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  1. WOW Beautiful I'm afraid to ask if it has a chunky neck
  2. Wish those necks were a little chunkier. They usually run about .82 at the 1st fret. I like more of a .90 or bigger.
  3. Like chunky necks? Here’s a nice 50’s style Musikraft USA neck mounted on an older Mighty Mite body with a real nice factory silver flake finish, with some gold accents. There is also some nice relicing that I'm not charging for. There is a chunk of finish missing off the back. I dont know when it happened, but.. like I said the relicing is free of charge. The neck is Musikraft. They build some really sweet replacement necks. It has a vintage logo installed with many coats of nitro finish on the headstock so there are no visible lines on the edge of the vintage logo. The neck
  4. Whats a good way to contact you on the eclipse?

  5. Hey,

    Was curious if by any chance you have calipers??  to measure front to back depth of the neck at the 1st fret

    Ive developed a taste for CHUNKY guitar necks, this looks kinda nice



    1. bigolsparky


      I do have access to calipers.  I will measure it tomorrow.

  6. Anything I can find by The Brothers Landreth
  7. Anything left?? Just saw this. XXL zip?? Pints???
  8. hi,

    Are you still looking for Korina Vectors?

  9. Hey cmatthes are you sporting a Shishkov chapeau???
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