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  1. Nice! my custom wind has my initials on it. A JD humbucker > a JB humbucker!
  2. I mean so only people signed into the forum can see it, not necessarily supporting members. Someone has to be signed in to pm or reply to the topic anyways. There are other outlets to post and sell gear. if I list soemthing here I expect it to will be sold to another forum member. If I want it to move and it’s not selling here I post it on reverb/craigslist/ other forums.
  3. So goes my many year standard search. Someone else has been posting a wtb for an ecstasy for at least 4 years
  4. Couldn't the for sale forum be made private like the Outer Circle? That way only signed in members could see it? That would seem to make sense anyways. also to the OP, many of us saw that auction on eBay before you posted it here. We are Hamer addicts.
  5. Yup. Also when yours is the cheapest on Reverb people still freak out about it not being mint/original. If that’s what you want pony up motherlickas.
  6. 2008 NAMM guitars. Set of 4 standard,Newport,studio and the monaco
  7. The studio is still for sale all these years later https://reverb.com/item/544170-hamer-studio-custom-2007-trans-white?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=544170
  8. 2008 Hamer Namm guitars https://www.harmonycentral.com/forums/topic/1040792-2008-hamers-namm/
  9. Also you can turn 2 wire Duncan’s into 4 wire if your handy with a soldering iron and very careful. I’ve done it a few times. Even with the the custom humbuckers Josh Gravelin made me. Should have ordered it 4 wire originally. Don’t tell him, my work isn’t as clean as his. 🤐
  10. I think this specific example has to be my favorite I’ve ever seen.
  11. I have Gravelin charlottes in mine. Love em. Also have them in my korina explorer. They destroy in that guitar.
  12. That one was sold almost immediately I’d bet. It was already relisted and sold again on reverb. healthy profit for that reverb store he is located in Portland area also (not me) https://reverb.com/item/47052051-hamer-u-s-a-korina-junior-lollar-p-90-w-original-case-coa-case-candy?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=47052051 Thwre was a korina one in tobacco burst that I missed a year or two ago that also sold for around $600-$700
  13. You have a fine set of skills sir. Truly appreciated.
  14. I’m excited to see the whole thing. I love black with multi ply binding and gold hardware. Cool to see another masterpiece.
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