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  1. Mike totally nailed the neck profile as well. My favorite neck is Gibson’s fatter ‘68RI Les Paul Custom profile and I described that to Mike and said around .9” at the first and 1” at the 12th. Surprisingly it’s super fast! I don’t know what Mike did, but it’s one of the fastest necks on a guitar I’ve ever played. Could be the low action he set it up with, but it’s perfect.
  2. The sides have black sprayed on them in specific spots.
  3. I saw a reply about the Faber bridge and then it disappeared... They’re vintage style ABR posts with the Faber lock on the top.
  4. Sounds great! I’m a big fan of Throbak pickups and these sound perfect in the Ultimate. Nothing against Gravelin’s, I’m just a Throbak fanboy. I’m glad I chose solid over chambered. Exactly the sound I was looking for.
  5. Super impressed and excited, happy... you name it; this guitar is killer! #83 Ultimate in Silverburst, which I'm affectionately referring to as "The Metal Tuxedo". Because if I ever had a metal gig that required a tuxedo, this is the axe, hands down. All class with a metal attitude. Mike went above and beyond on this one. For those wondering, yes it was a long wait, but oh so worth it! I placed the order on 2/9/17 and received it 3/15/19. So two years basically, give or take. Trust me, Mike is good. I'm already contemplating jumping back on the list for another. Anyways... Specs: solid korina body with a plain maple top, ebony fretboard, MOP block inlays, Throbak DW-102B pickups, nickel Faber tone lock master kit, nickel Schaller tuners, multi-ply binding on the front & back, neck and headstock. Note: some pics do not have the black accents on the waist of the body and by the strap button because they were accidentally left out. Also, strap locks were changed to Schallers. Mike corrected it with lightning speed though! Big shout out to Trish for catching it before it shipped out! On to the pics!
  6. deadringer


  7. Figured I'd post these here as well. My Standard Korina with chrome hardware and no pickguard.
  8. That would be Scott Grove. Check this out: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/backstage/214130-i-guess-scott-grove-has-brain-dead.html
  9. Here's another one I just got: Excuse the yard, I mowed it today.
  10. Figured I'd throw mine in here too, even though Conor's black standard was already in here, I am now the proud owner of it. Love that guitar.
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