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  1. I am so pleased to have this instrument. It's the instrument that set the Hamer hook. First Hamer 6 string for me. I've got a pile of basses, but have been holding out for just the right first guitar.
  2. I've an important message for bubs. Messaging not working.
  3. Where is that spruce topped special now?
  4. When did p90 special production begin? Did they start with T.O.M. ? Was the sunburst based special still offered, or was there a gap in the timeline?
  5. Oh, ok, I see. Sustain blocks, got it.
  6. The specials in this thread or specials in general? At any rate, preference is an opinion, and I prefer the soap bar size look.
  7. I wonder what's under the pick guard. It's the big pickups that ruined it anyway. Just sayin.
  8. So, thicker neck specials do exist.....now if I could only find one.....
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