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  1. he will have that one string bass, you watch
  2. Hamers are all over the Gear Page as well, this boneheaded series of moves by Gibson has been Hamers best advertising in years!
  3. you gotta be kidding, what year is the crowned and (oh the humanity) Kahlered guitar?
  4. my thoughts are w/ you, Cancer is doing a number on our family as well, all the best
  5. Welcome to the board , were all newbies here I'd like a lower mass bridge on my superpro, the E strings touch the back of the bridge no matter how high the tailpiece is, this bugs me and I'm not sure if it's an ole wives tale or not but it bugs me. I just put a pair of 59's in my sprucetop superpro, like em alot
  6. played this weekend w/ my old Mirage I, owned it 5 years this January. I've been through all kinds of cash and guitars but this one always satisfies, I think I've learned my lesson
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