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  1. https://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-AKG-WMS40MINIUS25-LIST I've used on of these for several years. Sounds great and the AA battery lasts a long time. I have another unit at home that eats 9 v batteries, so do some research...
  2. Some pretty righteous lumber went into that one! Thanks for posting!
  3. Great score! Just picked up a Players Jaguar a few weeks ago. Apart from the idiotic bridge, I love it. Pretty sure I can get it dialed in. I see yours has the problem solved!
  4. Had one back in the day. Foolishly sold it, and regretted it ever since!
  5. I remember a while back I hadn't seen one of my buddies, a devout born again dude in a few months. Finally ran into him, and I told him I thought maybe the rapture had happened and that's why I hadn't seen him. Even he laughed his ass off. Some people are too sensitive!
  6. My Jeff Beck Strat has a JB jr. in the bridge and Cool Rails in neck and middle. It has become my favorite guitar these days...
  7. Insane Brazilian neck on that! Congrats!
  8. Great stuff! Thanks for posting! Any idea what the Strat-looking guitar is that Steve's playing?
  9. Wow, that is just about perfect! Hell, it IS perfect! Great job, and congrats!
  10. Vector KK in red, or, uh, Steve Stevens II in New Penny...
  11. Saw Talas many times as a bar band in my youth before Billy hit it [Mr.] Big. They routinely criss crossed NY state and hit Syracuse every once in a while. Great band!
  12. On;y time I ever saw Vernon was at a Hamer Open House in CT. I happened to look up, and there he was, 2 feet away, talking to Jol!
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