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  1. Happy Father's Day to youze dads out there. I was on Pete's Sunday chat today, mentioned Rick Nielsen pulling out the original four-digit Standard for a live gig, and asked if he'd ever played a vintage Hamer. He replied by saying he'd actually owned a Chap, but didn't bond with with it. My best guess is that he had a short-scale set neck version given that he really prefers a 25.5" scale, but really, I have no idea. Anyone ever seen an old photo of Pete with a Chap?
  2. I have a '93 in '59 Burst and it changes appearance with varaiations in ambient light more than any guitar I've ever owned.
  3. Looks like an Aria Pro II bass. I think those models were called "ZZ" as a shameless reference to ZZ Top.
  4. If he ever unloads that guitar, he already has the appropriate photo source material for the typical Craigslist ad.
  5. Based on my experience, the Custom Custom would be much closer to what you're describing than a JB ever would. Lower-wind PAF style designs tend to have a more balance EQ and some even sound a bit like more full bodied single coils. Ever thought about trying something with an Alnico 2 mag and wound to somewhere between 8k-10k? Take a look at Pete Thorn's latest video and note how many of the lower wind/A2 combinations are less distorted, have no mid hump, sound less compressed, and feature more "clang" than "buzz".
  6. Tele-shaped 'Bird body looking good so far in grabber blue and semigloss black. This is intentionally going to be an imperfect finish so that it doesn't clash with the vibe of the weathered hardware. Waiting on the finish to cure a bit more and for the "BOSS 429" decal to arrive. I'll attach the Coastal Customs neck and the half-bridge (thanks, Dave!) at that point to make sure everything still lines up properly post-paint. I love a summer project...
  7. Liberated from the archives of Rolling Stone's November 11, 2016 issue. As anyone who’s heard it knows, the phrase “for what it’s worth” appears nowhere in the song. According to one legend, Stills played it for one of the group’s managers, prefacing it with, “Let me play you a song, for what it’s worth.” Springfield singer-guitarist Richie Furay recalls he, Stills, and Young playing new material for Atlantic’s Ahmet Ertegun, a major supporter of the Springfield. “Ahmet had come to Los Angeles and we were at Stephen’s house,” Furay recalls. “At the end of the day, Stephen said, ‘I
  8. Not necessarily, but I've heard that under its influence, your playing style will morph into endless sequences of galloping triplets.
  9. Wouldn't the violet stained three-at-once custom order (Standard, Vector, Junior) that ended up in Walter Becker's collection count as a trio?
  10. Got one of those for my birthday a few years ago. Good brew.
  11. Wth? There was a green metallic....and you went for orange??? J/k. Those look cool to me. Glad you like yours.
  12. My baseless theory (based on the sales rep element): Guitar was hauled around as a sales demo mule and sustained some damage. The repair was somewhat hastily done with a slightly different yellow hue and put back on the road. Perhaps it wasn't even a factory repair, but rather done on the fly wherever the rep was traveling. That might explain the different hue and the sprayed-over serial number. Rep sees a chance to make a sale as-is at a deep discount and off load it...and does so. My Fender Hot Rod Reissue Strat came to me much the same way. Modded in the field by a Fender rep and sp
  13. I liked some of his '80s fashions (e.g., bowling shoes with jeans, patterned overalls, denim vests, zebra striped jacket, etc.), but that Pippi Longstockings kit was horrible by any measure.
  14. I ordered a beautiful maple T-style neck from Coastal Customs in South Carolina. Still working on the body, so it's not yet installed. I'll say this...it looks and feels nice and the fretwork is nicely done. I'll post pics later when I'm on my laptop.
  15. Early Schaller strap lock button, perhaps?
  16. Always thought that body shape worked in bass form, but not so much as a guitar.
  17. Quoting myself here since I answered my own question and figured some of you might be curious. Ordered two sets of D'addario XL 120BT to try out on some of my Floyd equipped guitars. The verdict: they do feel different...in a good way. I'm not even an amateur physicist, but to my fingers, the effect of a locking bridge and locking nut makes string bending harder than it would be on a non-locking setup. And Floyds, to me, seem hypersensitive to string tension variances. The balanced tension set instantly felt better and stays in tune regardless of how much I do two step bends or dive b
  18. His exchange of smirks and eye rolls with Wyman in the video for "Start Me Up" made that my all time favorite music vid. Cooler than the other side of the pillow.
  19. I don't have any additional details about this specific example, but it helps cement my affinity for set neck Chaparrals. A highly underrated design....seriously.
  20. Looks like you're posing for Rodin. Methinks you're making progress..
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