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  1. morningstar


  2. Happy Burfday. Take heart. You'll always be younger than me. morningstar
  3. Mr. DeGarmo is notoriously tight lipped about his break and unsuccessful reunion with Queensryche. DeGarmo is a private commercial pilot. I am sure he has a great time shuttling VIPs around the planet. I read somewhere he flies his own jet, but can't prove it. DeGarmo also put out an album "Spys for Darwin" which did OK. I have a copy. DeGarmo returned for some writing duties on "Tribe", but bowed out again after trying to reccord and rehearse with you know who. DeGarmo also shows up to play with Alice In Chains although it has been a while since I have seen any of that. Tate was chief lyricist. The underlying music is mostly written by the rest of the band, especially the classic stuff to which they aspire to return. Rockenfield is well known for his movie, games, and other soundtrack work. morninigstar
  4. Todd de la Torre sure can sing. No idea how long the hired guns will last. It may not be up to the hired guns. The judge allowed both sides to use the name pending litigation. I know which one I will pay to see. morningstar
  5. Read the public record on this one. The Breakdown Room discussion board has a threat to which I have been feeding the pleadings as they come up in Electronic Court Records (ECR) for King COunty, Washington. It does not look good for Mr. Tate. Queensryche Lawsuit Documents Here (updated July 22) The link is the same, but it has been updated much more recently. The declarations of the crew, hired gun guitarist Parker Lundgren, and espcially "Fozzy" Orlando Scott O'Hare pretty much give you the lay of the land. They are all pretty early as they were gathered in response to Tate trying to get an injunction on the band's use o fthe name "Queensryche". The standard on that would be he'd have to show a substantial probability of winning...the injunction was denied. It has gone quiet over the last ten days or so. morningstar
  6. specialk nailed it (as follows)... "In no order: Steve Winwood Garth Hudson Jon Lord Billy Preston Gregg Allman" I would add Richard Wright (lifelong Floyd nut here).
  7. There is nothing private about a concert in a place of public accommodation. If you don't want to be publicly tagged as an asshole, don't do asshole things in public. Pushing is expected. Punching a chick is not just having a good time. Period. Remember the good old days when this type of moron would scream "play free bird" then mega-barf, and pass out in his own puddle of puke? Ahhh good times. morningstar
  8. Thanks! It took my go-to player into a whole new dimension. morningstar
  9. Tone report: Awesome. These will do about anything, Sustain is for days. Me likey the sweet clean noiseless operation of these pickups. Installation notes: The guitar: 1999-2000 MIK Daytona (just HAMER, not Slammer Series or Slammer by Hamer. The routs are H-s-H which I am sure helps with the fit. The serial is a white Brother-type plastic sticker horizontally across the headstock wrist. No indication of country of origin. I am almost certain all HAMER imports of the time wre Korean. If any of that helps anyone else thinking of doing this, good. The pickguard: The pickguard DOES fit sorta. It is very tight near the treble corner of the neck, and you have to jimmy the wires to keep them centered down the middle of the routs. Not a big deal. There is a hole alignment issue. The pickguard screw holes do not all line up. So if you want to avoid drilling extra pickguard holes, you will have to transplant the electronics. The pearloid pickguard looked so good and the guitar cost so little ($90 shipped!) that I just lined up and screwed down the holes that did line up and drilled the new holes for the rest of the screws. Pics below. Jack drilling issue: The MIK ground wire hole is just big enough for the single wire that came from the factory. I had to use long (i.e. foot long) 1/4 inch bit to ream the hold out big enough to allow passage of the solderless connectors from the jack to the board. Solderless connectors. Really easy and cool. As the official techno-tard I can say if I can do it, anyone can. Some pics of the fun: HsH Route in MIK Daytona--- Board and plug in solderless connections...cool. Installed EMG DG 20 Set: morningstar
  10. Thanks for the first hand knowledge. I really did not know what to really think of them. I love the Zakk set in my MIJ ESP Eclipse I Custom. That's buckers though and this is singles. I have never had the expander booster stuff so I am happy to hear the gizmos work. I bought a DG20 set on FeeBay. I hould have a tone report in about a week or so. morningstar
  11. You seek what is for some a Holy Grail. I have seen the guns and the celestial finishes for sale within the last year. Maybe two celestials. It has been many long moons since I have seen a Holoskull for sale anywhere. There was an odd one off custom job that I recall was mainly off-white with the holographic gumball stickers about a year ago on FeeBay. Keep trolling. morningstar
  12. Well the pickups will exceed the cost of my MIK Daytona by about double (the case cost more than the guitar). It seems a good cheap platform and the only gripe I have is the cheesy pots. I like the strattiness of my MIK, and the nanner pudding finish is really awesome, but I really do want to try for a few Gilmour sounds. I like the fret wire too; as a confessed masher I am impressed with its ability to absorb excessive pressures over the last 12+ years. Does any body know this: Will the "loaded" pickguard screw holes line up with my MIK Daytona predrilled body holes? If not, it seems the whole harness should transplant easily and the only solder will still be the jack. I have a new soldering iron to break in... Thanks morningstar
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