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  1. Being in Canada half the time, I’ve lived this frustration more than once. Maybe it’s a good thing, I could be living on the street in a pile of guitar cases if every deal was attainable. Another thing you could try is writing the seller with the Ask a Question function. If you are able to send him the paperwork for shipping, sometimes people can be talked into shipping internationally.
  2. I can help you out if you want. Have it shipped out to me in Vermont and I’ll forward it for actual freight cost… PM me if interested
  3. I know a bunch of guys who read this and just like me, experience for the first time the desire to buy a guitar for a reason that is not selfish. « Hey honey, we really ought to help that guy out »! The creative playing in that video makes it stick out from traditional reviews, in addition to the good tone…
  4. I’m sure in person the 3d effect would get me (and killer playability and tone)
  5. There is such a thing as non-buyer’s remorse 😂
  6. Hey, how many Kizanskis are there on this forum? I based my decision on my neck pickiness ans this post
  7. I talked to the owner on the phone. He said the neck was a confortable C shape, with not much shoulder. I will keep looking, have fun Rugby1970!
  8. If the neck has a U profile, I will take it. I read a lot of contradictions on their neck shapes, anywhere from C to V to U... Thank you
  9. I get an error saying you can’t receive messages when trying to pm you. Maybe it’s happening because I don’t really need anything and should’nt run after GAS in the current conditions, but I’m definitely curious to know what you wish to let go...
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