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  1. They don't make em in the USA or out of these materials anymore!! Overall very good condition. 8/10 Frets are good, no dings or dents to the neck or body. The white rim of the body has some dirt/yellowing never tried to clean it. Wasn't sure what to use. The 2 and 4 positions have nice quack when the bass is rolled off. Stays in tune with Bigsby use, thanks to the locking tuners and roller bridge. The neck is like an early 60s Fender. Great guitar, I don't play it anymore, so out it goes. Will be listing some others that have been sitting in the closet getting no love. Comes with the Reverend rectangular TKL case. Asking $1150 Shipped to the lower 48. Contact gciprut@yahoo USA Retro Pro guitars feature the patented High Resonance Body designed by company president Joe Naylor. This tone-chambered body uses high tech composite and polymer materials in combination with wood to produce a very resonant, lively and consistent instrument. All guitars also feature the Bass Contour control. This passive bass reduction circuit adjusts between a slight bass roll-off to completely re-voicing the pickups. Humbuckers can be re-voiced to sound like single-coils, but without single-coil hum. P-90's can be re-voiced to sound like Fender-style pickups according to the company. The USA Retro Pro series consists of the Wolfman, Rocco, Slingshot, and Slingshot Custom models.
  2. Hey,

    Was curious if by any chance you have calipers??  to measure front to back depth of the neck at the 1st fret

    Ive developed a taste for CHUNKY guitar necks, this looks kinda nice



    1. bigolsparky


      I do have access to calipers.  I will measure it tomorrow.

  3. Citrus

    Vox AC 10

    On the quest for a light grab and go 10 - 15 watts for basement band practice Would like decent headroom and good distortion Looks like these can be had for the HFC approved tree fiddy on Reverb Anyone??? Bueller?
  4. This one kills me. He's a Canadian studio musician I believe. Has a couple CDs with the Brothers Landreth Lots of amazing stuff on YouTube as well.
  5. Anything I can find by The Brothers Landreth
  6. Anything left?? Just saw this. XXL zip?? Pints???
  7. hi,

    Are you still looking for Korina Vectors?

  8. Hey cmatthes are you sporting a Shishkov chapeau???
  9. Wish I bonded with those necks, but after buying and selling 5 of them, I know to pass,them up when I find one. Beauty
  10. Make an Electraglide, all hog, with homage to a Duotone - have the holes drilled straight through. 2 unique Hamer designs in one!! Just being silly
  11. Wishing Mike all the best, and not bashing in any way. Just curious as to where the sudden surge of custom order interest came from Is it that Mike will do things Hamer wouldn't? 4d headstock for example. Amazing that they would be so against some small details that would have netted them a lot (relatively) more business. Is it that we can't get Hamers anymore, and this could be a last chance for Hamer style custom orders? Prior to Hamer shutting the doors there seemed to be a lack of custom orders being seen here.
  12. Anyone know what the neck profile is on these??.
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