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  1. I've got one if you're still looking. PM me.
  2. It is definitely brighter than a regular humbucker, but I would not say they’re not as aggressive. They can definitely hang with buckers in my opinion. The Lollar firebird pickups are really good, but they do have some bite to them. The ToneStyler really helps produce a lot of different tonal variations to tame the brightness.
  3. Selling another USA Hamer Standard Custom in Black Transparent. This was a custom order by Willcutt's Guitars. This is 1 of 5 made and the only one in black transparent. I am the second owner. Black transparent finish on a wide flame maple top, chambered body. Weighs 8 lbs., 5.2 ounces. 10 partial Victory inlays on an ebony fretboard. Bound headstock and inlaid logo. '59 style neck profile: 1st fret - .854", 12th fret - .906" Three Lollar Firebird Pickups with factory custom wiring. It has a master volume, middle pickup volume and a ToneStyler tone pot. The middle pickup is wired to the middle knob and can be added in or turned completely off to allow 6 different pickup combinations. The ToneStyler is a 16-position Tone/EQ control. Chrome hardware, with factory TonePros locking bridge, tailpiece and Schaller Tuners. It has a few small impressions on the bottom lower left horn as pictured. These are very hard to photograph. Nothing breaking the finish, just impressions. Otherwise great condition. COA and original hardshell case included. SOLD to a HFC’er!
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    Small price drop. Shoot me a PM if you're interested!
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    Small price drop. PM me if you're interested.