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  1. Subject says it. Places to find that well used gem...indulge the gas....pick up a strummer....
  2. I'm living in shelton now, down by the river. Still settling in and getting my house in minnesota sold. Got a job in the med device biz. Shipbuilding was slowing way down.
  3. Bruce M has at least one at the 4321 club.
  4. Last evening was indeed nothing short of remarkable. I would have been foolish to miss it. I intended on attending at each opportunity I have, just in case last night happens again.
  5. I'll get over there and check that out. Hope it has a fat neck. Hoped to have a transaction with an hfc'r, but this seems to be a nice example.
  6. What's the Minneapolis Special market looking like these days?
  7. grooveman1961


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