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  1. If there is more guitar you can buy on Earth for $1,200, I haven't seen it.
  2. Stike told me that was of his favorite things was to be just given autonomy - he actually gave me the Japanese word for it (which I will add, after my son tells me what that word is- as he speaks Japanese ?). Looking through Stike’s gallery on his website is like shopping for neckties at your favorite men’s shop- which ones - or, one- in this case, do you pick when they are all spectacular? Clearly the design is over the top- right? If you are going to throw an over the top finish on a guitar, why not throw it on an Explorer- which is also an over the top design? I just let Stike do
  3. Some time ago I picked up one if those cherry Gibson Explorers locally (pretty cheap) and thought... This would be a great guitar for a refinish. So, after doing my research, I learned that if you want metal flake, the best on the planet was Stike. Without much direction, I told him to have at it. I'm floored! Could. Not. Be. Happier! Got a few pics this week and it was shipped today. What an artist!!
  4. I got it. Thank you!

    1. gtrdaddy


      You're very welcome Joe!

  5. What amazes me is their exposure is the county market. I swear they are all on stage with PRS guitars. Except the biggest names- Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, etc. Everybody you have never heard of that is backing somebody you have heard of seems to be playing a PRS guitar.
  6. Not sold. I haven't heard back from my email. It's all yours. Thanks-
  7. PM sent- would love to see pics of the Anderson Thanks! Joe
  8. Bill- That is one funny saying. I have a feeling I will be using that in the future, without giving you any credit.
  9. I just bought it, although it wont be sent out to me for a month. 1997 Cali Elite- The owner swapped the Duncans for a DiMarzzio PAF Pro and a DiMarzzio Cruiser in the neck. He ordered the pups from them in yes, Green. Original case, warranty card- They included shipping in the price. Did I do OK??
  10. Roy, I am completely floored. What an incredible job! Thanks for all of the pictures and posts that allowed us on the journey with you. Joe
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