. Depends on what I get for the stuff I'm selling. More pics this weekend when there is time. If you want more info, questions, etc gciprut@yahoo.com 1) Artist wrap(studio) "96", the color is more of a burst than the pics show. pickups are TV Jones Classic Plus. The bridge I believe is a Pigtail. Original tuners, and original case. Case is in real good shape. Its a little bit of a road warrior, some dings, scratches, more on the back than the front. A couple of dings to the front, not through the finish, not very visible unless up close. Finish has some orange peel (pizza day?) along the back of the neck. Asking 1275 shipped lower 48 2) Artist custom Bigsby, fully bound . BCR order, I believe the only one with the pup selector on the bass horn. Neck was spec'd out to the profile of a Talladega, so has a nice soft V, very comfortable. The pickups are older Seth Lovers originally from the above artist, so they are '96. I liked the sound of them better than the ones that came with this guitar. The tuners were changed to locking tuners. I believe I have the originals I can include. Neck and body are in overall very good shape. The neck has a little bit of orange peel by the bottom bass side of the neck. I dinged the top of the headstock where a piece of finish came off. There is a tiny dot of a blemish on the back of the guitar - hate to admit sloppy solder - I leave it to the pros now, ugh! Case is an ultimate?? its the faux crocodile. $2950 lower 48 3) Newport Korina 04 comes with original hsc both in excellent condition. I picked this one up a couple of years ago. These mods were already done, supposedly by BCR Greg. Pups are Schecter ( box has a BCR Music price tag on it) Pasadena Plus zebra set It has a push/push splitter bridge is 7.87/5.56 neck is 8.17/4.07 magnets are alnico 5. I have the box and info card for them. There is an additional volume knob, and the pup selector is moved to below the F hole as you can see. The bigsby is now a string through, I believe its a Callaham string shaft that was put in. Asking 1600 shipped lower 48 4) Last is a 2006 Reverend USA #04902 Slingshot with Bigsby and Sperzel locking tuners Deep Purple - pic shows a bit on the dark side, it is a vibrant purple. the only one in this color/configuration. has the bass contour nob. Overall great shape. the sides of the guitar are nice and white, no dings/dents. comes with rectangular Reverend hsc also excellent condition. asking 1550 shipped lower 48 I am on Long Island if you are local/near and want to pick up instead of ship, pricing can be reduced. contact at gciprut@yahoo.com have sold and bought many guitars here.
  7. Went to look up some info on my Savoy and found this posted on http://www.robinguitars.com/ Interesting! There’s a familiar sound back in the shop... The sawdust is flying again! Yes! We’re back with a renewed vision and focus to create your favorite Robin masterpieces as you remember them, right here in Houston, TX! Robin Guitars will again be made, using only the finest wood, precision hardware, and voiced by Rio Grande Pickups. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Email or call with any questions. Dave Wintz President, Robin Guitars
  8. Really comfortable guitar with belly cut and arm bevel. I believe weight is a hair under 7 lbs Easy to play with a 24.5 in scale conservative 8/10 condition polishing swirl, no dings or damage. comes with OHSC asking $950 shipped questions to gciprut@yahoo.com More/better Pics to follow
  9. Take a look at this https://mcnellypickups.com/products/duckling
  10. Great info, thank you all. I think I have grown more accustomed to the larger profile. I'll have to ask Mike what shape he considers his necks. I know I'm not a fan of the current Fender C shape. James mid 90s are ok, but I like them bigger. I don't have much experience with Gibby's. I do have a couple of Reverend USA guitars that I used to think were perfect, and now are not as comfortable to me. They always describe their necks as medium oval.I can either sell or get new necks, leaning towards sell. The Prisma is said to have a U shaped neck, not familiar with that shape. I guess my best bet is to have it shipped from the store, and try it out. I will check the return policy. Originally wanted to do a trade, but they usually don't give a trial period on trades so if I like it, I'll have to try selling what I was going to trade.
  11. I know I like em big. I have big hands and small necks cramp my hand. My Shishkov is the biggest I own and it's my favorite. Don't have a caliper to measure exactly the size, so wondering what most think is a big neck. Im currently looking online at a Prisma bolt on with a .91 from 1st to 12th fret Is this medium, or chunky/big? What measurement would you consider big Thank you!
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