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  1. Be careful what you offer! Seriously, I'll let you know if we end up coming, it's always great to meet HFCers.
  2. That's been our experience with the 3 Amigos show in TX. We're not necessarily looking for a super thriving show, just a change in venue. It's more about getting together with friends and looking at a bunch of guitars that none of us will probably ultimately buy.
  3. My buddies and I typically make a bi-annual trip to Arlington/Ft. Worth for the 3 Amigos Guitar Show. We're thinking it's time for a change of scenery. Does anyone here have any experience with 3 Bee guitar shows? There's one in early November in Philly: http://www.bee3vintage.com/Bee3Vintage_Fall_Philly_Great_American_Guitar_Show.html Anyone here have any experience with this show or the sponsor? Also open to other suggestions for shows in the fall.
  4. Boy, I'm not in the market for an amp, but that thing is making me weak in the knees.
  5. I can't really think of any true fails. But thinking about the guitars that have come my way in 2019, these three stand out. My "Been Looking For Years" score - History AH-LC 35th Anniversary (#23 of 35) - I became enamored with the History brand several years ago. in my research, I came across this model. Knowing that there were only 35 made for the Japanese domestic market, I figured the chances of stumbling across one were slim to none. To my surprise, one popped up for sale in Japan. I knew it wouldn't be cheap, but I couldn't resist. Ended up selling for less than I thought, good for me. My "Thought I Missed the Boat" Score - Shishkov Uptimate #0023 - I was asleep at the wheel when Mike started his own brand and didn't get in line for the initial Ultimate run. While I've rectified working directly with him on #0108 (hopefully soon), I figured I had missed the boat on an Ultimate. Thankfully this one came up for sale here and I happened to be on the board when it did. I think it lasted 5 minutes before I pulled the trigger. My "Completely Blown Away" score - Fujigen Custom House Masterfield Rare Wood Series in Hawaiian Koa - When I saw this for sale in Japan, I fell in love with the look. Having had some experience with the Fujigen/FGN brand, I decided to take a chance on it. Boy am I glad I did. It is one of the finest guitars I've had the pleasure of playing. Super light, slightly smaller than a 335, extremely easy playability and a crisp, clear tone. And what a looker, pictures do not do it justice. Other players that come by the house are immediately drawn to it. I pick it up every day and smile.
  6. Sounds a little like their GO series, except that all the examples I've seen have a maple neck with mahogany strips and don't have a maple cap. I've looked through the catalogs and can't find anything like that. But that doesn't mean anything, Greco was notorious for making special runs that didn't appear in any catalogs. Old Grecos are superbly made vintage instruments. I'm lucky to have several from what I consider their golden period, 79-82, a couple of Les Paul clones, a 335, a smaller bodied semi-hollow and now the Mirage.
  7. Here's an interesting one that I just won. It's the Greco Mirage similar to the mid-70s Ibanez Artist 2663TC that Steve Miller played in the "Fly Like an Eagle" period. I'm pretty sure this one is from 1981, at least that's the only catalog that this model with these features showed up in. There is a similar one in the '78 catalog, but it has dots on the fretboard, not parallelograms. The seller blocked the serial number, so I won't know for sure until it gets here. I've owned a couple of Greco Mirages over the years, most notably the blue M1000 (Same model that Rick Nielsen played at Budokan). But the ones I've owned were of the standard double humbucker configuration. I decided to go for this one due to the unusual triple coil pickup with a 4 way knob switch. Apparently you can switch between: Single coil (coil closest to the neck) Humbucker (coils closest to the bridge) 3 coils in series (hot output) 3 coils in parallel. The Ibanez version is nearly the same, though I think they only made the official Iceman versions in the late 70s, they didn't carry over into the 80s. The only difference is the little cloud chrome thing under the tailpiece, the later Ibanez version doesn't have that, just the tailpiece. Here's some pics from the listing. Bonus is that it has the original form fitting Greco branded hard case. So many of these old Grecos get separated from their cases (sound familiar?). Finding a form fitting Iceman case for less than a few hundred $s is near impossible.
  8. $2,500 is a killer price for an Artist Ultimate, assuming it has the original pickups. Even without them, it's still a great deal.
  9. I've seen Marty, Kenny and that band a couple of times over the past few years. Every show is fantastic, true pros.
  10. I saw that in another thread, definitely going to have to put that model on the radar.
  11. Reviving this thread with another interesting MIJ guitar. This one, like the History above, is also built by Fujigen (obviously). From what I can tell, guitars with the full name Fujigen are sold out of their retail shop called the Custom House while guitars branded FGN are sold through other distributors around the world. From what I've seen, the guitars sold out of the Custom Shop tend to be on the upper end of the spectrum with highly figured woods and unique features. I'm not 100% certain that any of the above is true, it's conclusions formed through observation. Here we have a Fujigen Masterfield from a limited run they did back in 2008 called "Famous Woods". The top and back of this one is a 3 piece laminate of Hawaiian Koa and maple. They also made versions with Brazilian rosewood and bubinga. Like all Fujigen/FGN Masterfields, it has a semi-hollow construction with a 15" body width, in between a 335 (16.5") and a 339 (14.25"). The sides and solid center are carved from a single solid piece of mahogany. I find the tone to be crisp, a little more aggressive than a 335. Like all Fujigen built guitars I own and have owned, the quality, fit and finish is off the charts, as is the playability. The finish is an ultra thin satin urethane. No filler was used on the woods and the finish sinks into the grain, which I love. The neck with the satin finish is a joy to play.
  12. An exception for musical instruments containing Appendix II rosewood (basically any RW except Brazilian) went into effect on November 26. That doesn't mean that all countries throughout the world have fully adopted the exception, though the US has. Here's a decent article about the exception: https://reverb.com/news/cites-restrictions-on-musical-instruments-could-be-coming-to-an-end
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