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  1. annnnd BILL BEATS ME TO IT....... well please join me in badassedry!! The one humbucker I dug of llate
  2. Wonder if it could be wired parallel or even single coil only. Stranger things have happened
  3. I could make my bbq sing but Im baddass like that
  4. Best of Simon and Garfunkle. Playing bass on another tribute in august
  5. Oh yeah. Natasha from Eleven. She passed a few years back but she was very influencial to Cornell and Soundgarden, thats her on Black Hole Sun
  6. I always dug Steve Walsh in Kansas. Great singer but those organ parts made the band as much as anything
  7. Ps I once had a superflous posting style now meat and potatoes, it comes off kinda confrontational but its not my intent
  8. The true frontman is dead his music remains now what? For my limited sonics please point out where he is off key in the clip
  9. Well heres my take. Count Basie has passed but his orch still plays. IMO rock trying to time capsule the artists in their 20s has backfired. They mostly look dumb w their dyed beards crazy jewelry and whatnot. The latest VH at least tries to play the tunes accept where they are in life and let the work speak ( rock ). I want to see some growth and change as an artist, not a 65 yr old stuffed into his old suit. I think Plant has done it right Tyler not so much. May and Taylor believe in these tunes and believe in the guy they are using
  10. I dont watch american idols so maybe thats on me
  11. Listened on phone. Didnt seem "pitchy" to me but lowish fidelity on phone. I work around theater so that didnt seem "gay" compared to some of my buddies. Dont get the harsh critique at all.
  12. Im having a hard time finding a film crew, limited star power et al but I did end w a low B
  13. Looks like Electric Toilet Land did the trick! Confirmed gig this morning
  14. Ha good eye! I had to rush across town after a theater show for that gig, I was onstage for that one and the whole band was dressed in all white, I managed to change shirts in the car. They actually asked me if I wanted to buy those shoes, uh no
  15. Last time I was in a crowd like that was 1981. It was a giant pain in the ass back in the day too
  16. I can assure each one of you that Asley Capps of AC Entertainment founded (owner) of Bonerro did it for the money
  17. Clean amp settings on the HD. add od w the virtual pedals. I dont use dirty amps anymore in digital or real life
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