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  1. Allparts is also doing roasted now ...
  2. The clone Explorers made of sen (ash) are the ones most people chase.
  3. Top versus flush ... only a comfort and familiarity thing. If you grew up with or simply prefer stock strats and teles, you'll prefer flush. If you grew up with or simply prefer TOMs or wraps, you'll prefer it riding higher in relation to the body face. I've had so much shit over the years, that ride height really doesn't matter that much to me anymore. I prefer completely floating. Even when I gigged regularly, I rarely broke strings. If I wanted a detuning or E flat or drop D, I preferred to either use a Morpheus Droptune or just grab a hardtail.
  4. I got mine from The Muse, used, about eight years ago. Man, time flies.
  5. I have that one's twin w/chrome hardware. Big black badass.
  6. I sent it to Fulltone today for them to diagnose and fix. A kind tech guy, Tsuguto, who watched the videos I submitted said: It can be a bad photocell in the optocoupler, however it usually has to get really hot or really cold for it to behave like this. Also it simply can be a broken solder joint somewhere in the pedal or a footswitch going bad.
  7. Emailed Mike Fuller just now. He replied, almost immediately I might add, "that's a new one, I gotta see this!" and asked me for a demo video. I lucked out and caught the pedal acting possessed just now, sent him a vid of it acting up intermittent with the wop-wop-wop-wop, with the shop at a cold-for-me 66 degrees. We'll see what Mike comes back with.
  8. Yep, I tried every setting with the photocell trimmer when the pedal wasn't working, the trimmer had no effect on the working/not working thing.
  9. Okay, here's a bizarre one. I bought a minty clean Fulltone Supa-Trem ST-1 off the local Facebook marketplace, I mean minty, box, factory manual, even the little Fulltone sticker. I get it back to my shop, works beautifully that night, gorgeous vintage Fender BF tremolo tones with more versatility. Played it all night. Next day, I go to show it to a client and it's not tremoloing. It's lighting up, signal is passing like it's bypassed, clean, no clips or bad distortion or hih/low vol spikes. Power light clicks on off, hard/soft LED clicks on off, speed is controlling the flicker of that LED, everything working great, just no bup-bup-bup-bup. I go to use it that night, it works fine. Go to use it the next day, working fine. Later in the day, not working fine. I finally figured out that it seems the catalyst of what's apparently intermittent tendencies is the temperature of the room. I keep my repair shop hovering in the high 60s most of the time. But I turn off the air when I'm soldering (my station is by the blower) or if I'm simply cold. It seems if the room goes above 70 degrees, the trem function no longer works. What you guys think? Bad solder joint that's ever so slightly expanding or shrinking just enough to crap something out? An iffy chip? or what are they in nice old skool trems ... photo sensors? I haven't reached out to Fulltone yet, you can't call or direct e- them anymore unless you provide video of your problem. Until I make a video showing my thermostat haha, what y'all think?
  10. I just had the seven-string version DC come through for bench TLC. I cannot wait to tell its owner he has a $35K guitar. Wait, his had a quilt upgrade, trans blue upgrade, factory active preamp upgrade and factory master vols and tones for each pickup like a LP. Holy shit, what a boon upon which mah baw sits!
  11. That is simply badass. Nice pull!
  12. The lack of crowned and bound and the stadium logo was what caught my eye initially as well haha.
  13. ** Full refret with probably Jescar 51100. I need that wire represented for shop clients (I have my personal guitars fretted with slight varieties of jumbos so folks can feel the differences) and Jescar 51100 is a raw wire that's comparable to OEM Hamer but harder and ever so slightly taller. ** New harness. Only one of the three pots in it are Hamer stamped and there is solder everywhere. One is a 250K CTS (P-90s like 500s) the other is something stamped Korea. The cap sounds like its made of tar - absolute MUD. As good as the Bluesbars sound, I think the current harness is holding it back. ** Look closely at the body's bass and treble side waist cuts. The binding has shrunk ever so slightly and pulled away from the curves just a tad. I'll heat the binding gently with a heat gun and get the binding back where it started with adhesive and binding tape just for that job. Easy breezy.
  14. New Old GT/Goldtop Day ... 1993. She's got a few issues but I can fix them all, and they made for a really, really nice price compared to current street. Those are Rio Bluesbars. Look also for trace evidence of a clean pro head crack repair as well.
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