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  1. Jeff R

    Old-Timey Hamer Sighting

    I was gonna say ... there is all kinds of righteous looking stuff in that room.
  2. Jeff R

    Les Paul Action ...

    f you are using the same strings (gauge and alloy), same tailpiece height, same string height in relation to the fingerboard ... sounds like the LP may have a touch more relief in the neck than the SG or the FM, which can affect overall sponginess under the left hand fingers. Tighten the truss rod (clockwise) just a touch (i'd try 1/12th to 1/6th of a rotation) to slightly reduce the relief (flatten the board) and see if that tightens the feel of the 10s under your left hand fingers. If it doesn't work or you deem it counterproductive, it's easily reversible ... just keep track of how far you move the rod and put it back where you had it.
  3. Jeff R

    Elixir alternative?

    D'Addario EXP for coated strings. Ultra thin non flaky coating. You wouldn't know they were coated if the packaging didn't say so.
  4. That slishy sound you just heard in the distance was me shitting down my pants leg.
  5. Jeff R

    Grounding to eliminate P90 Hum

    Unless your using battery-driven EMGs or some other active system, you need a ground to bridge. P-90s, singles, buckers, minis ... I can think of no exceptions off the top of my head as far as common passives go.
  6. Jeff R

    Quarter-sawn for idiots.

    Thanks for posting this ... I shared it plus my two cents on the topic on my shop's Facebook page.
  7. Jeff R

    MC5's 'Kick Out The Jams': 50th anniversary

    I love that song, for some reason to my ears it sounds like James Brown and The Famous Flames imitating the Black Crowes and/or the Black Crowes imitating James Brown and The Famous Flames.
  8. There's an "air guitar" joke in here, I'm sure ...
  9. Jeff R

    Odd problem with my 72 Tele Custom

    Did you check it with multiple diagrams yet? Post a good photo or two as well.
  10. Jeff R

    Neck Cradles: What are you using?

    It's a MOP script logo in the standard multiple pieces, it's just the angle of the photo and the variation between the material in the pieces.
  11. Jeff R

    Battery power supply design?

  12. Jeff R


    That gig with Amanda Shaw was more than a few years ago, she was still a young teen back then, calling me "Mr. Jeff" haha. The back story was the entity for whom I worked at the time hired her to play a social event. I got the call at the last minute from Amanda's Dad, her manager, saying that they were unfortunately going to have to cancel because their guitarist was sick. I told him if they were open to a decent player sitting in who'd do the gig for free, the show would go on without a hitch. He said sure, they were game. Then I told him it was me. Caught him off guard and he was leery but I promised I would embarrass his daughter or her act. They showed up for the gig, a 90 minute original set, outdoor show. Me and the bass player sat on the tailgate of a pickup truck after we set stuff up, and we ran through the entire set list verbally, took about 10 minutes. I made a small crib note set list with each song's key to tape to the floor under me. Easy breezy, no problems. I will add, however, I was playing with a young teenage girl, a family set, at an all ages family event at a public park being put on by my employer and attended by my bosses and co-workers, so no drinks, I was stone cold sober which was basically unheard of in that era of my life. It was weird playing with no liquid courage, but it was nice to be 100 percent in the concentration department. I'm sure it helped me help them better.
  13. Jeff R

    Neck Cradles: What are you using?

    Carpet rolled into tubes and tied with fishing line. Cheap and effective. I have two, one for electrics and one for acoustics (larger) and they bounce between my shop's three workbenches.