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  1. There are 2 that just came up on reverb. One expensive in korina and awesome. One inexpensive (relatively)and standard and awesome.
  2. https://reverb.com/item/38884536-hamer-jr-90-s-natural No affiliation price is a bit high. edit:just realized it’s the same guitar as the Facebook one. DOH!
  3. The annoying thing to me is that reverb doesn’t show what an item actually sold at if an offer is accepted. They mark it sold and only show listing price at the time of sale. I think this is why we end up with so many COCV listings. of course higher prices on gear only benefits reverb more so I’m sure they are all for driving up prices.
  4. I usually do this after a few beers. woke up one morning and I’d purchased this artist. Great guitar. Sold it to a forum member months later. I’ve done worse under the influence
  5. And in case you’re bored and need some Paul Stanley stage banter in your life https://m.soundcloud.com/christopher-armes/45-minutes-of-paul-stanley
  6. KISS March 6th 2020 In Oakland My Dad always wanted to see KISS and never had. He planned out a day and a half trip to the Bay Area. Me, my brother and my 2 brother in-laws all flew down with him from Portland the day of the concert. We walked all over San Francisco all day sight seeing, then we took the BART over to Oakland. The hired guns for David Lee Roth were awesome. Diamond Dave not so much. KISS puts on an awesome show even if they aren’t at the top of their game anymore. Since we were only there for a short time I didn’t even pack a bag. Just the clothes on my back, cellphone and wallet. Good times, since it’s so hard to get everyone on the same trip together even pre covid.
  7. Love it! My friend and I sing this one all the time. It’s one of my favorites to sing harmony
  8. I’m super stoked. Been playing this a bunch, despite recent Carpal tunnel surgery. Onwards and upwards.
  9. It’s 2006. It’s the one that was on ebay for 20 minutes (I didn’t think twice when I saw it) the transparent orange looks like a perfect candy coating on the spruce. per the break in I have insurance so that’s great and the thieves were surprised the alarm was still on even though they thought they cut power. We have some video and photo stuff but I doubt the police will have time or resources to go after this much. We will wait and see. Could have been worse and I just decided to make a number of things much more secure so if we ever have an issue again, hopefully it will be material things only. The time spent all week securing things, rekeying the cars (spare keys stolen) and changing bank accounts unfortunately since they took a check endorsement stamp which has our account number on it. The lost time for work is almost as much as the dollar value of the stuff they got. Thabks
  10. Besides some tarnish on the hardware(Florida) this thing is like new, probably the closest I’ll come to a new Hamer ever. Too bad it didn’t have the COA. Can’t complain though.
  11. It’s pretty f’n awesome. Hard to get excited after having my business burglarized this weekend, but it’s helping.
  12. When they realize this one isn’t selling I wonder if the other 2 they have will come down from the stratosphere
  13. Only that your not uploading pictures fast enough 😆 seriously, we’ve all seen enough pictures of hamers....well maybe not but something new is morethan welcome.
  14. Probably sacrilege but the first thing I would do is remove the pickguard. I don’t like how it covers the f hole. It just seems wrong on this guitar.
  15. Okay Gretsch green and a pickguard rings a bell. I think I’ve seen a photo of this one before.
  16. sold After playing this all weekend I’ve decided it is so similar to my big Mesa it doesn’t really offer me anything but a slightly lighter weight and size. And I’m too sentimental about the Tverb to get rid of it. Plus I bought a guitar this week and feel a bit guilty over how much money I’ve spent in one week. so deal for the HFC. $sold paypal f&f including shipping in the US. In excellent shape. Looks brand new to me. Works perfect and has all the hang tags manual slip cover and footswitch with cable. It was made in 2013. thanks
  17. After vetting this all weekend I’ve come to a conclusion. This amp is cool, But it is just too damn similar to my current amp and the advantages in volume differences are minimal. Maybe I just need some kind of reactive load speaker emulator with the big amp. this might be the quickest I’ve flipped a piece of gear. See for sale section. 🤪
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