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  1. So, that Tokai was once owned by me, and it is a very fine guitar. Definitely worth the asking price, IMO. But outside of the body shape, it's nothing like a Huber Dolphin or Talladega. It's a regular Gibson scale and has a flat top. If I were comparing it to a Hamer, tonally, I'd say it's more like a Special FM. I've never heard the story about these needing to be discontinued due to pressure from a US company. They just weren't very popular. In fact, at the end of the very small run, dealers were practically giving them away. When I had it, it had 10s on it and the action was fairl
  2. I'm glad you mentioned this KISS tour. I did see KISS on the Alive II tour (with AC/DC opening) and the Dynasty tour. I can't tell you how pumped I was to see them in 96, and Louisville was the first indoor show after the first Detroit outdoor show. Our tickets were pretty good, 14 rows back. I can tell you I was grinning ear to ear for days. Felt like I was 14 again. I ended up seeing them 2 more times on that tour along with work travel.
  3. Mine tend to be smaller shows. The Cramps 80 or 81, Bogarts in Cincy. First, we were all underage with obviously fake IDs and almost didn't get in. Fortunately, the doorman took pity on us. The show itself was memorable, we parked ourselves right at the stage on Ivy's side (of course we did). There was a dude that came to the show only to heckle the band and did so until about half way when Lux stopped mid song, said something to the guy, jumped off stage and gave the guy the most well deserved beating ever. Nick came down to help, but it was over. Got back on stage and went on with the s
  4. Here's the deal, I have a Hamer branded hard case. It's the regular size for a Studio or similar. Right now I'm using it to house an MIJ LP. But I really don't care if it has Hamer on it or not. So I thought I would see if someone here is in need of an original Hamer case and be willing to trade for a quality LP case and pay all the shipping. I just want the replacement case to be of reasonable quality and shape, similar to this one.
  5. Unfortunately, that one has been sold, I'm a little behind in updating my site.
  6. Obviously I'm biased. But the Sonix is one of the best strats to pass through my hands. It's light, the neck is perfect and plays like a dream. The strat that I'm keeping is a Crews Key to the Rock that feels and plays almost exactly the same. It was a tossup as to which one to keep, ultimately had a very slight preference to the sunburst finish on the Crews. When I picked up the Sonix, I owned a DeTemple which had been my #1 for awhile, very similar neck. I felt the Sonix checked all of the boxes for me that the DeTemple had. I did like the Sweet Spot PUs in the DT and the body had some
  7. I have a real love/hate relationship with strats. I have found it difficult over the years to bond with them. It wasn't until I stumbled upon one with a fat, soft V shaped neck that I started to really love them. That I was able to end up with 3 very similar strats that I love to play is nothing short of miraculous, for me anyway. But, I really want to have just one good 50s style strat, so I'm letting go of 2. $1,500 - 1980 Greco SE-800 - Here we have a fantastic, vintage 50s style strat from the golden age of MIJ craftsmanship. The body appears to be alder to me, though I'm not 100% sure.
  8. No affiliation. The seller doesn't seem to know what he has. Or what a Kahler is. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/msg/d/elgin-hamer-prototype/7298411158.html
  9. Thanks! Yeah, a previous owner of the '03 had a pickguard installed and, unfortunately, used a fat-ass screw to do it. With tops that nice, I want them as uncovered as possible.
  10. Most who know me here know that I lean heavily towards Japanese copies of LPs, mainly Tokai and Crews these days. My #1 has been the same 2003 Tokai LS-320 that I bought about 15 years ago. Since then, I've added another LS-320 (2002) and a fantastic Crews Limited Edition. The Tokais are the peak of Japanese craftsmanship, IMO and are spec'd in line with the best the Gibson Custom Shop has to offer, Honduras mahogany body and neck, high grade hard flame maple cap, Brazilian RW fretboard, very thin lacquer finish, US electronics including PIO caps, Duncan pickups. Over the years, I've been thro
  11. Good lord, Don. You know I wish I could pull the trigger on that Redwood. But given that I just grabbed the Orca '59, I'm tapped out. Anyone need a partially damaged liver? Seriously, if one or two thing move and this is available, you know I'll be back. But I honestly doubt it will be.
  12. We went on the Outlaw Country Cruise in late January/early February last year just as things were starting to get hairy. I think if the cruise had been just a week later, either it would have been cancelled or we would have opted out. Anyway, at least we got to immerse ourselves in live music for 5 days since there has been none since. I believe Jesse Dayton may have been the last performer we saw. But there were many memorable sets during the cruise. FWIW, I'm not really a cruise person. However, I must say that going on a music cruise filled with a lot of artists we'd probably see
  13. That's because the Reverb listing is from the legitimate seller, TCGakki, a musical instrument store in Japan. The eBay seller is just trying to sell it without owning it, pocketing a few bucks in the process. It's a common practice among some less than honest Japanese sellers.
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