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  1. Welcome to the family. I have a Street Rod w 4 button footswitch and creamback celestion (Factory) also a Budda Superdrive II (Pre Peavey as well) Have had the Budda for 12-13 years and Splawn for 3-4. Granted the Street rod has a different power section and extra gear 1-3 than the SS but to me the Budda and Splawn are completely different animals. Both Marshallesque for sure but different eras. The Budda seems more classic with a Fendery clean. Cranking up the clean channel volume gets into what I think of as 60’s 70’s Plexi realm. Drive channel can start there and
  2. Took a few days but was able to give everything a listen. There is a wide range of styles represented and its not difficult to find something to like regardless of your musical preference. Interesting how some of the influences can be clearly heard while others may not be as obvious or a mix of many. Congrats to everyone who participated and Kiz for putting it together
  3. We were fortunate enough to move into our dream home a few months back. The better half got me two nice handmade guitar case stands that hold 5-7 cases each. Also a new 32" monitor. Still getting everything situated but it's nice to finally have the space to setup a decent work space and not be concerned about getting to loud.
  4. Wow, that filled up quick. I'll probably probably look to participate in Vol 5 as i'm only about halfway to where i need to be and unfortunately don't want to try and rush things only to find out there isn't an open spot. I totally understand the need to put a timeline on it as we are talking about mucisians here and otherwise it would never get done. That being said, it would be nice to have a little more notice going forward. While this format works well for those that record regularly and have songs on standby, its a little more challenging to put something together from scratch in 3-4 week
  5. i wouldn't mind participating but the deadline seems to be a few weeks from now so not sure I can make it by then. I'm sure there will be plenty of material either way. Would have been cool to do a collab. Look forward to hearing the entires.
  6. Ejoyed hanging with you guys! look forward to the next one.
  7. My Diablo has lost some of the tape on one of the pickups, often wondered what it was for.
  8. I don't know the Axe seems to be pretty accurate with the Mesa's, they sound just as crappy in the Axe as they do in real life to me. Owned one Mesa and that was enough. It seems if you are one of those that posses the ark of the covenant, you can get them to sound great. Us mere mortals are doomed to endless tweaking with Mesa's and suffer in constant disappointment. Glad you found the magic combination, mine is hitting a few power switches, plugging in the guitar and playing, serious smiles ensue.
  9. Symphony X - Underworld Leela James - Fall for You Lynch Mob - Rebel House Of Lords - Indestructible Brett Garsed - Dark Matter Leverage - Tides
  10. As mentioned before, our old band (no slouches on any instrument) tried to pull off Hangar 18 and we ended up canning it since we couldn't pull it off with consistency. (I was a hell of a lot better at sweep picking back then.) Good luck, I feel for you, that can tie up a bunch of time trying to nail.
  11. Metal, me too. http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?songid=11979817&q=hi&newref=1 http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?songid=11779351&q=hi&newref=1
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