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  1. Häbbieh B-Däih mai Beschter ;)...unn imma genuch Äppelwoi im Lewwe. Grüße vom dicken Alex.

    1. gorch


      Cool Alex! Herzlichen Dank!

  2. Daytona and Vintage S, two unlike sisters.
  3. I've got one in black - Neck is more 60ies than 50ies, frets are perfect and the guitar is light-weight (less than 3kg). I changed the dogear, not because it sounds bad but I played it mostly at home, near my desk there is a neon lamp, so a Minihumbucker is less noisy. Great guitar for small money! Stock: With humbucker and new tuner-knobs:
  4. The guitar is a Special FM I bought here from Jeff (thanks !).
  5. Mine: I drive about 24 years all kinds of Ford Capri...
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