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  1. Ohhh.....the new pics do not help me at all.
  2. Nice thread. Mine comes from the nickname bestowed upon me by my long time best friend and band mate for my lifelong habitual (and seemingly hereditary) affinity for 'nervous'ly chewing my fingers around the nails. Still going strong!
  3. And I believe they offer a staggered set as well which I have read work well with Strat style guitars.
  4. Well, playing a lot of 70's, 80's & 90's rock these might suit me well. I just opened the control cavity and found that everything is connected with EMG's modular system. It's also my first exposure to that. I will say that for initial installation purposes I see it's appeal but it looks sketchy. I already found a disconnected ground cable and teh actual connectors don't have the best bite. I have always soldered everything so we'll see how this goes.
  5. All very interesting. I am looking forward to hearing them live this weekend. There's also an EXG Expander in here as well.
  6. I just picked up a gorgeous Carvin CS3 (what a damned nice guitar) loaded with EMG active pickups. I have had EMG's in many a bass and loved them all but this is my first guitar wth them. I am curious what the feeling is on them vs. teh standards like the Duncans I know pretty well, other boutiquey models etc. I rarely see them. Does anyone dig them?
  7. Got mine (in two flavors) and lovin' them as well. Thanks!
  8. Adventures in Utopia - 1980 (A coming of age album for me) Most of P.O.V.- 1985 "Lysistrata" & "Only Human" from Swing to the Right - 1982
  9. Chris, have you been replying to e-mails or perhaps didn't get mine? If so I'll re-send. Thanks.
  10. This arrived to me today. 1991 Sunburst that looks in so many ways like it just came off the sales floor. What a beauty. Really. I'll post some fresh pics when I get some time over the weekend and after she gets a little special cleaning and care. Also, a public thank you to JohnnyThunders for agreeing to sell me this and getting it to me so quickly and safely. A fine HFC-er.
  11. I love these stories. Every once in a while good old hard work gets rewarded. Congrats and savor the experience!
  12. Except for the instruments themselves. Look how many stellar older models, 10,15, 20 years old, that keep traveling around here that show no signs of slowing down. That's a legacy.
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