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  1. Jeff R

    Stolen Guitar Alert

    Reverb too, sign up for the daily feed via e-mail.
  2. I had a solid black DGT come through the shop that still haunts me it was just so damn good. I never in my life thought I'd be impressed with a stock PRS pickup but damn, those were some good tones at every knob tick. If that client of mine ever puts it up for sale, I already called dibs.
  3. Bernie Torme didn't count either. Who remembers him? He was between RR and BG for like one month, for just a few shows. I spoke to him on the phone once, pre-Internet and when you had to dial like a dozen digits to call across the pond. Bernie said the gig was cool but he was a temp in his own mind going in and never let it be more than that. Plus the crowd response was horrible (as I'd guess you'd guess), flipping him off, cussing him, even throwing shit at him, and he had an unrelated music project back in England for which he was very excited. Add me to the Jake fanbois, easily my favorite Ozzy guitarist as much as I love RR and BG in particular. I remember seeing the blueburst Charvel strathead for the first time and literally feeling my mouth salivate excessively. I too wore out The Ultimate Ozzy VHS I loved "The Ultimate Sin" at the time in that you can tell most every song was built around a guitar trick, a difficult stretch or technique, something bizarre to the norm ... more so than actually producing a good "song" or bed of music for Ozzy to do his thing. I was really into guitar acrobatics at the time so the record was a good fit. I rarely listen to it nowadays - I'll take Badlands all day every day of the week instead.
  4. Here's her most recent photo for reference ...
  5. Jeff R

    Lock N Roll- More Snake Oil?

    My first thought when I saw this photo on their website ... it's a screwed-on Feiten mod.
  6. FreeWay switch is good, well made switch, feels okay under the hand. I wouldn't tour the world with it necessarily, it doesn't feel "that" bulletproof, but for we older less abusive, less pouring sweaty guys it's a cool option. Remember that three-pickup GCS SG/LP Custom in heritage cherry I posted on the shop's Facebook page a while ago? We put a FreeWay in it and it did the trick perfectly for all the HHH options you'd want.
  7. I love the versatility where P-90s sit spectrum wise between Fender-style singles and buckers ... phatter than a Fender, bright like a Fender, but not as phat as a bucker but still kinda phat like a bucker, and more vol knob and touch sensitive to boot. P-90s aren't my favorite pickups but if I could only have one guitar for the rest of my life, to do anything and everything that might present itself, I'd likely want that guitar to have P-90s. My only P-90 guitar is this old plank from 1955 me and HEL Shannon restored a couple years ago. Its P-90 is a Jason Lollar, not an overwind or an underwind, I guess a typical JL wind. Barks like a vintage P but more 3D stereophonic and vibey in the ear canals. Most versatile one-pickup guitar I've ever experienced.
  8. Jeff R


    Awesome score, endorser guitars are so cool
  9. So cool ... and those guitars are beyond bad ass.
  10. Super work by all the artisans who contributed!
  11. Jeff R

    SMH- Relic-ed OFR

    Here's pitting and chipping wear that's more common over time on Floyds than the "new" relicing above. This is the original old skool Floyd on my mid 80s Random Star. You create the wear like on the OP/top bridge by using steel wool to rough up the chrome, then by exposing the bridge to acid vapors. It penetrates everything, including tuner housings, which can brittle them and cause them to crumble or simply not work correctly anymore. To get the chrome pitting like on my bridge on new hardware, you stand a better shot by chipping the chrome away in places and then using PCB etching solution held on the hardware surfaces with one-ply facial tissues. I did this with @kizanski for his brand new hardware on his early 70s Fender Thinline's "Big Gun" conversion. Kiz, share a pic of the Big Gun repro's tuners The etching solution is easy to do but it's nasty -- do it outside and have a few sets of latex gloves handy. Like this ...
  12. Jeff R

    SMH- Relic-ed OFR

    If an 80s shredder is actually from the 80s with its truly original OFR, it's likely got not only some pretty nice wear on the body and neck (even polys get dropped and beat up and show wear over time) but also worn knife edges on both the plate and the fulcrum posts, pitting and chipping on the saddle finish and/or fine tuners where the black has worn to the brass. It would be nice to have a new bridge with a headstart on wear to match the body. Then again, I love relics from the idea you don't have to worry about getting that first ding or subsequent ones, OCD polishing and cleaning sessions, going apeshit over belt buckles or jeans rivets and the rash they leave, you just play the thing.
  13. Jeff R

    SMH- Relic-ed OFR

    If you either a.) actually used the nasty chems needed to get that effect on new guitar hardware, or b.) paid my bench rate to do that to your hardware ... $86 is actually a very fair price.
  14. An ESP Japan-branded aircraft carrier that doubles as a proper double-stitched form-fit hardshell for my old skool mid-1980s Random Star.