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  1. I'm trying to move guitars I don't play. I've got several Newports, and I always pick up those with the Bigsbys. I bought this here on HFC last year. When my inbox got full, I deleted a bunch of messages- so... I don't know which WCR pickups this guitar has. Edited to add: They are WCR Peter Green Pickups. In terms of condition, there is an area at the neck joint where the finish has discolored, and a small mark on the edge of one of the F holes. It is an incredible guitar. Thanks!
  2. I bought it online from Guitar Center- so... probably not? Which is too bad... If you once owned it, it would be worth more.
  3. Amber Studio sold, pending payment. Thanks!
  4. This from Our Good Craftman Demented this morning: “I found some notes, the cherry/flame maple VJ has a gain mod, bright switch, boost switch and beefed up filtering. Cab should be serial #004. Amp is #05067994. The other one is red oak/mahogany, serial #002 but I don't know what all the mods are. I show you paid $406 shipped for the cherry/maple one.”
  5. When I was a kid stores sold "grab-bags" for kids. You never would know what you were going to get in the bag until you bought it. Seriously, I don't honestly know. Brian's amp tech did the mods 10 plus years ago. I've asked him if he remembers, because I don't. I'd be happy to take the chassis out and take detailed pics for you, if you'd like. Just let me know. Thanks!
  6. Several years ago I had our very own Demented build me some killer Modified Epi Valve Jr. Heads. Brian's workmanship is absolutely first rate, as is his selection of woods. In terms of the mods- beats me! I'm sure I've got a list of them somewhere. Again, anybody would be proud to have something like this knocking around their home or office. Brian's work is fantastic. I can't recall what I've got in each of these, however, I am sure that selling them at $200- each is way less than 1/2 of what I've got in each of them. Here are some pictures. Thanks!
  7. I'm really trying to downsize the 50 plus guitars (my wife can't see this, can she? ;)).... I dare you to find to find better guitars for the money than USA Hamer's in general, and Studios in particular- (I almost hate that description of Hamers... almost seems like damning with faint praise... but, I digress). USA Hamer Studios used beautiful wood, incredible set-neck workmanship, and incredible playability... and, they can be had for LESS THAN ONE-THOUSAND dollars. Seriously. My hoarding instinct has gotten the best of me and I'm really trying to simplify, simplify... and, allocate some resources to the things the wife would like to do around the house. Sorry for the long preamble! Edited to add: 25th Cherry 25th Anniversary added. $995 as well. Thanks! $995, shipped!- Also, I'll donate 5% of these gross proceeds from these two guitars to the HFC. Thanks!! Edited to add $995, each.
  8. I’ve got a few more questions from folks on details on the Standard, neck profile, etc.- I’ll follow back up tonight when I’m home from work. Thanks!
  9. Sorry- I’m not sure why PM’s aren’t getting through. Email is joefetters at Mac dot com. Thanks! I realized my inbox was full- fixed!
  10. Sorry, everybody. $3,200, plus shipping. Thank you!
  11. I've decided to sell. A combination of too many guitars and too many project$ at home. Thank you!