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  1. I can't believe that anyone would spend one flipping dollar on an NFT of any sort. It's just another scammy way to separate people from their money. It reminds me somewhat of this scheme that Gibson came up with last year to sell shares of ownership in a few of their "special" artist prototype guitars. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/gibson-rally-guitars-investments I realize that it's different than an NFT in that there is all actual underlying asset. But it's still a collectible with no inherent economic value other than the willingness of some future sucker to pay more than you did.
  2. Here's the original auction listing: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x1073038343 FWIW, the auction ended a couple of hours ago at a price of about $2,650. Add a couple hundred for shipping to get it to the US. @naradis correct, that eBay listing is a sham, he would have cancelled any order made for it. Your have to be real careful with eBay sellers out of Japan. A few are legitimate, but many are like this one, lists what they don't own in hopes someone will buy at an inflated price.
  3. I couldn't agree more. There is something special about a Zemaitis metal top, even if it is not one of his originals. Greco did a fantastic job of creating a high quality replica. Edwards is sold.
  4. I've been a little too liberal with my purchasing form Japan this year, so it's time to let a few pieces go. All are prime examples of quality Japanese craftsmanship. All prices include shipping in the US and are net to me (buyer covers payment fees, if any). 1981 Tokai ES-150R $3,900 - One of the rarest examples of the vintage MIJ 335s from the golden age (1979 - 1983). This model was only made in 1981, and the blonde finish is the rarest of them all. Pickups have been upgraded (originals included) and a new nut professionally installed. More pics and info here - Tokai ES-150 2013 Crews LED-1959 $3,200 - In my opinion, the Crews LED models are among the best of the best. Handmade using the highest quality materials only when available. More info and pics here - Crews LED-1959 2005 Greco Zemaitis GZ-3500 - $2,200 - Among the first generation of MIJ Zemaitis licensed guitars after Tony Z passed away. A clean example of an iconic guitar. More pics and info here - Greco Zemaitis 2009 Tokai SG-190 - $1,300 - High end Tokai SG in white with a Maestro. More pics and info here - Tokai SG SOLD - 2013 Edwards ALS135/RE - $1,050 - If you want a high quality, budget priced single cut, this is the one. All lacquer finish with Duncan Antiquity pickups. More pics and info here - Edwards ALS
  5. https://guitars.com/inventory/bm3258-2009-hamer-monaco We were in Nashville today, stopped by Gruhn's and ran across this. I'm no bass player, but if felt really nice to me, very clean.
  6. That is a ton of guitar for the price, IMO. I've never had a bad experience with an Edwards.
  7. Glad to see you still have that one, Shark. I wouldn't call myself a master, just a guy with a lot of experience, mostly good, with MIJ guitars.
  8. Um, I have, for many years, put my money where my feet are. I have no need/desire for another EX.
  9. I don't necessarily disagree, until you get to about '78 depending on the brand. Once you get to about 80, I stand by my statement. At least based on my experience.
  10. While I agree that this is over priced, it's certainly not $3K too much. These regularly sell in Japan for $2K+. Personally, I prefer the EX models from 80-82, but have also had really good experience with the 78-79 models, though the bodies on those tend to be multi piece and pancake similar to the Ibanez rocket roll and destroyer models. As with other MIJ models, vintage and modern, I would never suggest that they are 100% comparable to a Hamer. But don't think they are not close, they are guitars that were built with a lot of care and skill.
  11. Beat me to the punch. One of my friends picked one up at the first show on Saturday. It sounded great.
  12. Got back last night from another great guitar show trip with a great group of friends and got to meet a few HFC friends as well, Hamerica (who I had met at a previous show), Shankyboy and PFung. Always great to meet these guys in person. It was a smaller show than in years past (though not small). There was only one large room of booths vs 2 in previous year. But no problem, still a lot of great pieces to gawk at and admire. I did not walk away with anything, but came close. There was a cool metallic green Gretsch Setzer HotRod that kept calling to me, but I was finally able to resist. Coolest piece, IMO, was Dave Edmunds 1960 blonde 335 dot neck for a cool $119K. I did get to hold and play it for a bit in the hopes that a small amount of his mojo would rub off on me. I saw 3 Hamers, but only one that was truly worth considering, a natural Monaco III. The others were a seriously butchered 1993 Special (described as 1981) and another butchered Vector that I couldn't figure out (serial # indicated 1981, but the Hamer logo did not have USA behind it). Was routed for a Floyd, then had a Wonderbar installed. Here are a few pics of some interesting guitars. Dave Edmunds 335 Almost came home with me. Very cool Burny Explorer with Futura headstock. A CME guy was purchasing it as I go there or I would have definitely bought this one. Robin Kiz's favorite model. If I didn't already have one, would have definitely jumped on it for this price. Very clean Greco SA-900 from 1978, priced right at $1,100 Monaco III Very nice playing 8-string Kramer, but weighed a ton Eric Johnson's Strat A 78 Greco Ric 12 string that I used to own. Butchered 93 Special Butchered Vector Headstock
  13. This! After years of trying out many different MIJ brands and models, I still conclude that Edwards are one of the absolute best "bang-for-the-buck" brands out there, especially if you find them used in Japan and are willing to navigate the whole importing process. I'm not saying they are the only one, but they are incredibly consistent in their quality, playability and tone. But they are production level guitars. Navigator, Momose, high end Tokais and Crews, etc. lean more to custom shop, hand made guitars.
  14. Thanks Jeff. We will certainly come by to say hi. On a separate but related note, I actually rented a booth at a guitar show in Columbus in January, my first (and last) foray into being on the other side. The one thing I noticed is that I loved it when someone would stop to chat, regardless if they were interested in buying. I'm planning to make an effort to be more chatty with the booth owners as I've typically been more of the "walking by, looking, but don't talk" type of attendee.
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