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PSA: Looking to get a Pacifica cheap?

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Looks like a nice one; I will eventually procure a 611 for gigging. Geoff W. (Zenmindbeginner) and I concurred on the observation that in the Centaura of the early '90s, the vintage spec SSL-1s were horribly mismatched to the fire-breathing JB.  Not sure why that combo became a common OEM set. 

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I used to try and match HBs to the singles, obsessed about it for an inordinate amount of time.

I currently have a MongooseT in the bridge of my 812V, mated with SSL-1s. I had to lower the  bridge a bit to get it to play nice, but so far, so good! The slug coil ended up in phase with the middle pickup, the addition of which, tames the beast .. somewhat. Some interesting tinklys in dere.



ETA: I tossed the JB that was in there soonest.

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