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  1. "... Eddie’s got his own story to tell — not mine to tell it.” Can't wait to hear that one!
  2. Was it Tom Petty that said "Modern Country sounds like the Eagles with a pedal steel in the background.?" Or words to that effect...
  3. Wow, fingerstyle and in E tuning for lead, if I'm not mistaken. No worries about anyone copying him eh? What a unique talent!
  4. Rockaway Archer just landed on my porch. Got it for 15% off from Sweetwater. It's going to be a long afternoon! 6505 Mini Head is on backorder from MF, also 15% off, but may get here in time for my birthday next month, an early retirement gift...
  5. I really love my SS 1. Got it for $250! All original, sounds great, but def. the orig owner must have played everything in A or F# because the second fret is worn out, and all the rest are fine! That one will hopefully get a re-fret in 2020. So yeah, I'd say def give that one a shot...
  6. Looks like good news for me! I'll be looking to sell my mint Vector KK next year...
  7. Might actually be illegal to own such a thing, depending upon where you live...
  8. Wow, that's a great guitar! Congrats on a true find!
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