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  1. Is that some pizza day on the neck or just weird reflection. Either way looks like a monster guitar. I’m a sucker for transparent red guitars. Good thing I’m downsizing and totally in love with my studio custom and explorer still. Wraparounds and belly cuts are cool too
  2. Pretty sure a member here owns that and is selling it.
  3. Pallet wood I like that. My non guitar playing friend said “what’s the big deal, that just looks like an old school desk” when trying to explain korina to him.
  4. I like that the pickup slugs/screws match the hardware. Cool guitar
  5. Sorry if I am wrong on this one. I thought rock n roll relics sourced their bodies and necks from precision and did their finish work themselves. I’ve seen this mentioned many places before including here. Of course you know what they say about believing what you read in the internet.
  6. I think these are cool, but is not that hard to roll your own for much less. As far as I understand it the rock n roll relics are just precision guitar kits finished by another company. same funky neck spacing on mine which I would have ordered as just a single if knew at the time I ordered the spacing would be that drastic
  7. It’s been up 11 weeks cuZ it’s fugly(imo different strokes for different folks and all). Those mustard specials from the early 90’s seem to sit around for sale for awhile, even at reasonable prices.
  8. I bought this off reverb awhile back. It was listed as an 82. I don’t know a whole lot about these. What I do know is that it looks like someone painted it black and then later removed the paint with a wire wheel giving the chrome a brushed look and even worn through in spots.
  9. I contemplated selling my Studio custom that’s in the first post recently. Then I played it through my Tremoverb. F$&@ that dumb thought. Plus it looks badass.
  10. That’s a bummer still to hear about. Glad many of us can still enjoy all the great craftsmanship from you guys.
  11. Figure you guys have to know this one. Shoot most likely one of you owns this. So what was the last Hamer USA guitar made? It would seem fitting if it was a standard. /endofbeermusings.
  12. https://reverb.com/item/39927428-hamer-violin-bass-custom-order Don’t see these often.
  13. Hmm. I recently got an old used sustainblock bridge. I was told it came off an 82 so I assumed narrow. The string spacing is 2.00 inches but the saddles Are wide. They measure out at .410 and won’t center over the holes. Is this normal or did somebody mix and match and some point?
  14. Nitro until the early 90’s
  15. The closest I’ve seen is that flamed korina Artist someone here has
  16. I don’t really give a hoot who owned a guitar before me as long as it’s a guitar I want, but that jr is being sold by a working musician with some notoriety, if others are into that sort of thing. I kinda wish Hamer had made more korina specials with 2 humbuckers I bet it sounds badass https://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamerblog/dumont.htm
  17. Yeah I don’t understand why it gets called hameritis when i see just as many used Gibson’s from the 90’s-early 2000’s with lacquer lifting problems.
  18. Thanks for the info. Will definitely start with the acetone(nail polish) I’m pretty good at leveling with a razor blade. Gonna give this a go tomorrow. At worst I’ll work up through the high grits when done and polish out.
  19. Thanks I’ll give it a go. I’ve done the scraping and sanding through grits before and polishing. Just not on my fancy guitars. Just the cheaper ones or the kit builds.
  20. Looks like that one Germany has cracks where the end of the fretboard starts.
  21. It’s a Long story, and while usually an eff up like this would be my own doing, someone got a drop of superglue on one of my hamers. Right on the back of the neck where my thumb contacts it near the 14 th fret. It’s a 2003 so I assume a urethane finish. Any good ways to remove this short of scraping and sanding without screwing up the original finish? acetone maybe? thanks for any help.
  22. This mueller is in Chicago. Maybe it was a custom build? At least you could rule him out even if it’s not likely https://www.pmcustomguitars.com/about
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