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  1. #31 of a limited series of (I believe) 35 or so. SOLD. I won't go into a bunch of accolades, those who are looking are probably at least familiar with the Korina Artist models. This one takes that model and adds crown inlays, neck binding and Duncan Seth Lovers pickups. Condition-wise, I would call it very good with only light and normal playwear. There is some very light fretwear in the cowboy chord area, but nothing that requires any work, IMO The finish on the back seems to be a little cloudy and I don't know if that playwear or something to do with the finish itself. It's smooth,
  2. I believe the discolored ones were part of the run that went to Japan.
  3. A couple of years ago, I traded for what was described as an "MJT" tele. However, when I took it apart, the body was stamped "Berly", but not the neck. I contacted Kim @ Berly, and he told me that the original purchaser of that particular guitar did not like the neck and sent it back to him. Further, he offered the neck to me as he still had it. I thought it would be cool to marry the original neck and body. However, after I had the original neck installed, I realized I liked the fat soft V profile of the other neck much better, so I re-intalled it. There's nothing wrong with the Berly ne
  4. Damn, that's nice, Polara. Crews is one of those brands that I haven't really explored, yet. I'm almost afraid to go down that rabbit hole. But I have heard great things about the Keys To The Rock models and believe they are Deviser made. But don't hold me to that. I will say that the few Deviser made guitars that I do have are among the best I've ever laid my hands on. I would expect any upper end Crews model to be the same. Congrats on the find, I don't see many of those come up for sale in Japan, much less down the street.
  5. The Momose Tele is sold. The Tokai and Ornetts are still available. Make me a reasonable offer. I'm also willing to entertain trades for other guitars of similar value or possibly a 50w Marshall flavored head.
  6. You know you don't need an excuse to visit, you're welcome in Louisville anytime. Hell, I would have driven to Cincy to pick it up for you to cut a few hours of the drive. I'm sure if you came here, we could find something for you to take home with you.
  7. Thanks Rob! Each of these guitars punch way above their weight, IMO, as long as you're not too worried about the name on the headstock.
  8. Ornetts is Pending. Lastly1996 Ornetts GM-6 Double Cut This is one of the very first Ornetts models made. They started in the mid-90s and this was the top of the heap. Incredible quilt top with original zebra pickups coupled with a rosewood fretboard and real shell inlays. And I love the herringbone binding around the body and headstock. The neck looks to be a 5-piece with mahogany and 2 small strips of darker wood. The amber quilt top is a veneer over solid maple cap. This guitar is a great player and is built to the highest standards in Japan. It's one that is rarely seen. I
  9. SOLD - Here we have an MIJ Edwards Strat from 2015. Edwards is an ESP brand that is made in Japan. I've owned many over the years and the quality is fantastic and very consistent. This particular guitar is no different. It has a 2 piece alder body in a 3 color tobacco sunburst and maple neck w/ rosewood fingerboard. Electronics are traditional strat configuration with a 5 way switch and ESP pickups. The neck has a little flaming and the fretboard is a modern 9.5" radius. The neck is on the larger side for a strat, but not huge. The measurements are: Width - 1 11/16" at the nut, 2 1/16" at
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