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  1. MF's "Stupid Deal of the Day" a week ago was unbranded (house brand) universal fit rectangular hardshell cases for strats and teles, for $39.99 and free shipping (!) I snagged one immediately for the Gretsch orange double Thinline I just built for the shop. The bargain case arrived two days ago and it does the trick just fine. Call them and see if they will price-match themselves
  2. Hipshot makes an ultralight series of tuners they call just that. I'd recommend that and the heaviest tailpiece you can put your hands on to shift the center of balance. When I intonate guitars, I stand up with the guitar on a strap. Here's what I have in the shop for when I encounter neck-heavy SGs on my strap.
  3. And a lack of demand. The next wave of buyers will be offended that "our" guitars came at the expense of delicate rainforests and threatened species in economically-strife areas of the globe, and they will subsequently opt out. I need to start stockpiling Newburgh-era Steinberger paddles as they hit the market LOL
  4. The reason they go broke trying to find a new formula is because we fickle ass guitarists don't want a new formula. Has there ever been any consumer segment in history that wants you to keep making the same thing, over and over, over and over, for what, 70ish years now? Consider at the same time, guitars are non-perishable goods, meaning all those units are adding up, stacking up, over time. Doesn't Gibson make about 300 guitars a day, times what, 250 production days a year, times, what, 70 years ... that's 5.25 million units. Even if you lose 25 percent market inventory for whatever reason, that's a LOT of virtually identical inventory in the marketplace with which your "new" product at non-depreciated prices competes. Face it, if you're Gibson and you even try to change, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Our - I said "our" because I'm just as guilty - idea of Gibson boners is fueled by vintage reissues, closet classic things, i.e. doing exactly what you used to do? We should be driving 70 year old cars, or heating and cooling our homes with 70 year old HVAC systems too, right?
  5. I can understand the dismay over the refin, but I kinda like that electric blue better than black, plus it's great tirekicking fuel if you're so inclined.
  6. Who on the HFC had the red Cali (sparkle?) with two single-sized/rail OBLs, like a telecaster? Wasn't that one a hardtail? I haven't seen that one posted on the board in ages
  7. We pay a pretty penny for tree removal down here. There's no market for the wood thanks to hurricanes that frequently flatten so many trees. More accurately, no $$$ for the wood because the market is saturated with downed wood. The tree guys actually charge you extra based on what your local landfill will charge to accept it when they haul it off. I asked the last tree cutter about why not having a side biz for firewood and he laughed saying they got out of that gig when his waste-not-want-not mentality father, the patriarch of their business, passed away. Again, market saturated with wood, everyone cutting firewood, lot of undercutting and bargains, and oh yeah, that thing about the coastal Gulf South not needing a lot of residential firewood to begin with ... not enough profit to justify the company's investment in it. He told me fewer and fewer tree cutters had firewood side gigs. Easier to charge me fuel and tipping fees to landfill it for me haha. And you think those guys rates are high normally? You oughta see their rates following a huge storm coming through and every street in town has a dozen or so big ass trees across it at at least a couple houses with trees in them.
  8. And thanks for the A2 in a JB information, I've been debating trying that for a while now. Isn't DeMartini's sig pickup basically a JB with an A2? The mag swaps I do around here for clients are typically ditching ceramics in high gain pickups in favor of A2s or A5s in an attempt to give guys better chances of getting grind/pushed/gritty tones. Ceramics do clean clean and dirty dirty nicely, but the middle road stuff can be so characterless, vanilla meh. A2s in particular are great for fixing that. I've found you can't magically turn a shitty pickup into gold with a mag swap, but you can take an already quality pickup like a SD or a Dimarzio and subtly tweak its flavor more to your hands, ears and tastes.
  9. Don’t worry about losing the wax... potting is over rated. The unpotted Seth Lover is a wonderful pickup! If you DO lose too much potting and are worried... just solder a cover on there. That cover will protect the coils from mechanical vibration (which is the true purpose of potting IMHO, not in reducing feedback). Gotta pipe in ... Mechanical vibration IS the source of feedback, not volume-driven harmonic feedback most of us love, but the shrill uncontrollable stuff most of us don't. The vast majority of the time in which I'm fixing unwanted feedback issues in a humbucker in my shop, it's a covered humbucker that's acting up ... and the feedback source is typically the cover .... specifically the top flat of the cap vibrating. Potting is HUGE in preventing this. But if you don't want to pot, use 3M/Scotch double stick foam tape, a piece between the cap and the bobbin tops and press the cap FIRMLY against the pickup top. Fixed. My last potting job to curb uncontrollable feedback was last week, ironically a pair of Seth Lovers haha. Touring blues artist from NOLA, not a lotta gain but a lotta high volume with natural tube overdrive. Source of the feedback? Vibrating pickup caps. Pure paraffin, in a double-boil set-up on my kitchen stove, 140-145 degrees via candy thermometer, each pickup submerged one at a time for a few minutes. Still sound like a great pair of Seth Lovers. Just no more WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ...............
