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  1. That looks nice. I think Fujigen built the early MIJ fenders, I wonder if this one was built by them.
  2. Please do. I have a few more to show off, but want to see some others.
  3. My next MIJ guitar is a rare one. And while it has the body shape of a typical LP, I stop short of calling this one a clone as I certainly have not seen anything like it. History is a brand for Shimamura, a very large music store in Japan. The brand has been around since 1996, but since around 2001 all of the guitars are made at the Fujigen guitar factory. Fujigen has their own brands (FGN and Fujigen) and many of the History models overlap, but not this one. In 2005 Shimimura commissioned a special History model to commemorate the store's 35th anniversary. The 35th Anniversary AH-LC. I believe only 35 were made. I know this isn't for everyone and I typically don't care for super blinged out guitars, but this one really caught my eye and when one came up for sale earlier this year (the only one I've ever come across), I jumped. You can see from the pictures that it has a spalted flame maple cap and carved back (the back is at least 1/4" thick, not just a veneer) with an amber burst finish. The body is Honduras mahogany and the neck is 5 piece with Bubinga and flame maple. The fretboard is Brazilian RW with abalone block inlays. Beyond it's blinged out look, it plays incredibly well (as well as anything I've had). With all the maple, the tone is on the bright side, but not harsh. The pickups are also splittable with push/pull pots.
  4. Guitar Shop Hoochies (the Reverb Seller) is, I believe, the main dealer/distributor for Rabbit is guitars. The blue finish is korina as well.
  5. It's very light, so feels great with a strap, no neck dive or anything like that. Not that I've noticed. The neck is deeply set into the body. Not to my knowledge, only double cuts.
  6. Many of you know that in addition to my love for Hamers, I also have a real soft spot for Japanese guitars. I've owned a ton over the years, vintage and modern. My sense is that most people think of the high quality clones when the subject comes up, including me. But over the years, I've been exposed to some pretty spectacular guitars that are not simply clones, but an original model or a different interpretation. Many are brand names that aren't well known outside of Japan. So I'm starting this topic to introduce and discuss some of those MIJ guitars that you wouldn't necessarily put in the copy or clone category. My first of several entries will be a model that is somewhat representative of a Hamer Korina Special. The "Rabbit is" brand (yes, that is actually the name) is a small off-brand associated with Deviser/Crews. Info is scarce, so I don't know exactly what the association is. From what I can tell, they have 1 main guitar model available in korina (USA-2) or mahogany (USA-1), a double cut wraptail special with a humbucker in the bridge. I fell in love the minute I saw one listed on a Japanese dealer site. They're not cheap, so I waited until one popped up for sale in Japan and jumped. It's exactly what I hoped for, a light resonant guitar with great tones. I was a bit surprised at how much I liked the sound with both pickups on. And I find the look of the korina on this particular guitar to be great, seems to have some figuring to it. Here are a couple of pics and a recent demo I found. And I agree, the name and logo is a little goofy. But the guitar itself far overcomes that slight negative.
  7. I can ship it to you. If just like to wait until the end of the month for the CITES restriction to be lifted.
  8. An interesting "feature" that I've seen on the Japan Futura guitars is that they all seem to have some staining on the back from the case. I'm not sure how it happened, but it is consistent with all the ones I've seen for sale. Here's the Japanese ad Hamerica referenced, I downloaded it the last time Chris posted it.
  9. That's my old one. Sold it 3 years ago to someone (not the current seller) in NC for just slightly less than they're asking. It's part of a special run of korina standards and futuras for Kaman music in Japan. Fantastic guitar.
  10. And you know I can ship it to you, Ben. We only have to wait until the end of the month and we won't even have to worry about CITES!
  11. Gotta move this, how about $1,200 including the original pickups and the installed Rolphs!
  12. Bump - make me a reasonable offer. I'm getting ready to move and would like to pare the collection down some before I do.
  13. I am so glad I scratched my Shishkov itch a few weeks back, I would have a hard time resisting.
  14. Very nice. I'm pretty sure the seller is our own @KofSeattle. I've purchased from him in the past, his gear is well cared for and he's great to deal with.
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