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  1. The SEs that have crossed my bench have been WMI/Korea and exceptional guitars for the asking prices.
  2. I wanna add a Newport or some cool ES thingie to my stable, but I'm tripping over guitars already. So I guess my resolution includes making my one-story case rack a two-story case rack.
  3. Man, reading this thread again, how times change. I can remember going to the DFW vintage shows in the 1990s and clean unmodded or tastefully modded 70s strats were in the $400-600 range. I remember one guy one year had a booth full of them and he told me for a flat $1K I could walk with any three of my choice, with cases. Also reminded me of the Gibson Designer Series (primitive factory graphics) from the 1980s at those shows. There was a guy one year had three or four of them in a giant oversized Rubbermaid garbage can. I think he wanted like $350 or $400 for each guitar in the can w OHSC, but for a flat $1K, I could take the whole lot -- including the giant Rubbermaid garbage can. Same story as the 70s strats - getting one Designer Explorer or V for a flat grand today would be SCORE! Interesting useless trivia - Zakk Wilde's "burnt rebel flag" LP with the bottle caps stuck all over it I think began life as one of these ...
  4. Reverb.com's price guide puts current value on a '75 Strat in black at $1,800 to $2,800, but they have no site transactions history to back that up. I'd initially ask more than that, but it's something to keep in mind and prepare a retort for, in case someone refers to their pricer during the tirekicking and haggling and back-and-forth. https://reverb.com/price-guide/guide/1405
  5. Could have been a broken or frozen truss rod and the original fingerboard split or snapped when removed to get to the troubled rod's channel. Who knows. Who cares really. If you have a good slab of properly cut, properly installed and fretted, and naturally-oily rosewood, you're not being held back by its non-hoohoo country of origin.
  6. Better shot of the tuning keys ... Klusons ...
  7. From my shop's Facebook feed ... now THIS is a relic Fender ... done the old fashioned way ... PLAYED HARD
  8. Joe, is it just my eye or is the Jackson a "double dinky" ... in the truest sense? The original Dinky was created by taking 1/4 inch off the entire circumference of a strat body. That looks like they did the 1/4 to make the Dinky, then did it AGAIN to sharpen the cutaways and further downscale the body to match SS's stature. It looks smaller all over than the typical Dinky. Absolutely badass.
  9. I have a Teese RMC2 I think. Its blue. Love it.
  10. The long-awaited overhaul of my mid 1980s ESP Random Star, one of the Akira sigs from the mid 1980s, is complete finally. You might remember I picked mine up as a project piece about a year and a half ago. Here's what an Akira looked like back in the day. Here's what my project Akira looked like when I got it, its original Ferrari red paint stripped (grrr), its mirror pickguard and accent plates disposed of (grrrr) and its "refin" in a goopy white pearl paste that looked like a child applied it with a tongue depressor. Even on the neck trunk. I stripped the neck and returned it to vintage glory, complete with a re-radius and jumbo refret, a period correct repro logo copied from my other mid 1980s ESP, and a hand-rubbed Danish oil trunk finish (it feels awesome). Spray gun maestro Joel Cangiolosi at Full Blown Paint south of BR reshot the body (after filling old mirror plate holes) in a custom intense metalflake color he and I came up with called "alien bile." Joel finished his magic this week and I had it back up and running shortly thereafter. Stills below can't capture the sparkly in full glory, so here's some video That's the guitar's original pre-Berlin Wall-fall German Floyd Rose, pickups are a Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Blues Saraceno Trembucker and a Gibson PAF I pulled from an old Les Paul. This is THE BEST sounding rock guitar to have ever set foot in my shop. And it's no longer an Akira, it's a Fret Shack/Jeff R. now (!). Thanks y'all for letting me show it off.
  11. Strat-head Dinky takes the prize, sorry Hamerites.
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