  10. As hokey and cryptic as Gibson's serialization system was in that era, your pot codes tell you more than the six-digit SN. See below ... If you really really have to know those six digits, the best luck I've had with very hard to read serial numbers is with jeweler's loupe-equipped pawnbrokers. Number Year 000000S 1973 100000S 1970-1975 200000S 1973-1975 300000S 1974-1975 400000S 1974-1975 500000S 1974-1975 600000S 1970, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975 700000S 1970, 1971, 1972 800000S 1973, 1974, 1975 900000S 1970, 1971, 1972
  11. Biggest homemade pedalboard I ever had was a Rickenbacker 360 series double-stitched guitar case. Circa early 2000s, Cajun Boy and I tore the foam and fur out, put thin slats and velcro all in it, and put detachable hinges on it. The case lid was the bottom, the "dish" bottom of the case was the removable lid. That case had an A/B/Y amp switching box, a ton of stomboxes in separate effects chains for each amp, two or three bricks powering it all, power strips ... sucker weighed more than the amps. I need to find a pic of it. The board I use now is a homemade aircraft-grade aluminum job, done by old timer HFC'er Mindseye about 10 years ago. It was as big as a door when I got it, huge and my neighbor and I cut it in half with a grinder of some sort. I added a back riser for more shit. Here's a shot I found of it about a year or two ago in one of my rewiring incarnations.
  12. Fond memories of hanging with BBD - the people in the band as well as the musicians - at the Pour House and downtown in Charleston many, many years ago. Prayers and condolences, Bill and Jeff.
  13. Yes, it's a state by state thing, and a leveling of the playing field is LONG, LONG, LONG overdue. If I'm playing the "can you match this price?" game with cheapskate tirekickers who have no appreciation for small business or buying locally, I stand to eat their tax in my sell price (more specifically, my profit margin) because I still have to remit sales tax on their behalf. At least my shop does that, because that's called running a legal, level, honorable business. We charge for the services we provide, we pay for the services we receive (like paved, policed roads to our business for our clientele) and we levy and remit taxes to pay our fair share of those services. That means the TINY amount of profit I would have seen trying to play match the big boxes and conglomerates and MAPs and using my profit to cover their tax obligation just turned into me losing money after I pay shipping. Because the same cheapskate tirekicker is gonna want a "can you free shipping" match. Meaning I paid shipping 1x to get the item from my supplier and then 2x to get it where it needs to go. We have a thread about shipping right now that better displays how this sucks into what little profit you might realize. Imagine if I'm trying to play price match, free shipping, on a $2K item, and/or a 40-pound something. And people wonder why Mom and Pops in all retail sectors have been dying on the vine. I've gotten into the habit in recent years of just telling people who show the first sign of tirekick fuckery to shop their best price online and bring me what you want replaced, installed, upgraded, whatever. You won't hurt my feelings, you'll actually save me headaches and potential financial losses. My time is worth more than the WEE bit of profit I MAY see. The system as it has sat and still mostly sits dictates I only make money on the repair bench anyway.
  14. Jeff R

    Frozen tuners

    Dabba sewing machine oil or 3-in-one oil down the tuner post shaft, into the gear housing that way.
  15. Heritage insures my shop, including clients' guitars that are in my possession for repairs and restos, FYI. Here's one for the story board ... I just put an Earthen Maple I TLC'ed for Thundersteel on the UPS truck. Louisiana to Florida panhandle, UPS Ground, $3K declared value, delivery sig required. A cut-and-paste of what I just messaged him. The shipper, Baton Rouge Packaging and Shipping, was $76.72. It was my second stop. My first stop, the UPS Store by my house, wanted $104 for shipping UPS Ground AND they said they would have to pack "our" pack (I packed it like you did exactly, same materials, same box) in a custom-made box for ANOTHER $48 because our pack was insufficient for a $3K shipment. I politely told them because I've shipped hundreds (literally) of guitars just like this over the last 30 years, many of whcih valued at even more $$$, you'll never see me again, wished them a nice day and left. Unbelievable.
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