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  1. You're getting screwed all right, but it ain't by USPS, it's by the seller. Sure he's being "cool" about it, but shipping damage is completely on him. He should refund you completely and deal with the USPS claim. Right now he has zero incentive to push the claim. His "poor financial condition" is no excuse. I thought you said he was in the business and has shipped 250 guitars. I'm sorry, but this pisses me off. Like many here, I have shipped countless guitars all over the world. I take pride in packing well. But still, damage happens. It's only been a couple of times, but I always immediately refund the buyer (either fully or partially, their choice) and take ownership of the insurance claim. If it turns out my insurance coverage was inadequate, that's also on me, IMO.
  2. That is a late 60s Italian made Vox Starstream. It has onboard distortion, treble booster, tuner percussion and a palm operated Wah. I had the 12-string version back in the day. I wish I had not sold it, they fetch a pretty penny these days. http://www.voxshowroom.com/us/guitar/starsrteam.html
  3. Anyone here into Teardrops? I've always had a soft spot due to the Brian Jones connection. Plus I remember seeing a pic of Johnny Thunders playing one. I know there are off-brand teardrops, but i was only ever interested in a Vox. Well, I just picked this one up, a Made in USA 50th Anniversary model from 2007. Apparently, the plan was to make 100, but they ended up building less. Here's a page with quite a bit of info on the model: http://www.voxshowroom.com/us/guitar/57-07_guitar.html Unfortunately, I have a bicep injury to my right arm I'm recovering from, so I'm unable to really dig in and play it, yet. However, I do think I'll like it. The neck has a bit more girth than I was expecting with a very slight V carve, feels great in my uninjured left hand.
  4. Is this your first Reverb sale? With new users, I believe they hold funds until the tracking says delivered. Once you have a few transactions, they release funds upon shipment. I've never had an issue with them releasing funds.
  5. That looks pretty cool. But the price, IMO, is a bit ambitious for a late 70s mid-level LP clone.
  6. I received it today. It needs new strings, some adjustments and a set up. Also is pretty dirty, so it needs a good cleaning, too. But it's in pretty good shape for a 20 year old guitar, though it does have some evidence of being played. I'll put up a full NGD when I get it up to playing condition. Here's a quick pic I just took. This seems to capture the true color a little better. The listing pics are a bit on the dark side.
  7. This was my experience until this year. On a couple that came to me from Japan via EMS/USPS I was required to write a check to cover duties. It wasn't a huge cost, but was certainly something I had not had to deal with in the past. But a couple came through with no duties, too. I'm not sure what the difference was, but I am now factoring in at least the possibility of paying an additional 8% in my buying decisions.
  8. Thank you Shankyboy! I didn't even think to look it up in my copy of the book. But don't worry, there will be some self-punishment later.
  9. Thanks Arnie. That's also the info I received from Steve M, a 36 piece limited edition.
  10. Thanks for the answers everyone. It will certainly be a different animal than other guitars I have. Hopefully I'll have it in a couple of weeks and I can get a NGD post up.
  11. I buy from Japan all the time and have very few issues. I bought a very inexpensive guitar once from Russia and while it eventually got here and was as described, it took 5-6 weeks as I recall. I believe there was a thread here warning us about Reverb's lack of "buyer protection" if PayPal was used to complete the purchase. It seems that they are much more helpful if a seller is using Reverb payments. While this particular seller has perfect feedback, it's only on 10 transactions. I would certainly be more comfortable if he accepted Reverb payments instead of PayPal.
  12. Any of you guys familiar with this model? Of course I've seen many Korina Artists, but can't recall ever seeing one with full body & neck binding and crown inlays. It looks to me like it may be some special run in (I believe) 1998 as there is a number "031" under the serial number.
  13. My introduction to FOW, was Welcome Interstate Managers and was blown away by how good it was start to finish. Went back and explored their previous 2 albums and found I liked them just as much. Kind of lost touch and missed Sky Full of Holes, will need to get into that next. Ran across this funny but fitting tribute:
  14. Be careful what you offer! Seriously, I'll let you know if we end up coming, it's always great to meet HFCers.
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