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  1. Is it a linear taper pot? Guitar pots are typically audio taper pots but some guys like linear pots. I know I'm going to screw this up describing it, but audio pots I think have a graduated, exponential curve that supposedly works more like human hearing, where a linear on "3" is supposedly 30 percent, on "5" is 50 percent, on "8" is 80 percent.
  2. A lotta Ps and Js, you don't even have to take the neck off, just the pickguard, to access the butt TR nut. This StewMac tool is worth its weight in gold for the task. https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/types-of-tools/wrenches/truss-rod-crank-for-tele.html 70s three bolt Fenders are bad about stripping neck bolts if you overtorque the two wood screws and/or tried to employ the silly micro-tilt screw into your setup (the first thing I do is disengage them, they are counterproductive). Stripped neck holes are never a problem, drill them out, dowel them
  3. Collectors will buy them because it will surely be short lived. Dave changes guitar endorsements as frequently as he changes Megadeth's second guitarist slot.
  4. Haha, I literally just finished gluing and clamping her up five minutes ago. You will have no traces of FedEx's spike in the end zone. Edited to add some teaser pix
  5. E-mail me at info AT thefretshack DOT com and we'll get that ball rolling. I'm getting ready to order a fresh batch of 'em.
  6. I had an Astroverb head atop a Boogie Thiele 1x12 for a spell back in my gigging days and I regret selling it looking back on it. The sweet spot on the Astroverb for me was preamp 11ed and power amp vol on 6. It was a perfect stage volume to mix with a drummer and I could clean it up nicely with a guitar volume knob.
  7. My first thought is don't tell the high-dollar cap guys their amps and all their pedals are filled with non-high-dollar capacitors, poor dopes will go broke addressing all those tonal nirvana shortfalls.
  8. My default go-to in the shop, singles or humbuckers, guitar or bass, is an orange drop .022, unless someone specs something different.
  9. I gigged with an ME for a couple years about 10 years ago with no regrets. Good, versatile, portable, affordable and reliable tool. Can't ask for better.
  10. I forgot to mention a specific huge good for 2020 ... getting this one from the Kiz Kollection. It has become one of my go-tos, logged a lotta miles on it as I've laid up over the past coupla months. Thanks again, buddy
  11. And lookee close at what's behind that 4x12 pointed at Alex's drumkit ...
  12. I have the white Solo-X and it is the cat's ass for pushing humbuckers and Marshall'ey tones to the next level. Check out this vid and keep in mind he's getting exceptional results NOT using humbuckers.
  13. The candle jar trick was specifically for Hamer's wider, denser binding. The material Martin uses is thinner and stretches much easier for this repair, a stronger than OEM adhesive and quality binding tape are the primary needs for this task. I've fixed the Martin binding issue many, many times with superior results but my waiting list is backed up thanks to my shattered heel mishap and surgery recovery. You should be able to find a tech close to you who can address this quicker than I could. Consider me a backup plan.
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