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  1. Looks like good news for me! I'll be looking to sell my mint Vector KK next year...
  2. Might actually be illegal to own such a thing, depending upon where you live...
  3. Wow, that's a great guitar! Congrats on a true find!
  4. Not my cup of tea, but that's a pretty cool guitar. Korina can't be beat, always looks great. Nice score!
  5. I've been told by supposedly knowledgeable people that there are only a handful of string manufacturers and that even some big name companies have their strings made for them under license. Someone told me that Fender strings are made by D'Adario, for example. Apparently, D'Adario makes strings for a lot of brands. Anyone know if this is true?
  6. Great guitar except the headstock. Congrats. I've got a couple of MIJ Jacksons, and they're both great guitars that I got dirt cheap...
  7. I would but it's way too vanilla for a guy with your stable!
  8. Reminds me of the Chris Rock routine about guys wanting credit for stuff they should have been doing all along!
  9. It's funny though. All my guitar playing life I avoided Fenders. Owned a few but never bonded. Didn't keep me from embracing Super Strats though, c.f . Hamer Cali, Jackson SL 1 etc, etc. Then about 5 years ago I happened upon a MIM Deluxe Players Strat, and shortly therafter a Jeff Beck Strat [2nd gen] which has been significantly modified [new PUPs, fretboard radius flattened due to a warp] and voila, the Beck is my no. 1 guitar and the Player also gets played a lot. The Beck has displaced most of my guitars, including my Hamers, somewhat sadly. So, ya can teach an old dog new tricks...
  10. Maybe he did. He was by himself, but didn't look like he suffered...
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