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  1. My MIK Standard is pretty well made; not great, but not mediocre. I've just started tinkering with mods to improve it. The MIK PRS SE Singlecut I picked up for $120 is, quite simply, an outstanding guitar. The entire thing (aside from the pickups) is exceptionally well constructed, it rings acoustically, and it's light as a feather, to boot. Even the nut is perfectly cut (not sure if they used a PLEK at World Music back then--I seriously doubt it). If one is looking for a bargain on a well-made guitar, I always recommend that they try MIM Fenders, 2000-up MIK, and Godin.
  2. If I could ever find a Hydra for sale locally in which the owner didn't think it was Jimmy Page's actual EDS 1275, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat and gig that mutha.
  3. Anyone have a pic of the Fred Newell custom?
  4. Totally agree with that sentiment. But...I really wish Dean would offer this as alternative to the V-fork headstock, especially for the V and Z body shapes.
  5. That's simultaneously cool and bizarre. Proof that there's a collector for nearly anything that's ever been manufactured.
  6. Indeed. Back in the late '70s when those types of bumper stickers and t-shirts became popular, my old man pondered having an order of bumper stickers printed that read, "I ♣️ my wife" or "I ♠️my dog".
  7. If we're talking Hamer and speed metal, I'd suggest these designs as the ultimate expression...but I don't think either is within reach. With that in mind, I'd say a 6-in-line Blitz, a Scepter, or a Scarab.
  8. So were Pete Willis' Standards. He seemed to do OK with them.😋
  9. Nice Special....sorry to see it went from green to blonde. That said, it's still looks sweet in natural/blonde. Now, about those "Haners", imagine the endorsement possibilities if both Papa Gates and Synster Gates (aka Brian Haner Sr. and Jr.) had scored an artist deal with Hamer USA when the brand was active. The world might have been treated to "Hamer Haner Jr. Junior" or "Hamer Haner Sr. Junior" signature models.
  10. I'm waiting with bated breath for the release of Phil Collen Signature Series Custom Titanium strings--available only in .013 gauge sets. I hear they'll stand up to the most obscene, vile, continuous, and cacophonous vibrato bar abuse imaginable.
  11. Fair and logical point, although my experience with Asian manufacturers has been mixed. At least 50% of the time, the initial shipments of the finished product did not meet our specs nor did they match the factory proofs. It's almost as if they went out of their way to deviate from our specs. If it was purely cosmetic and didn't ape another company's product, we typically accepted the shipments and demanded a reasonable credit on the order. They never once admitted to screwing up on the production run vs. the proof. Certainly. There were two--maybe three--different Standard headstock profiles in the Slammer Series line that Cort made for Hamer. To my eyes, the earliest Cort-built Standard headstock looks similar to the USA version, but it still deviates enough that a side-by-side comparison makes the differences pop out. The later MIK versions like mine have zero resemblance; in fact, they look more like Gumby than a USA Standard headstock. If Hamer USA wanted it to be different, they sure as shit accomplished that goal. Of course, the entire MIK line was about moving and selling products, not achieving fidelity in design. 😎
  12. Lol, good point...but I don't think I want to be associated with that graft-fest.
  13. Nope, it's a logical question. I started down that path and quickly discerned that the overall geometry and the length of the nose on the 4 Digit profile wouldn't work with the factory MIK headstock without cutting the tip off and grafting on a bit of wood and then doweling/redrilling the tuner holes. That's another task I need to attempt, but I wanted something easier to do within a couple of Saturday afternoons. The '90s shape fit neatly within the geometry of the MIK pattern and simply required some mild trimming with a pattern bit. It's been so long since I've done any pattern routing that it felt good to get out the tools and give it a go. Now that it's trimmed down, I simply shake my head at how the contract manufacturer did an OK job mimicking the basic design of a real-deal Standard, but chose to get lazy on the headstock shape. It's not like Hamer was expecting them to hand carve a top or heel joint. It's simply making a template...like the one I made in roughly an hour.
  14. So, just for shits and giggles--and because I found a nice scrap of 1/4" Lexan in my home shop and hadn't made a routing template in years--I decided to make a '90s-era Standard headstock template and attempt to reshape the goofy-assed-looking headstock on my rarely-played MIK Standard. Since I'd really like to do some repair/refurb out of my home shop once I retire (a smaller scale version of Jeff R's The Fret Shack), practicing on inexpensive guitars and junk parts is fundamental to the curriculum. Overall, it worked well. Still have a touch of filler to apply before final sanding, staining, and clear, but it already looks a damn sight better. Sorry for my typical crappy cell phone pics.
  15. Thanks, Peter. It never dawned on me that the gold logo was a sort of one-off. I love it with these specs, particularly the quilt, the radiused edges, and the green finish.
  16. Love that green finish. Then again, I love most green finishes. This seems to be as tricked out from standard specs as I've seen any catalog model. But here's the thing...is it a refin? If not, where's the "USA" on the headstock?
  17. Cmatthes and Shark are exactly right. Accounting rules (and associated tax laws) force corporate entities' hands on such matters. It makes much more sense (and cents) to declare inventory damaged or spoiled than it is to donate it whilst seeking a charitable deduction against earnings. That said, a somewhat more creative and inherently riskier means of doing the same thing would have allowed for some of the brand's metal-genre endorsers to smash a "loaned" Firebird X at each of their live performances. Technically, that's not kosher in the financial/legal sense, but it would have been infinitely more entertaining to watch.
  18. From what I read, this auction process is a long-overdue liquidation of NIB/returned finished goods, along with raw materials and components from lines that were shutdown or scuttled a few years ago.
  19. I wanted to write a witty remark about bidding one dollar on those lots of Vyper amps and "Stage Packs", but in hindsight, I bet one could seriously low-bid any of those pallets and flip those shitboxes at a flea market for a nice profit during the Christmas holiday season.
  20. Verily. I was skeptical of his prowess when I was a 14 year old metalhead, but after copping his licks on various covers over the last 20 years, I now know that Gilmour's phrasing is both technically complex and brilliant. Skeptics need only attempt to play all of the mid-bend pull-offs, rakes, progressive two-step bends, picking nuances, and phrasing elements of his solo at the end of "Another Brick in the Wall, Part II". It ain't that easy...
  21. Brooks wins these threads...every...single...time. And now that I think about it, '80s-era Brooks looks a lot like Nigel Tufnel. In fact, has anyone ever seen Brooks and Nigel in the same room at the same time?
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