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  1. I think I'd rather be waterboarded than to be subjected to 90 minutes of FGL.
  2. Kirk Hammett just felt a disturbance in the force.
  3. I guess it works both ways. I don't know who many of the newer pop artists are, and frankly, I'm not sure I care to know. Some might call that closed-minded, but to each, his own. My personal-interest-batting-average with newer musical acts is quite low, even for those considered to be in the rock genre. I'll offer no comment on hip-hop and dance pop. Sidebar: My wife and I have taken to skewering the artists on ACL and the Saturday music segments of CBS This Morning to the point that we make bets on whether one or more of the band members are: intentionally playing a cheap/crude guitar playing a guitar at all wearing a fedora, bowler hat, or other antiquated headgear sporting a look that appears to be an homage to the homeless apparently struggling to play their instruments It's all in good fun, of course. Pete Yorn was quite good on CBS this past Saturday. Now, get the hell off my lawn, you meddling kids!!!
  4. Hot damn, that's a sweet plank o' hog right there.
  5. Yep. Pretty much a summary of my experiences. Somewhere in the laws of physics, there must be an explanation to the phenomenon of nearly always being asked to guest-play a guitar that is permanently slung down to one's shins and strung with baling wire.
  6. That Asian mahogany (or whatever it is) looks rather nice. The whole package looks nice, actually.
  7. Cannot find a pic via Google. Bummer. He also had a Cruise and an 8-string back in the day, did he not?
  8. I have had numerous experiences like Dutchman's. Usually, the song is one I have heard a million times, but have never played. Luckily, I nearly always figure out the progression on the fly durung the firsr verse. Never a boring moment, you know.
  9. Not sure if I like them or not, as I have never given the band much of a listen. Frankly, my first impression of bands from the subgenre I like to call "Sentence Fragment Metal" was not a positive one. Zoltan certainly racked up a few endorsement deals early on, so there is that.
  10. Good advice. Still, I live 40 minutes away from Steve Carr's operation and just couldn't justify spending $2250 on what I felt was a oh-so-slightly superior version of a Phaez that I snagged for $400. I bought mine barely used condition in a cool reclaimed maple cab and fully tubed. There's a shitload of other stuff I can (and did) do with that extra $1,850. Food for thought.
  11. Pretty much a holy grail candidate right there. As Jim pointed out, it is screaming for a proper Floyd in black finish. BTW, I've seen a couple of mid/late '80s Roscoe shredders pop up on CL recently, and it occurred to me that like Hamer's Cali, Chap, Centaura, and Diablo, those Roscoes--many of which had incredible custom finishes--were highly underrated top-shelf superstrats.
  12. I own an 18 watt Pasadena head that I have posted about on these forums a couple of times before. While intended to be Randy's take on the brown sound, I have it set at relatively low gain, mainly to give me a slightly beyond break up platform a la Setzer or Paisley. Knock on wood, that little amp has been reliable through at least a hundred rehearsals and roughly 40 gigs. I run it mostly through a home built Pine cabinet loaded with a single Celestion g12h 100w harvested from an old Kitty Hawk combo. I'd really like to try running it through a proper Thiele cabinet, which is why I entered the discussion about the original EV speakers a few days ago. Anyone interested in a simple single channel tube platform that both qualifies as hand-built and won't break the bank should consider one of these worth a try.
  13. Gtrdaddy's right. Go for what feels best. After several attempts to "try on" 10 gauge sets over the last 30+ years, I have reconciled with myself that my ears like 10s, but my hands and fingers prefer 9s. As such, I have 9.5 sets on three guitars right now as a final trial to achieve the perfect balance.
  14. Some might say it's a sledgehammer:fly solution for what you're seeking, but I strongly suggest you give the Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe V2 a shot. Just set your clean base amp setting to give plenty of headroom, back off the Pinnacle's gain to less than 12 noon and be prepared to use your guitar's volume knob a bit. Sounds and feels like mid-gain/JMP Marshall to me. The 3-band EQ, sag control, and switchable boost just make the whole package "work" correctly, IMHO.
  15. I'm interested in these suggestions, too, as I'm seriously contemplating building a wide body Thiele cab to go with my little Phaez Pasadena head. Original EVM 12Ls are out there, but damn...the cheapest I've found one in really good condition is $175 before shipping. And yes, I'm frugal... 😎
  16. Which is why Phil could help the cause by not shitting all over their classics with non-stop harmonic squeals and chirps. Kind of detracts from the tunes' catchiness.
  17. Not 100% sure if they've ever socialized, but if those two ever did go out on the town together, I feel confident they'd attract a robust female audience.
  18. It's my favorite, as well. I remember spinning the Pyromania LP over and over and over when it charted... ...then a friend brought over HnD and I was floored. Less polish and less hi-fi, but damn...some of the best rock riffs ever committed to vinyl. Me and My Wine was a cool bonus track on the post-Pyromania U.S. reissue, to boot.
  19. That Jorgenson MIJ Strat was, to me, one of the most interesting artist models to carry the Fender logo. Crying damn shame it was a low-production, high-end import, because when those suckers do show up on Fleabay or Reverb, the market seems to buoy some rather high selling (not merely asking) prices. I've seen a few go for ~$800 over the years, but those seem to get snapped up before one can drop a fart. And to boot, this is one Strat platform that would NOT be easy to duplicate as a DIY partscaster.
  20. So...I take it that he still lives in the Asheville area? You gents have good taste in scenery.
  21. I'm conscripted to be part of site visiting team auditing a state college in the area just north of Tampa. This feckless shite will persist for the week. My questions are: 1. IF (a huge "IF") I have a few hours to kill on Friday, are there any must-see guitar shops? 2. I'll have at least a couple of nights on my own for dinner. Any recommendations (my hotel is the Residence Inn north of the city at the junction of Suncoast Pkwy and 54) for good restaurants within reasonable Uber distance? Thanks, Jon
  22. Perhaps I'm an odd duck, but to my eyes, graphic-finished Calis almost demand a board with boomers. Dots look just fine on solid color finishes, but on the more exotic body finishes, a dot-neck seems analogous to a wildly painted muscle car sporting dog dish hubcaps.
  23. Glad you're back at home, Jamie. Reminds me that my bout with influenza this week is small potatoes compared to others' maladies. Rest well, my friend.
  24. This, to me, has always been the primary spotting feature on set-neck versus bolt-neck Chaps.
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