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  1. And now....Olivia Newton John... Good music and I guess a nice person....
  2. I guess we d better ask the seller to review the price if we want to have this guitar sold quickly....
  3. I mean I should not post and sleep at the same time or at least check some dates before...Same as speaking before thinking my fault.....
  4. Daniel, I guess this is your old one as well....Not so many around in Europe...
  5. And I guess the same feeling from whereever in the world...Share your point
  6. If this is sold, the pricing is correct...Definitely a gorgeous one
  7. Ouch......A more than loverly one....GLWS for your beauty...
  8. A one to rule them all.....My precious
  9. Guess there will be a bit more often on the market in the coming years....I guess at least and I hope not with deep pocket needs
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